Flowers, exhibitions, events and sports in Conversano with Borgo in Fiori from April 23-25, 2022

Borgo in Fiore in Conversano comes with a rich weekend on April 25, when the scent of flowers will satisfy the desire to share, discover and create. The program of events and initiatives developed and prepared by the Municipality of Conversano, together with the operational arm of LAG Sud-Est Barese, is ready to offer opportunities to experience and rediscover the wonderful “City of Counts”: Conversano.

The billboard was prepared with the joint work of all departments of the municipal administration led by Mayor Giuseppe Lovasio. A collective effort, with the participation of associations, operators and artists, that truly makes Conversano a meeting place, meeting place and animation.

Saturday 23 April – Flower Festival, exhibitions, conferences and large facilities

Saturday 23 April Eyes on flower festival Which will be officially inaugurated from the morning and will revive the beating heart of Conversano until the 1st of May with flower fairs and markets dedicated to flowers and plants, created on the initiative and under the supervision ofMembership of the Urban Decoration Council led by Francesca Lipolis.

With Borgo in Fiore, the city center will be transformed into an outdoor garden where visitors can also admire the impressive art installations. These include: the flowered octagon set up by nursery workers on Corso Morea as part of the Flower Festival; A crocheted rose rug made by the association Threads of artIn cooperation withUniversity of the third era and many citizens, which will adorn the central slab of Villa Comunale Garibaldi; The 10-meter vertical garden that will be located in Piazza Castelo; And again, an artistic garden in Piazza Batiste and an arbor made of a metal structure corresponding to the megalithic walls. In addition, many other areas of the city will be decorated and in particular Piazza XX Settembre which will be decorated with floral motifs and plants will also decorate the facade of the Town Hall, ready to be shown to the citizens and visitors dressed in colour. from spring.

The floral compositions of Borgo in Fiore will be a symbol of spring, freedom and rebirth.

On the last Saturday of April, the program also includes cultural events promoted, in particular, byCulture Counselor Katia Sportelli: Opening Vestirsi d’Epoca – exhibition of weapons, clothing and accessories from the 13th to the 17th centuries At Torre Maestra in Castel Conversano, until May 29, by the Assembly southern feelings; Fun educational laboratory for children aged 3 to 6 years entitled “Spring is in your hands‘, edited by wow issa at Piazza Batiste (10:30 a.m.); Guided tour “Discovering the village of Castiglione” with the PRO LOCO (9.30 am). Finally, on the evening of the 24 Conference and Workshop on “Sustainability, Biodiversity and the Role of Bees” Edited by tree leavesin the Square of the Polygonal Tower from 18.00, promoted byProduction Activities Consultant, Tiziana Palumbo.

Sunday, April 24 for all arts and culture

there will be “Lumen, Spring Festival” for the assembly Made from China in partnership with I make, To make April 24th special Borgo in Fiori in Conversano. Another project promoted by the Ministry of Culture is Conversano. At 7.00 pm in Villa Garibaldi, the open-air exhibition will open which, through artistic lighting fixtures and fantastic creatures, will color the Old Town until June 5. The opening will be an event within the event thanks to the Taiko Show, where the energy of light will embrace the intensity of the sound of Japanese drums and the liveliness of its players.

Moreover, on April 24, next to the exhibition “Decorate Art” and all flower festivalWith ., it will be possible to discover and rediscover the art and history of Conversano “Counts City Tours – Conversation Between Stories and Legends” promoted Southeast in the heartfrom 18.00 in the historical center, nature thanks to the association Jaya Uduf who will propose to him “Conversano on the road” In Castiglione from 9.30. For Borgo in Fiore, on Sunday there will also be the opening of the Historian Piantoni Archive by Biantone Studies Center, From 10.00 to 12.00.

Also confirmed on April 24 are initiatives for children with: Lab “paper seed” Edited by the Assembly Polyxina, from 10.00 in the historic center; And “Grandpa as a friend” For children between 5 and 10 years accompanied by their grandparents with the association Scrabble.

On Monday, April 25th with the Sports Champion

April 25th in Borgo in Fiori by Conversano We will devote ourselves to living together, to living the city with energy and good humour, thanks to the many sporting initiatives in the program coordinated bySports Consultant Dario Berti.

It will start from Torre di Castiglione la Ecorun byAvis, while assembly unique will suggest a “Bike Tour Among the Lakes of Conversano”Walking tour to discover the lakes and nature reserve of Conversano.

In the middle of the country, while flower festival The exhibition will remain open to visitors ‘period dress’it would be possible Take a rickshaw ride in the old village Thanks to the initiative bagor participate as champions and spectators in the sports competitions listed in the calendar: in Corso Domenico Morea The ASD Handball Conversano 2014 will drive it The Strateh Family Handball; In the sports field P. Lorusso il Kids Club Instead, it will be organized SSC Bari . First Generation Award.

On April 25, Borgo in Fiore will provide entertainment opportunities for children and families, with sports but also with art and creativity: street artists and a fun educational workshop for children aged 3-6″Spring is in your hands‘Again with the staff wow issa.


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