Fun adventure with Sandra Bullock

the lost City It is the irreverent new film directed by Aaron and Adam Nee.The last romanceAnd band of thieves) that, in a downright hilarious way, he openly mocks the kind that in recent years has been emptying theaters all over the world, and is Adventure titles. Recently we have seen many variations of this trend, such as the new movie series before Jumanji (We recommend you have a look at Jumanji The Next Level review), Variants derived from other media such as jungle trip (From the theme of Disney’s attraction) H Anonymous (From the video game Naughty Dog) and also trying to relaunch a historical franchise like Indiana Jones The Indiana Jones 5 liberation phase has begun.

At first glance, we seem to actually have a rich choice without necessarily disturbing this unprecedented movie, but while there seems to be no need at all, the comedic style and the laughs generated, even if not particularly revolutionary or imaginative, really do enjoy the entertainment. viewers. Between one irreverent position and another, during the film with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum The versatility and talent of actors in the field (both supportive and non-supporting actors) is noted, but also Not exactly the perfect final stage. The work, produced by Paramount Pictures, 3dot Productions, A-Exhibit, and Fortis Films with Italian distribution by Eagle Pictures, arrives in Italian cinemas on April 21, 2022.

The Lost City: A Radical Reversal of Classical Canons

the lost City It begins with the fiction of the hero, the pink novelist Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock), who is clearly shaped, already setting the tone of the story, which from the first minute does not take itself seriously at all, and in fact, with its progression, raises the level of disrespect more and more.

Our heroine is accidentally thrown intoA bigger adventure, who is kidnapped by crazy billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) and forced to team up with a book cover model (Channing Tatum) to save her skin. So far everything seems to be quite in line with what we have seen in other glossy feature films, but in fact, in the characterization of the characters is what Differences must be identified. Each narrative paradigm is intentionally inverted: from the clumsy and inexperienced protagonist, to the charming Prince Charming who is injured on his buttocks by an invasion of leeches; From the bloodthirsty fighter with the funny name to the unthreatening opponent. There is also potential support for these changes throws the exception who set himself outside to have fun and then, secondly, to engage the audience.

If role-writing is effective, the interpretations, in particular, for Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe are themselves successful, and this time the great talent has voted for the crackling and instant comedy you see Fits perfectly into a context not really in their hearts (even if they actually find themselves in similar situations). The result of this role reversal is really unexpected and ridiculous expressions are added to the crazy and incorrect jokes, clumsy and sticky movements It offers a few comedic pearls we didn’t expect to see.

Close is not exactly worth

But if you think you will find out, with a vision the lost CitySome great gags or even the future of comedy on the big screen, you are off track. The project is intentionally devoid of any ambition, and thanks to this goal, the fun is guaranteed because there is no There are no particular ambitions If not to entertain onlookers even in the most rude, least elegant way (Tatum’s nudity scene is perfect to describe this situation).

In this sense, if we have to dwell on single events that occur within the film or simply in narrative passages, it must be said that it is done. Generally a good job, with the functional linear storyline, a simple adventure in search of treasure. However, the last part of the film suffers from a general flatness that also touches on comedic ideas which unfortunately are not as successful and enjoyable as the ones used earlier.

While expecting an explosive and unusual ending may seem like too much, given the spirit of the project, closing the story is bite-free And a bit cliched, with no particular heart in writing and directing. At the instructive and visual level, in the lost City The adventure is told in a clever way by playing a lot on the implied, with little to no realistic action sequences, which we nonetheless feel lacking at all.

The magic of mystery, among the various jokes, survives thanks to the power of the settings, the experiences that our heroes have to face and also for fun scenesThe camera portrays it in a ridiculous and strange way. On a technical level, as well as for the script, the directors were the first to laugh out loud, and fortunately their continued fun is constantly seen, with “Light and soft position of the materialwithout wanting to overturn, but not even to imitate that much.

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