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She is a famous singer thanks to her recent participation in the Sanremo Festival; Let’s get acquainted with Anna Mina in more detail.

The hero of the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival and at the center of gossip rumors about an alleged affair with Ibrahim Diaz Even a career as an actress; Here’s everything we need to know I’m Minaa woman of extraordinary beauty and incredible charm.

I'm Mina

I’m Mina He was born on the twenty-fifth of February 1997 in Spain And sixteen years ago, in terms of practicality sixteen, I managed to win the twelfth edition of Veo Veo . Awardsone of the most important and well-known Spanish music awards coveted by its participants.

This victory marks a turning point in his career I from him Which, from that moment, also expanded its horizons in other areas such as, for example, television. The singer, in fact, participates in the series Excessivelyaired on Telecincoone of the best Spanish TVs in terms of ratings.

I’m Mina We also remember her for being the hero in the movie he directed Petro AlmodovarAnd The skin I live in Where he had the opportunity to show his singing skills. The singer had a collaboration with Fred de PalmaWell-known rapper.

But as we indicated earlier, I’m Mina It was in the latest version of festival sanremo (in which they won Mahmoud Blanco Thanks for the song goosebumps); Participation in the famous theaterAristonhaving already been there on the last issue on the evening of the covers, has raised two not-to-be-negligible controversies.

The former focused on the singer’s non-Italian origins; Discussion immediately stopped by the leader festivalAnd Amadeus. On the other hand, the second argument differs categorically. In the midst of the discussion ended the single that the singer had brought, Two hundred thousand hours.

A song that didn’t get all the approvals due to the amazing similarity to the single I love youwritten by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti Beautifully interpreted in an incredible voice Gianni Nannini. It must be emphasized at once that there is no question of plagiarism in any way; It is simply possible that I’m Mina wanted to honor Nanini.

curiosity about I’m Mina and share in Sanremo Festival; If the song, Two hundred thousand hoursHe did not find much success on stageAristonThe same cannot be said for the social platform tik tok The song is among the most listened to and used by those who usually use this platform.

From a social point of view, I’m Mina It is closely followed up Instagram His profile has exceeded one million followers.

I'm Mina

Was Anna Mina with Ibrahim Diaz? All we need to know

From an emotional point of view, we must necessarily mention the alleged story Ibrahim Diaz. The two had met last summer and were seen by the attentive and unwary eyes of the cameras.

To restore the couple, the streets MadridSpanish magazine. However, the singer herself immediately denied the news. I’m Mina He emphasized, indeed, that one should be happy and not have, at least for now, time for relationship; However, the perfect boyfriend would have to be smart and able to make her laugh.

two words on Ibrahim Diaz You have to spend it too because he’s not having a very happy season despite a good start; at recent days Pegs He alternates, in the role of a playmaker, with Casey; period, that Spanish international period, which can be justified positively Corona virus disease that playmaker Milan He has to confront.

However, these past few days, the Rossoneri were in dire need of the best Ibrahim Diaz (against the Lazio there were signs of awakening); The tournament should be a goal, especially at this stage with the boys Pegs Yes in the head but with one match more thanInter Especially after the heavy removal of the cup Italia With the defeat of the Rossoneri, even quite clearly by the boys irritable In the first leg of the semi-finals.

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