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Seven ladies’ paradise will be there

Ladies Paradise 7 it will be. The seventh season of Paradiso was confirmed at the same time as the sixth, following uncertainty about the continuation of the soap in the Milanese store. Therefore, since prior to the first appearance of the fourth daily cycle, the achievement of the fifth daily cycle is official (i.e. season seven in total, counting the first two seasons in fictional form).

When the ladies’ paradise comes out 7

release Ladies Paradise 7 The season is set for a month September 2022. The exact start date has not been reported. However, if we assume – the calendar is in hand – we imagine that someday it could be paper Monday 12 September 2022. If so, the approved launch mechanism for Season 6, which began on Monday, September 13, 2021, will be tracked. Official confirmations by Rai and/or Aurora TV who co-produce the soap.

The conspiracy of the ladies’ paradise 7

Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri), here on a show for
Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri), here in the setting of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

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We do not know details about The plot of the seventh season Ladies’ paradiseBut The end of the sixth opens up to many new dynamics.

Does Gloria really go to prison in the end and stay there? In the last episode of the sixth season, Moro He decides to turn himself inbut we think that – somehow – there could be a happy ending for her and her daughter, Stefania.

on Stefaniabetween and Marco It’s true (and forever) love that will seal itself with marriage? Marco has already made the proposal. can be realized.

Will Marcelo and Ludovica get back together or will Brancia fall in love with Torrebruna? At the end of the sixth season, Flavia’s daughter agrees to leave with Ferdinando, but is saddened by the separation from Barbieri. The latter is ready to take it back, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Not to mention it Flora, Umberto and Adelaide. We are in the hands of the writers of a seventh season of Paradise that heralds major turning points.

How does a ladies’ paradise end 6

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode ends 160 Where the store is “closed for weddings”. The April 29 1963In fact – the day the season finale takes place – is a day Marriage between Salvatore and Anna.

GloryAfter observing and listening to the torments StefaniaHe realizes that his daughter is giving up love to save her. So talk to Marco. He gives him advice and then makes a decision that could change his life. He chose to turn himself in without notifying anyone.

Ludovica accept proposal Torrebruna and leave with him. when Marcelo He realizes he made a mistake and runs to Barancia to get her back, it’s too late.

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Dante He keeps his word and returns the share of heaven. However, it aims to Adelaideunaware that the Countess makes it, Revenge of Umberto.

Stefania in a wedding party Anna and Salvator when Marco reach him. Love prevails.

Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 Cast, Actors and Characters

In the cast of Season 7, we are expecting the return of the group of performers, which includes:

  • Alessandro Tersini (Vittorio Conte)
  • Roberto Farnese (Humberto Guarnieri)
  • Vanessa Gravina (Adelaide de Sant Erasmo)
  • Antonella Ateli (Agnes Amato)
  • Massimo Poggio (Ezio Colombo)
  • Emmanuel Caserio (Salvatore Amato)
  • Julia Arena (Ludovica Brancia di Montalto)
  • Mariavitoria Cozyla (Dora Vianello)
  • Francesca del Fa (Irene Cipriani)
  • Pietro Ginwardi (Armando Ferraris)
  • Pietro Masotti (Marcelo Barbieri)
  • Kiara Russo (Maria Pugliese)
  • Lara Kumar (Gloria Morrow)
  • Katrina Burton (Beatrice Conte)
  • Grace Ambrose (Stefania Colombo)
  • Julia Vecchio (Anna Impriani)
  • Filippo Scaravia (Roberto Landy)
  • Valentina Bartolo (Veronica Zanata)
  • Lucrezia Massari (Flora Ravasi Gentile)
  • moisy korea (Marco de Sant Erasmo)
  • Luca Grispini (Nino Zackshaw)
  • Jaya Bavaro (Gemma Zanata)
  • Greta Oldoni (Fiornza Gramini)
  • Magdalena Grushowska (Flavia Brancia de Montalto)
  • Fabio Volco (Ferdinando Torbruna)

Heaven of the Ladies 7 trailer, does it really exist?

It’s still too early to see Season Seven Trailer. Trailer for the second episode of Ladies’ paradise Not yet available on YouTube, we’re convinced it will be about two months after the next season premieres on Rai 1. In the meantime, here’s the previous season:

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The number of episodes of Paradise for Ladies is 7, how many episodes are there?

Ladies’ Paradise 7 – Daily 5 count 160 episodes Like the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. Only the third (season 1, daily) consisted of 180 episodes. The first two sessions are separate from each other, as they were conceived on the first evening. However, the first two seasons Ladies’ paradise They have twenty episodes each.

Ladies’ paradise It’s production Rai and Aurora TV. The direction entrusted to the various directors: the daily a Isabella Leone, Marco McCaffery, Francesco Pavolini and Riccardo Mosca.

7 ladies’ paradise in the flow, where it can be seen

Ladies Paradise 7 flow Available in Ray Play Simultaneously with the broadcast on Al-Rai Channel One and after.

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