“Gigi Pruitt told me not to be quiet and laugh at her” – Corriere.it

from Stefania Olivi

Actor: I am a slow man like my city, Rome. Have you reached the age of fifty? I shoved them on top of me, 30 of them in disarray. I was thrown out of the imagination

Plan A: Become a Footballer (I was a moderate teenager: I didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t addiction, didn’t go out on Saturday nights, sports were everything. Until age 21, when I took off, I was disciplined.) Plan B: Be a teacher (The merit or fault of an Italian teacher, Giaime Rodano: For the first time in my life I met someone who did a job out of passion. I knew none of it. A farmer’s grandfather in Sutri, my grandmother a fish wife, and my father, who had no signs from the countryside to come to work in Rome in The ’70s, and he had electric friends, and things like that… all working hard but out of necessity, not passion). Occupation: Actor, director and screenwriter.
Edoardo Leo specifies that this happened a little by chance. I went to auditions because I wanted to pay for college myself, and I wanted to prove to my parents that it wasn’t crazy for me to get into literature after struggling to graduate from high school. It seemed like a job like any other: I’d done a quick pony, with a friend we’d dump milk at night, I’d work at my uncles’ booth at Sutri Cemetery. I was aiming for commercials: little time, good profits.

He just turned 50, on April 21, Roma’s birthday.

A trivial coincidence, but any coincidence can be seen in a romantic way. Thinking that I was born on the same day as my hometown seems like a small destiny for someone like me to tell stories. 50 is not a date that drives me to report, and to look back, I let it slip away.

No festoon?

Dinner with the most intimate people. The party was taking place in the Power of Rome room, and I tied my face to the face of my city on buses around Rome. I can no longer ride a motorbike, always behind myself. I do not congratulate myself but this, I admit, pleases me.

His (professional) life begins at the age of forty. Trilogy I Stop When I Want, Landing as Director, The Extraordinary Success of Perfect Strangers, Dopofestival, Ozpetek’s La Dea Fortuna, Based on Gigi Proietti, The Tour, Recently Rebooted, by Ti I Telling a story.

I have thirty years of apprenticeship behind me, not a career. I look young professional.

At first there were failures at the Silvio D’Amico Academy and at the Experimental Center.

If I revise my academy exam, I might also fail. I remember they told me, “You can scream.” I suffered, and I thought I couldn’t. I developed what was the driver of my life: a sense of revenge. I wanted to break free from stereotypes. I was not an artistic child and thought that I could be an artist anyway, I did not belong to a family of people who studied and graduated, convinced that in this way I could free myself from the image of a boy with a footballer’s face and broad shoulders. The desire for revenge if it does not exhaust you helps you. Even to be a manager. I wrote the script for Eighteen years later But no one wanted to direct it, so I did. And everything changed.

In a spirit of revenge, did you invent a diploma at La Scaleta? Which now, for the record, he reports among his students on his website.
It worked. Thanks to this approach, she got an audition for the Italian-French co-production and the first role, a psychopath named Olmo. Then many things came. I’ve done a lot of lousy novels, but some lousy movies as well. I had no choice. It was called “paying rent”. I also experienced great frustration. I thought I deserved more chances than they gave me. I had a really hard time, I was even fired from a TV series after two weeks.

What is the series?

I don’t want to reopen the file, it was a very popular product at the time. Something that puts you at 27 and 28 in a crisis.

Did you meet this product again?

Yes, but I didn’t say hello, I was sent away in a bad way. After a period of depression I woke up. Other lucky encounters, such as Nino Manfredi, one of my superheroes with Scola, have helped me. And the project. I got off right away. change me.

How do?

I didn’t study with him, I first worked in theater for him Jealousy Drama. He told me, “Don’t try to be nice, because you’re not nice. You make people laugh.” He was right, I imagined myself in the role of the hero, it made me understand that I was destined to be against the hero. But it took me a while to do the comedy because they didn’t take me into consideration for the funny roles. It was my fault too, I was taking pictures where I was trying to be nice and I wasn’t.

Really considered a beauty of our cinema, we have to come to terms with that thing.

Quote from Proietti again. In my post he says: “I don’t have the mood of a star”. Here, you must have a great mood, I don’t. I stopped worrying about my physical appearance, the glamorous part, if I saw the pictures even 15 years ago only with the cigarette, the cracked eye, the look turned to the horizon make me laugh. I do some photoshoots, I rarely go to TV.

He did Dopofestival in 2018, for.

I don’t count my bread. That was cute but even then it took me a long time to say yes. The problem is that I’m slow in evaluating things, I’m in common with Roma in being slow, even in writing.

Will they call you in Sanremo? He is also a singer with an orchestra.
They’d call me for the festival, and I’d go, and I’d be glad. Orchestra was born because we love to sing grandmothers songs, I realized that a lot of boys don’t know. Traditional Romanian songs are very violent, tragic, and there is always someone to be killed by death. Violence seems almost a genetic destiny for this city, which, between myth or reality, is based on fratricide. The history of the Roman Empire also oscillated between the will to dominate and self-destruction. We carry this violence within us, today less physically and more verbally. We live in contradiction, hatred and alienation from those who rule us, and a form of servile acceptance from which we cannot escape.

Mistakes you regret?

Different when I can’t choose, because of need. Now that I can do this, I may blame myself for doing so many things. But I did very little until I was forty, and there may have been a little bulimia in the past ten years.

A law-abiding teenager, he must have been idyllic with his parents.

I quarreled with my father for decades, and now the dispute is fortunately resolved. I was fighting for my studies, I graduated with minimum grades, got his degree in night school, worked and already had a son. Then when I decided to be an actor, we didn’t talk to each other for a while. As for me, I’ve been studying at night, never opening a book before nine in the evening, and I’ve been writing at night yet. For a family of employees like mine, a strange thing. I am the first graduate. That 110 and the praise also had the value of the ransom. And I kept the stupid promise I made to myself.

it by saying?

If I get the highest score, I’ll put him in the shower. There is a bachelor’s degree framed above the cup.

Very conservative on the topic of private life, he never talks about his wife and children. why?

An initial choice I have always kept his faith in. I may have lost some cover in the papers because I didn’t talk about my own feelings. In my opinion, I’m doing well, for many reasons. Last but not least, the fact that it’s hard to be a dad when your face is around, you have to keep balance and sobriety, and it’s easy to get lost. A point I gave myself. It’s not really difficult.

And does she also have a kind of shyness in dealing with her?

Reserved, not shy. I could be naked on stage, but if I had to enter a restaurant full of people I’d like them to disappear, I feel my gaze toward me: I don’t like it outside of my profession.

Messy, night, late, same friends, same songs. This is how she tells herself.

There is not much to say. I have an office, I go, I write, not a heroic resume. I say to men who want to do this work: Read the biographies of the actors. I love them. These are others.

Gilorossi fan: Better David Di Donatello on the way or five minutes on the pitch at Olimpico?

Five minutes on the pitch with Roma. Maybe David will arrive sooner or later. When I’m on stage in front of 3,000 people on my own, I feel dizzy similar to what I think a player scores in front of their audience feels like.

Do you still play football?

For over 15 years, with the same group of friends. Someone has dinner in Montesacro, we lock ourselves up after the game. An oasis for me. None of them do my job, I listen to life, it’s just about the way I played, not what I do. I never give up, I take trains and planes to be there. To be an actor there is a risk of locking yourself up in a bubble. Living within the NCC. I prefer Vespa.

He translated Otello into Neapolitan and Roman.

For the new movie, I am not what I am. I’ve been memorizing it for years, it was supposed to be my first directing appearance. At present, I play Iago. Actors include Ambrosia Caldarelli, Jawad Maraqib, and Antonia Tropo. My dream would then be to take him to the theatre, to the world. I don’t know the release date yet.


No, but I think I did a little. For a while, I worried that some directors were not taking me into account. Then came Genovese and Uzbek. I would like to work with Virz, I know him well, then Salvatores, Garrone, Sorrentino. With authors who have not contacted me. never say never.

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