Gonzano was paralyzed from May 8-18 due to the filming of “Fast & Furious 10”

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In less than two weeks, Ginzano will be “invaded” and “besieged” by the Americans, but this time, not by the Allied forces, as already happened in the year 44. But by the American “forces” Wildside movie production that produces the movie seriesThe Fast and the FuriousHe reached the tenth episode of the saga. Genzano mother yeast

From May 8 to 18, a large part of downtown will be governed by a municipal ordinance signed by the council and the mayor: pervasive disorder. With roads closed to vehicular traffic, even pedestrians at some hours. Shopkeepers have already been offered to reimburse the expenses of staying at home on training days for the film. While many of the many street dwellers wonder where they will park their cars, will they be able to go home on their training and shooting days.

Since the crossing of vehicles and pedestrians will be prohibited for several days, and the removal area will be established, there is no possibility of parking in a large area of ​​the historical center (almost all of them).

Here are the streets and squares involved: via Bruno Buozzi, Italo Belardi, Cesare Battisti and piazza Marconi (in front of the old cathedral), Via Bruno Anarumi And via Don Morosini (the area adjacent to and facing Palazzo Cesarini), Piazza Dante Alighieri. All the areas they will reach, fake bombs, rotating areas, special effects, blazing fantasy cars.

For several days, therefore, the passage of vehicles and pedestrians is prohibited, the removal area, and parking prohibited. In last week’s decree, there is talk of a closure for filming between 8 and 18 May of a large part of the central path along the Via Appia Nova, the hike from Collabona, the extension of Corso Gramsci, up to Piazza Frasconi Corso don Menzoni, for “rehearsals”.

To guard the center of Ginzano, there will be Dozens and dozens of bodyguardswhich will keep the curious at a safe distance and will not allow anyone to approach the sites chosen as a group and representatives of the saga who will arrive in Rome on May 5th.

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But it will probably only be in Genzano for a few hours on May 16 and 17 for actual filming in the group area between Via Italo Belardi, via Bruno Buozzi, and Piazza Marconi (or from Duono Vecchio) With an operational base in Piazza Fraconi in the former Locatelli School. The area that will be affected by a tight encirclement and special monitoring of the guard of the production authority and the prohibition of vehicular crossing and within a few hours also for pedestrians.

With the local police committed to providing support and support to employees of the traffic and Dozens of ban for 10 days.

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Jason Mamua, Vin Diesel And the other heroes of the series Fast and Furious 10 (Now called Fast X) You’ll be in Rome from May 5 with arrival at Ciampino Airport on a private jet, likely staying at a popular hotel in Castelli Romani, escorted by the film’s production bodyguards and their personal staff. . Who did not take into account, however, the Italian and Romanian paparazzi, Castelli Romani and Castelli Romani, willing to do anything to catch them.

As the king of Roman paparazzi paparazzi Rino Barillari always says: “In our work, you first shoot in bursts and then ask if they want to be photographed. And then war is war, and no discounts are given to anyone, especially those well-known personalities who live And they earn millions of euros thanks to their audience, who often hide behind gorillas and their aggressive bodyguards, behaving like stars and rudeness.”

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According to the contract with the American production company Wildside srl, approximately 48 thousand euros will enter the municipal coffers for the occupation of public lands and local municipal leases. Street lamps for public lighting will also be removed and other work will be carried out on the disastrous streets of Genzano, at the expense of the film’s production, which will then have to be recreated and made public to the public The street lamps are back in place at the end of shooting on May 18. The rehearsals and some scenes have already begun, according to some rumors leaked in the American newspapers, and Gonzano is no longer the only place chosen by the director and producers.

There is also a city Turinand some towns in Calabria and at the last minute also attracted a popular restaurant in Nemi, where campers and movie vans have been staying for several days with the area guarded by menacing bodyguards.mount Compatre ilmamilio . exhibition

“with the The Great Appia Bridge Closed to transit due to works, in Arica the closure of transit in a few days in the center of Ginzano, with diversions to alternative roads, already permanently blocked by traffic, threatens to close the total transit for ten days,” said Mr. B who resides in the Ginzano area. Affected by prohibitions, he goes every day to Rome to work as a maker with his truck.

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