Giulia Salemi, semi-sheer dress: a little room for imagination

television personality, model and presenter; Here’s everything you need to know about Giulia Salemi, the former Big Brother protagonist.

From the double experience inside the house Big brother For the new enterprise even rediscover emotional happiness; Let’s find out more about the details Julia Salmia woman known in the world of entertainment, endless beauty and extraordinary charm.

Julia Salmi

born in Piacenza On 1 April 1993, Julia Salmi An Italian model, but of Iranian descent on her mother’s side. The two participated as a married couple on the popular show Beijing Express.

From a professional point of view, Julia Salmi He sees that his career begins with participation in Miss Italy Where he managed to reach the fourth place. Other experiences in which we remember the model is undoubtedly participation in two important football programs such as Those who football And Leyton Orient.

Julia Salmi We had to see her in a new adventure. He was, in fact, among the main characters, along with other well-known characters from the entertainment world such as Filippo MagniniAnd Filippo BisigliaAnd terrifled And Stefania Orlandofrom stand up! comedians on trial. It is a program in which professional comedians put their experience at the service of various heroes with the aim of explaining all the secrets of perfect comedy. Reality on air, in preview, on stage Discovery Plus.

There are two curiosities about the model: she follows football a lot and she is a huge fan of it Juventus As evidenced by his presence, allo PlaygroundOn an unforgettable evening LEGO Championship where is she Cristiano Ronaldowith a hat-trick was nothing short of brilliant, spent onAtletico Madrid. As for the second curiosity, it goes back to the 26th of May 2020, when the model published her first book entitled “I have always preferred chocolate to menWhere he talks about his ability to rise after each fall.

1st of last April Julia Salmi celebrated his twenty-nine years; A somewhat special day for the model who decided to spend the evening at a club Milan (As evidenced by the stories too Instagram dell’ex gieffina) in a gorgeous setting featuring flowers, balloons, and a gorgeous five-story cake.

in a party Salami Many characters from the entertainment world participated including Tommaso Zorziwinner of the fifth edition of big brother vip. A beautiful evening made even more special by the gift the model received from the most important person in her life, Pierpaolo Pritelli.

We’re talking about a social video that ex-giffino posted on his profile Instagram, where the daily life of a married couple between smiles and kisses and in simple words everything that characterizes the relationship is narrated. The video was accompanied by a dedication that would make you shiver. Moreover, further proof of the extent of this love story that flourished within the house Big brotherBe stronger and stronger.

From a social point of view, Julia Salmi It is closely followed up Instagram His profile has reached nearly two million followers.

Giulia Salemi What happens with Pierpaolo Pritelli? Here’s what we need to know

when talking about Julia Salmi We can’t help but mention his possessions inside the house Big brotherThe program has been broadcast 5th channel And that this year was led by Alfonso Signorini By participating in the studio, in the role of opinion makers, from Adriana Volpi And Sonia Bruganelli. Very important for the model is the second entry into the most spying house in the world.Italia Because in this circumstance he was lucky enough to find the most important person in his life, Pierpaolo Pritelli.

Between the two, however, passion did not strike immediately; BirpaoloAt first, he had a vested interest in another competitor from the house Big brotherAnd Elisabetta Gregoracci. However, over time, he realized that he had a very important feeling for Salami. As for her own Beerbalufor two reasons, being the first velino stripping newsthe well-known satirical program that was broadcast the day before the evening 5th channel But also to participate, in the role of a seducer, in a reality show VIP island temptation.

Julia Salmi And Pierpaolo Pritelli They were the heroes of the new program MTVAnd MTV family Italy. We are talking about a reality show, now in its second edition, where the viewer is literally taken inside the homes of the VIPs.

Another curiosity about Pierpaolo Pritelli; On the thirteenth of March, very rightThe program has been broadcast 5th channel And with delivery from Silvia Tovanenrecounted her relationship with Julia SalmiA love story that runs at full speed.

Among the various statements, it came that the two supported each other without feeling any kind of jealousy over the other’s successes but Birpaolo Also talk about the personality difference between the two: he’s actually calmer while Salami They tend to lose patience more easily.

Pritelli He also wanted to emphasize that he is the most romantic of the spouses; In the end, and this is perhaps the most important thing, ex-Velino stripping news As mentioned with Julia The will to expand the family. from Big brother For a beautiful love story. there Salami And Pierbalo Pritelli They live their own fairy tale.

However, in the past period, the ex-Jivina did not have a very simple moment; Julia SalmiIn fact, she is very worried about him Birpaolo that while traveling to RomeI felt unwell with severe nausea and dizziness. A situation that lasted for a month and that will force him to get an MRI to understand what happened.

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