Florence, handicraft fair: the best handmade products in Fortezza. Guide

Florence, April 22, 2022 – Countdown to MIDA, the international handicraft fairin its 86th edition, organized by Firenze Fiera in cooperation with major institutions and trade associations, to be held From April 23 to May 1 in Fortezza da Basso

Growing year after year in quality and evolving, the gallery brings together different voices, an exciting journey to the roots of creativity with an endless collection of artifacts that ooze technological innovation and sustainability. Moving Mosaic Tile Send It 400 exhibitors Around from every corner of Italy and from various foreign countries, such as France, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Peru, Egypt, India, Iran, Madagascar, Pakistan, Nepal and Tibet.

Absolute novelty for MIDA 2022, orchids in Fortezza, The first international exhibition in Florence organized by the Italian Orchid Consortium in cooperation with Florence Fiera and with the active participation of important Italian associations and which will bring together in the Pavilion of Nations, from Saturday 23 to Sunday 25 April, Italian and foreign specialist vendors and a program of conferences of a cultural and scientific nature, with the participation of distinguished speakers such as Biologists, botanists, and university scientists from all over the world.

Craft 4.0 to change is the initiative created in an octagonal room by Firenze Fiera in collaboration with the Department of Architecture – Design Campus of the University of Florence, the Municipality of Florence, the Florence Architects Foundation and the Giovanni Michelucci Foundation that will document how, thanks to creativity, collaboration and the use of open source tools, it is possible to contribute to the challenging challenge of in sustainability.

One foot in imitation and another in innovation will also be the leitmotif Made in Meda – the craftsmanship that will beThe project in the Cavaniglia Pavilion that officially acknowledges the close collaboration between six Tuscan artisan companies and several designers selected on a national scale with the creation of 6 exclusive and iconic objects using the MIDA brand, which will be exhibited at the exhibition.
miracle. Psychologicalstieri for art and performance is the exhibition at the Sala delle Colonne, promoted by the CR Firenze Foundation, and sponsored by its core theme Associazione Oma – Observatory of the Artistic Professions, which in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese Firenze and Cna Firenze Metropolitana presents live works by masters and young craftsmen included in a rich ephemeral structure With digital content and new performers embodying the visitor who welcomes them into the wonderful boxes of ‘knowledge’.

In collaboration with Lao (Le Arti Orafe) e MIDA Florence Jewelry Week 2022 A selection of contemporary jewelry from the LAO Collection and Student Jewelry will be housed at Polveriera. A busy schedule of meetings and appointments with professors of goldsmiths and students will be on the agenda, who will follow live setting, engraving, enameling, wax modeling and jewelry design.

There will also be room for precious makers Fuori MIDA event with free entry created by Lao and Artigianato e Palazzo, which from April 28 to May 1 brings together craftsmen and designers selected by a specific scientific committee at the Stables of Palazzo Corsini.

Back to MIDA 2022 to makeThe Cna Firenze Metropolitana project aims to promote excellence in artistic and traditional craftsmanship, from fashion to furniture accessories. 35 important craft facts are displayed in the Ghiaie Pavilion with a schedule of live performances and works that will transform the exhibition into a unique experience for the visitor, in direct contact with the master craftsmen and with the various production processes of their works.

Unique pieces It is an initiative of Confartigianato Imprese Firenze that will take place in Palazzina Lorenese. Leather, thread, gold, silver, and paper are just some of the materials that, thanks to the “golden hands” of the excellent craftsmen, will give life to original and unrepeatable artifacts.

Beatrice tells Dante, While that, It is the visual and mosaic exhibition of Florentine and Ravenna craftsmen who will celebrate in the Cavaglia Pavilion the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death: a blend created by the masters of crafts at Cna Firenze and the mosaic workers of Cna Ravenna, with Cna Impresa Donna. 20 All-Female Works: from scagliola to goldsmithing, from fashion to painting through the endless collection of Ravenna mosaics.

Among the various initiatives scheduled for MIDA 2022, Wednesday 27 April at 3.30 pm at Sala della Scherma, highlight Bruno Gambon: The man, artist, event promoted by Florence Vieira, created by Artex and curated by Gilda Cifarello Grosso.

There will also be an exhibition space The exhibit on display: History, creations and architecture, a fascinating journey through the history of the craft fair, Through photos, videos, audio and objects, as a result of an in-depth research conducted by the Historical Archives of Tuscany, for various materials, including unpublished materials.

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