Gianna Nannini is the only one working on The Band

Yes I thought so. For a while, but I did: Yesterday I pressed one button on the remote control, I thought Rai Uno could do it. I mean, the band Presented as “the premier talent show for musical groups”, as well as an “original format”, 100% Italian, made by Palomar.

The right idea was there, Carlo Conte too: what could have happened? Instead, I found myself in front of a festival good luck: Virtually denying the TV meta-target shows. In fact, there is a reason for the existence of so-called genre symbols (which is: if you ignore them, the program will not work) and if talented singers expect a hard fight without fear. In fact, racing is the only thing that protects musical performances from the passion of karaoke. And what makes racing exciting? bets. And the higher it is, the more interesting the challenge: to understand, the famous “only one who will win” is the one who has made a fortune on hundreds of TV shows.

Well, what was brought up in A the band? Nothingness. zero. There are no standard deals, sponsorships, cash prizes, or Telegatto patacca style mugs to display with friends and family. to the band In fact, what is important is participation, therefore, everyone has already won. Implicit is the notion of the famous Five Minutes of Fame. We can almost hear them, the authors, as they say to the competitors: “Dear band, we already give you the honor to go on air on the great and mighty RaiUno, so what more do you want from us?” Which, for heaven’s sake, might also make sense. for gangs. But not for the public at home.

Why should we, our poor viewers, have to put up with this huge spring article? None of our competitors belong to us. And then, let’s face it, this important thing is to share in feeling happy and outdated. Anyone who participates in a competition, whether it’s the Olympics or lottery hunting, does so because they want to win, and frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The desire to triumph is not necessarily elusive, on the contrary, it brings with it the archetype of the dream that comes true. This is the myth that television has always polished with talent shows: existential redemption, the unknown who becomes king of the world, Manskin running from the street to the Coachella theater chanting “Fuck Putin.” Viewers want this: the dream. metamorphosis. Instead, nothing Rai Uno offers with the realistic “what do you want more than life?”. You understand very well that it aborts all hope.

As we have said, in fact, the dominion is “how nice to be here, we all love each other so much.” Let’s take for example the racing mechanism (the big word): In the first episode yesterday, the teams were 16, and they had to turn eight, so they challenged each other in front of a different coach. The latter decided who to send and who to keep, to follow personally. Well, at the end of the performances, Carlo Conte asked the coach to say what he liked in each squad. Keep in mind: only what he likes, not what he didn’t convince him of. “So we don’t reveal your preferences up front,” Conte explains. Has anyone ever seen x factor? or a random loop of friends? There are judges who say everything more and they are not spoilers. Not only. to the band The eliminated group should stay put, smile and greet with “a complacency that is inconsolable,” explained, once again, by Carlo Conte. I don’t know about you but in the third round I already had cavities.

Last but not least, there was no coach who did not start with: “This is a very difficult choice.” But go? And why do you think you go to assess competitors in the talent show and not my accountant? Obviously the choice is difficult, in fact, it should be otherwise, it means that one of the contenders is a dog who sings. Obviously, if you ignore a band because “they’re in English and I can only say hamburger” (Enrico Negioti Dixit) or because “You’re really good, I wouldn’t know what business to do with you” (Irene Grande talks about Dan Bros) maybe Another problem.

Fortunately, there was Gianna Nannini in all of this. Amazing. After seeing her I wonder if Maria de Filippi would be faster, I want her with her now and forever in all versions friendsor manufacturers of x factor They will find where the new Morgan is. Wonderful creature Gianna It is really well prepared, straightforward and above all fair. Cazzia to beat every musician who plays solo (“You’re a band, you have to band together, you can’t play each other”) and also has some judges. For example, when Josie Ferreri chooses the girl group Cherry Bombs because “I can’t resist female magic,” Nannini rightly rejoices: “I’m not going to make it about sex but knowing how to play” and then explaining that the chosen band played in a disjointed fashion. And once again: Federico Zampaglione chose JF to lead one of Adele’s singing highlights. “We already have Adele: Either she’s out her womb or, for me, JF can come home too.” Speaking of girl bands: If the latest issue of The X Factor spotlights the flexible and rainbow world of music, it looks like the band wants to break a shaft in favor of women. It’s a pity that you treat them like a panda.

The member-only band shouldn’t stir up intrigue because it’s never been seen like this (“Think, the drummer is also a psychiatrist!”, as Conte specifies at one point) but, as he said Wonderful creature Gianna (that’s her name to me now) they have to hack because they have something to say and a good voice. Everything else is boring.

But we said: Nannini takes the whole scene, and in the end, the band It becomes her one woman show. In fact, you are only watching the show to know what the singer will say, and who she will scold this time. Nannini towers so much that it stole the show even from Asia Argento, who seems fresh from public speaking, and from the lovable Carlo Verdone, who struggles to appear. The only person who manages to distract us from her is coach Rocco Taneka: when it’s his turn to choose his squad, he slips line by line. exhilarating. modern. sublime. Joke above all: “You could be my kids, and maybe you too: I had a rather turbulent childhood.” But it lasts a moment, because then she returns to watch a Nannini Band show.

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