“Exstasis” is back in Palermo, a display of projections in the Basilica of Santa Caterina

After the success of 10,000 spectators two years ago, ‘Exstasis’ video set returns in 4K remastered version, a multimedia and immersive display by Odd Agency on the walls and among the mixed marbles of the Basilica of Santa Caterina, in Piazza Bellini in Palermo. It is one of the most important dates of the program “Invisibilia – Sacred Words, Images and Sounds”, events and meditations dedicated to the promotion and use of the art born of prayer, promoted by the Archdiocese of Palermo with the University, Biondo Theater, Massimo Theater, Scarlatti Conservatory, Academy of Fine Arts and the Convent of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria The Quattrocanti Multiethnic Orchestra, and the Pulcherrima Res Cooperative.

And so, after the forced cessation of the epidemic, the rain falling from the roof, the lights showing new visions and the sounds that surround the viewer to another dimension, return.

Exstasis returns from today (Friday, April 29), 8.30pm for five daily shows from Friday to Sunday, every half hour until 10.30pm. The initiative is organized by the Odd Agency in collaboration with social cooperation Pulcherrima Res, CoopCulture and VmAgency di Vincenzo Montanelli.

Exstasis, a project that reached the final stage at the prestigious “Video Map Awards” in Lille, an international Oscar that rewards the best immersive experiences, is a thrilling story and at the same time one in which technology does not isolate ourselves or make us slaves to chance, but on the contrary From that, they bind us together, and bring us in touch with mystery and wonder. Video mapping, this time proposed with innovative 4K technology, in which projections break up the static nature of the church’s very rich decorative device, removing materials and moving church walls and marble, moving statues placed on the edge of the church nave with light and color. Improved video technology, with high-resolution images and a more detailed sound system, with sound spatialization to allow the viewer to experience a more immersive experience: the show returns with a completely renewed version from a technological point of view, always in the name of the avant-garde of the creative group.

“Exstasis is an invitation to have an immersive experience of the mystic: the refined art of the Church of Santa Caterina that leaves you, alone, breathless, and connects you with the history of secluded monastery life with the story of the five degrees The mystic life of Sister Evelyn Underhill, immersing you in a dimension of From spirituality through the play of projections that lead to the light of Easter. Exstasis indicates how we can today have a religious experience in a modern language that knows how to read and reinterpret the beauty bequeathed to us by our fathers.”

“It is probably Exstasis who has managed to touch the emotions of our audience, perhaps because it represents and embodies the universal aspiration to approach the absolute, the magical, the indescribable – say from the Odd Agency – so it is an honor to offer Palermo and its visitors once again the first immersive experience to be conducted in the city, especially now that our way of promoting cultural heritage and landscapes has become a model appreciated and a tradition.”

“We were really impressed by the creativity of Odd at the UNESCO sites in Zisa and Monreale, and the immersive experience of Anima Mundi in the Botanical Garden – says Letizia Cacuccio, General Manager of CoopCulture – and the mission of a large company like Coopculture is also that supports the cultural proposals that come to us from young actors and active adventurers in the area: so we will be there with the passion that sets us apart.”

Exstasis, schedules and tickets

From Friday to Sunday: 5 performances in the evening, at 20.30 / 21 / 21.30 / 22 / 22.30.

Tickets: €8 (full price), €5 (discounted university students, under 18 and disabled), €22 (families of 2 adults and 2 people under 18), free (under 5 and a disabled companion) ). Online and on site until two hours before the show on the CoopCulture Arena. For information: www.exstasis.it, [email protected]

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