fall among the men. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato Wins ITAS Mountain Book . Award

The winners of the ITAS Mountain Book Award have been announced at the 70th Trento Film Festival. Down among men won the 48th edition of the literary competition that celebrates the mountain in all its forms. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato. Other award winning books: Cervino. The legendary mountain by Hervé Barmasse (mountain climbing and mountain sports), Sentiero Italia CAI, Editing by Francesco Cappellari (guides and maps), Planet Greta by Alessandra Viola and Rosalba Vitellaro (children’s books), Seeker of Light by Carmen Abate (Life and Stories of the Mountain) ). A special mention to Trentino because I climbed to a perfect level. Armando Asti, Maurizio Gentellini’s man and mountaineer.

The jury of the ITAS Mountain Book Prize announced the overall winner of the 48th edition during the awards ceremony held at the Representative Hall of the Municipality of Trento. It falls among men. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato and published by Einaudi.

The book examines Guido Rossa’s character, and does so by going beyond the discourse that public discourse usually speaks of victims of terrorism. Luzzatto, in addition to the icon, wanted to discover man, looking at Rosa’s life with a historical and at the same time narrative tendency, to discover a completely new personality, even as a mountaineer. With permission to access (the first to be able to do so) the family archive, the author identifies a profane and artistic spirit, a reckless mountaineer and a heroic unionist.

Sergio Lozzato, the new winner, expressed his own satisfaction: “I would like to think that this award recognizes, more than my merits, the merits of Guido Rossa’s work. A point of support for raising the world. Or at least a point of balance between him and his comrades (both in the tight group and in the factory). A meeting point between isolation and society.”

Enrico Brizzi, Chairman of the Jury, commented favorably on the results of this edition: “The ITAS Prize celebrates its record edition with the participation of 149 titles. And this year, more than ever, we have seen the confirmation of our intuition, which has guided us since 2013, the year of rebirth of the Prize: it became Outdoor life is increasingly central to literary productions as well as to lifestyles, and the mountains represent its prime location.”

Giuseppe Consoli, President of ITAS, who has promoted the initiative since 1971, commented: “The prize promotes a culture that knows how to combine the public and the private. It rewards international authors along with the cultural privileges of the Trentino region. And also the geographical affinity of the geographical with the local: in terms of the mountainous world The whole, on the other hand, is the individual characteristics of the regions that know how to express authors, mountaineers and cultural pretenders with unique and unrepeatable characteristics.
In this sense, Premium is very similar to Mutua, which has the mission of protecting and protecting our insured members in the broadest sense, applying it to very specific and specific facts.”

Here’s why the jury recognized the absolute value of Luzzatto’s work:
Overtake Santino de Guido Rosa. This may be an alternative title to the one we find on the cover that also applies to the central chapter: Falls Among the Men. There Lozzato mentions the message that Rosa takes a distance from mountaineering, “a drug that for many years has made us dream and believe in demigods or supermen.” A letter written nine years before the murder that, due to its resonance despite being a private letter, risks “harming whoever wrote it.”

Here in this passage lies the gist of Lazato’s study: a question of substance, which consists in delving deeply into the articulated, complex, and perhaps contradictory figure of Guido Rosa, without at all diminishing his historical, political, and human standing as an expert mountaineer. . and bold, as a unionist who paid with his life for his ideas.

A study, Luzzatto’s study, is underpinned by a methodological rigor, by careful use of documentary sources, by the ability to frame Rossa’s character in a context that is itself as complex and detailed as that of Italy during the years of terror and decades. that preceded them. The years and decades were also crucial in defining the models of mountaineering that Rosa himself had promoted before he criticized. All this is made possible by clear narrative prose, free from any purely aesthetic complacency. A tool that allows the reader to enter and navigate the text and fully appreciate its value.

The other finalists for this edition and winners in their categories are:
– Matterhorn. legendary mountain By Hervé Parmassi, Rizzoli, for the section “Mountain climbing and mountain sports”
– CAI Italy trackEditing by Francesco Capellari, Idea Montagna, for “Guides and Maps”
– Planet Greta By Alessandra Viola and Rosalba Vitellaro, Einaudi, for the “Children’s Books” section
– among men. The life and death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato, Einaudi, for the section “Research and the Environment”
– seeker of light By Carmen Abate, Mondadori, in the section “Mountain Life and Stories”
Winner of the “Trentino Special Mention”:
– Maurizio Gentellini, You have risen to the perfect level. Armando Asti, man and mountaineerVita Trintina publishing house

Business reported:
– Gianandrea Mencini, Pasture of Paper. Hand on the mountain, Kellerman
– Francesco Salvatierra, Brissanella rocks and ice, south side
In addition to the award ceremony, there are several scheduled dates for this course.
By tradition, regular presentations of winning works are renewed, which are valuable opportunities for dialogue between authors and the audience.
Presentation of the Seeker of the Light with Carmine Abate
Tuesday May 3 at 6 pm, at the Montague Libre Literary Salon in Piazza Fiera
– Presentation of CAI course guides in Italy
Friday, May 6 at 6 pm, at the Montague Libre Literary Salon in Piazza Fiera
– Planet Greta show with Alessandra Viola and Rosalba Vitellaro, Sunday 8 May at 11 am, at T4Future, Giardino del Meuse, Corso del Laforo y della Senza, 3
The conference organized by the ITAS Prize also returns for the second year in a row: on May 4, from 3 to 7 pm in the conference hall of Cassa Rurale di Trento, the conference “The Mountain, the Solo Female. How do women live, read and explain” The Highlands.
Lorenzo Carpani, award coordinator, will speak with guests to bring out a female perspective on the mountain theme. Ten voices of women who will tell their mountain, between art and work, passion and commitment, behind male stereotypes. For the alpine world is more open and inclusive of all differences.

Info: trentofestival.it

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