Fast Animals and Slow Kids: Alternative rock heroes return to Florence

Florence Fast Animals and Slow Kids are finally in Florence. The theater on the banks of the Arno has been postponed for Thursday, April 28 at the Tuscany Auditorium.

From 21. Tickets (single seat €28.75, including presale rights) are available on the website, at (telephone 892.101) and at Box Office Toscana points (www.boxofficetoscana .it. / POS Tel. 055.210804). The concert scheduled for April 15 has been restored, and postponed after some covid-positive cases within the touring production crew. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

“It’s Already Tomorrow’s Tour” is the new round of dates that brings the Made in Italy alternative rock crowd back to Florence. If last summer’s acoustic tour was the son of wanting to get back to live playing and wanting to celebrate the band’s first decade of career, “Tomorrow’s Already Tour” finally brings FASK back to perfection: stages, races, staged dives, plenty of rock and roll Roll and the never-failing editorial shout during concerts “We are the fast animals, the slow children, and we come from Perugia.”

Fast animals and slow children

“Vita perdduta” ( is instead the title of the unreleased song that the group decided to give to fans on the eve of the tour, thus giving them time to learn the lyrics to sing it together live.

“Vita Sperduta – as the band says – is an intentionally thin piece where the guitar masters the bass drums. This song has an intentionally simple structure and was born with the idea of ​​playing it live and giving just the right energy to the audience who’d come to see us jump and sing on stage.”

In fact, it was the start of the tour that gave us the impetus to come up with a new, unreleased tour. When we finished writing and recording this piece, we couldn’t help but imagine it being sung with the audience. Among our most recent tracks, we imagine “Vita perdduta” as a choral piece, sung together.

It was very nice and intimate to try our hand at an audio tour last summer, but today we want to go back to moving as a whole, to release the energy that has accumulated, in these two years and screams, and to participate in an event that allows us to withdraw from all that we have had to suppress so far.”

FASK specifically talks about the lyrics to “Lost Life”: “This song comes from a very personal reflection, a reflection that concerns us and our concern for others. Try to imagine a completely messy, deserted house to itself where dishes and dishes have been abandoned in the sink for days.”

Because? Because we focus too much on ourselves, on work, and we don’t have time for anything else.

The question arises from this picture, “What can I offer you if I cannot even manage the dishes to wash?”. the answer? I can introduce myself to all of you and at the same time try to find solutions to my shortcomings.

What is today, a period of life in which we are all always preoccupied with something else, that we can offer to others, to the one we love, is none other than ourselves and the desire to make the people around us feel good.

We tried to summarize all this in the chorus by inviting those who are listening to us to take off their shoes and dance, not to think about problems but to take space for themselves and feel good because if time is running out so fast, the only thing we can do is stop and find our rhythm.”

The tour will be an opportunity for Aimone Romizi (voice, guitar, percussion), Alessio Mingoli (drums, second voice), Jacopo Gigliotti (Bass) and Alessandro Guercini (Guitars) to perform live, in addition to their successes that celebrated the band’s 10-year career. and, above all, the songs from the latest album “È Questo suo oggi” (published by Woodworm under the exclusive Believe Artist Services license), which gave the band so much satisfaction last fall.

The album, in fact, debuted at number five on the official Italian chart and at number two on the vinyl chart and showed how the band took another step forward not only in lyrics but also in songwriting and in production.

“It’s Already Tomorrow” (available at all digital and traditional stores in CD and vinyl copies) contains 12 tracks including “Come un animali” (, “What would you say” featuring Willie Peyote (first collaboration in the band’s history), “Stupida Canzone” ( and “Lago ad alta quota”.

The latest album (produced by FASK and Matteo Cantaluppi), the product of two years of work that brought Fast Animals and Slow Kids back into the studio after their previous 2019 album “Nocturnal Animals” (which debuted in the FIMI-GFK Top 10), not only the audience (who fondly follow them and have evolved with them over the past ten years) but also critics, as evidenced by the enthusiastic reviews that accompanied the publication.

“It’s Already Tomorrow’s Tour” by Vivo Concerti.

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