Fedez judges ‘X Factor’ for next session: ‘We’re home’

After a critical period of health due to surgery for pancreatic cancer, good news for videos: will rule for the sixth time from x factor. This is a fantastic return for the musician who was a referee from the 8th to the 12th edition and who in this 16th edition is back on the Sky Talent table. “Small surprise: I was only 23 and my longest marriage was with my marriage,” Fedez says as he announces the news with a video summarizing his experience behind the talent counter.

in edition X Factor 2022 Fidesz is ready to take on the role of judge and mentor once again for the contender boys for a sixth year, having made show history by sitting at the table for five consecutive editions from 2014 and 2018, already coming to win. In his first year, in 2014, with Lorenzo Fragola.

Fedez at X Factor

On his debut, at the age of 24, he was the youngest judge of all Italian editions x factor Step by step, he gained the audience’s love on Fremantle’s Sky Show, proving to be competent and ambitious, with a style that made his mark, sympathetic to talent in competition and passionate about their children’s path, often present among the protagonists to victory. After his last version in 2018, he returned as a live host in November 2020, bringing the single onto the stage Beautiful story (3 platinum discs) to the present uniform sceneThe Entertainment Workers Support Fund has been on hold at that moment for several months due to the health emergency.

(Image via Videz's Instagram profile)

(Image via Videz’s Instagram profile)

unusual profession

His career numbers are extraordinary: among others, 77 platinum discs, 17 gold, and 7 albums, the last of which was, InhumaneReleased in November 2021, over 30 singles and 40 music videos, over 925 million video views on his official YouTube channel and over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, make him one of the most produced, followed and appreciated artists on the scene. Italian musician; A success confirmed and reinforced by social networks, with a total of about 25 million followers. In addition, in the past two years, together with Louis Salle, he created wild moosea podcast that has reached nearly 90 episodes in which first-class guests compete to participate, is very popular and loved on every platform thanks to its premium formula.

lol success – who laughs outside

Meanwhile, Fidesz has experience doing the show for two consecutive years lol – who laughs outside First with Mara Maionchi and then this year with Frank Matano, contributing to the success of the comedy competition removed from Prime Video and for which season three has already been confirmed.

Fedez, New Selfie Revealed: “I Lost Nearly 10 Kilos From The Operation”

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Commitment to social issues, solidarity and public benefit

On a personal note, Fides announced a few weeks ago that his weeks in hospital made him reflect on his life and his priorities and prompted him to decide to create a foundation to engage in social and solidarity causes. However, this obviously does not prevent him from continuing his career in music and television as it confirms his commitment to the talent programme.

Fides battles from Zan Bill’s defense to illness

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X Factor 2022, the audience returns to the auditions

Issuance X Factor 2022 He’s warming up the engines these days for a departure scheduled for June, when the first auditions are scheduled, the initial step for the long selections that will then lead to the selection of 12 champions from live shows. And one of the first innovations is that the first selection stage will again be a great event with the audience. The boys’ performance, as well as being evaluated by the judges as always, will be commented on by the audience in the stands who once again become the show’s great protagonist. Meanwhile, on the website of X Factor 2022 It is still possible to register to send.


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