Farzan Ozbek announces an app and a book, and the shooting of the new movie will start in October

The Turkish naturalized Italian director is going through a very intense period at a professional level: a few days ago he returned to the screen, this time small instead of big, with the TV series he directed from his cult film, “The Foolish Fairies”. He is already working on three other projects, one technological, one literary, and an inescapable film project

Farzan Ozbek is in full creative ferment: the Italian naturalized Turkish director is going through a very intense period on a professional level, returning from the success of his TV series based on his cult film “The Foolish Fairies”.

The television version of his 2001 movie starring Margherita Buy and Stefano Accorsi debuted on the small screen, debuting April 13 on Disney+ as the first Italian Star Original project.

But Ozbek is not the type to rest on his laurels, having success in his hands: the Istanbul-born director is already working on three more projects, each of different genres and sectors.
He himself was the one who anticipated them in Ansa, announcing upcoming releases that consider him the absolute champion in three different areas: technological, literary and cinematic. If the director and writer have already been accustomed to the last two sectors for some time, it is the first area – the technological field – that is surprising. Farzan Ozbek told the press that he will soon release an app, a book and a movie, the latter of which will be released later than previously announced, given that the director has chosen to postpone filming until October.

Postponing filming


Clueless Fairies Trailer TV Series

The director talks about the option to postpone his new film. “Warner wanted to go out for Christmas, but I asked to postpone the collection until October. I want to spend the summer in peace and then with the war no one knows what will happen,” Ozbek told Ansa, in an interview to present the photography exhibition Fermo imagine, an exhibition In Rome dedicated to Venice (the exhibition is in the Galerie La nuova pesa by Simona Marchini, until May 27).

The project is inspired by “Venetika”, a visual video installation signed by the Turkish director and which can be seen until April 30 at Maxxi in Rome. It is an immersive journey in which the video is reflected in the water tank as the scent of the lake spreads, accompanied by the music of Sezen Aksu.

Designed in 2019 for the 58th Venice Biennale, this installation presents the city as a “woman submerged in water” with the face of actress Kasia Smotniak. The Romanian exhibition organized at the La nuova pesa gallery chronicles the work with seven great photographic works selected by Farzan Ozbek himself, as well as several published behind-the-scenes photographs.

The app, the new book and the new movie


Clueless fairies, the unreleased Mina on the series’ soundtrack

Uzbek spoke of “an app coming out in a month, all of my design, a new book and a new movie.”
At the moment, he hasn’t added information about the app he’s working on, which has kept an aura of mystery for both that and the book we’ll soon see on the shelves.

His new cinematic effort also remains in Mystery Nebula, an always-cool nebula…
“We’re still completely in the writing stage,” the director explained, “but I’m going to shoot it in Rome or Italy anyway.” “The Foolish Fairies – Serial” was also filmed in Rome, mostly on the balcony of Lanificio on Via di Pietralata.

Ferzan Ozpetek in whole creative yeast


Clueless fairies, the differences between film and TV series

Recently, Ferzan Ozbek has been an endless well of ideas and projects, which pleases him but also us.
“I am always amazed, it may be that I am getting old, but for three years I have come up with new ideas and projects. I have not only managed to make them, but always successfully. […] Now I have put a notebook on my nightstand, because thoughts come to me during the night. I get up and notice them so that I don’t forget them in the morning, ”Ozbek added during the interview with Ansa.


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