Estimate 50 million dollars

Venice – more than after 100 years The first and only visit of a French painter Claude Monetin Venice, where he created an exceptional master of impressionism Series of 37 plates which captured incomparable views of the city, the masterpiece”The Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute“Back to the lake on Wednesday 20th April for one person Private exhibition at Palazzo Gritti On the eve of the opening of the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, before appearing at auction as the main piece for the “Modern Evening Auction” in Sotheby’s in New York on May 17 with an initial estimate of $50 million. “Le Grand Canal” was carried out in 1908 shimmering display And radiant for the Grand Canal and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, it is one of the most beautiful works ever created by the artist, and the culmination of the series that he painted during Monet’s stay in Venice. “Le Grand Canal” will be displayed in the historic Palazzo Gritti almost completely in view like the photo in the painting. The special exhibition will be the centerpiece of Sotheby’s activities in Venice during the opening of the Arte Biennale, which will include a highly curated series of events, and the painting will be admired by a select group of guests at an exquisite dinner at Palazzo Gritti, co-hosted by Charles Stewart, Sotheby’s CEO and Brooke Lampley and Olivia Walton, newly appointed president of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Sotheby’s starts at 50 million

Le Grand Canal will star in “May Evening Talk” at Sotheby’s in New York, where the masterpiece is expected to fetch around $50 million. The offering follows a string of Monet masterpieces that have sold back-to-back Sotheby’s New York sales for more than $50 million in recent years: a staggering $50.8 million made last November for “Monet’s Coin du bassin aux nymphéas” from 1918 and ” “Le Bassin aux nymphéas” sold for $70.4 million in May 2021. Helena Neumann, President of Sotheby’s Europe and Global Head of Impressionist and Art Nouveau at the auction house, said: ‘The famous Monet series of paintings are among the most famous and instantly desirable in the world. Among the These, his Views of Venice Perhaps the most amazing, they transfer the charm of the city to the canvas. The appearance at auction of this exceptionally rare work follows the great achievement of modern masterpieces in our world halls over the past twelve months and presents a wonderful opportunity for collectors in search of the best. ” Julian Dawes, Head of Modern Art at Sotheby’s America, added: “Few artists have captured the popular imagination with the power of Claude Monet, whose works continue to inspire awe with their beauty and experimentation with perspective. Bathed in sublime light and iridescent pigments, Monet predicted the lyrical abstraction and bold coloration that would define artistic progress in the second half of the twentieth century. for him bold brush stroke His color palette hints at the later genius of artists such as Rothko, Mitchell, Richter and Thiebaud, among the many heirs to Monet’s unparalleled legacy.”

Those paintings made in the lake

a lot of Paintings made by Monet during his trip Three months in Venice In 1908 they are found in important collections of international museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Museums of Fine Arts in San Francisco, and the series of works are among the artist’s most requested and praised. “Le Grand CanalIt is undoubtedly the most beautiful A secret set of six paintings painted from the steps of the Palazzo Barbaro looks across and down the Grand Canal towards Santa Maria della Salute. Monet and his wife, Alice, traveled to Venice in the fall of 1908 Invitation from Mary Young HunterOne rich american Introduced by John Singer Sargent to the French couple. Receiving a circle of wealthy Americans in Venice, Monet spent his time at the Palazzo Barbaro and the Grand Hotel Britannia, both on the Grand Canal, and took some of the most iconic photographs of his career. Monet’s depiction of Santa Maria della Salute domes over the Grand Canal, seen from the steps of Palazzo Barbaro, is a striking juxtaposition between detailed representations of Venice by old masters and even the most opulent and picturesque views of the 18th century. The famous lake city. The Monet series presents a new approach that subtly captures the ever-changing splendor of light on the city’s ancient buildings and the waters that surround them.


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