Amici 21, LDA joins Luigi: Web criticizes jury vote

The Evening of the sixth day of Amici 21 At the center of a web controversy on social media regarding the exclusion of Luca D’Alessio’s talent in Art Lda. Gigi D’Alessio’s son failed to beat Nunzio Stancampiano in the final ballot, as determined by the votes of the judges and among the controversies on the web attached there are those who demand the restoration of television sets for the voting system used on the evening of 21 among Internet users.

Among the performances on Evening Six, it’s no surprise that the show Lda recorded with Luigi Strangis in the gauntlet that Lorella Cuccarini wanted has now gone viral and the boys lined up against the latter’s pupils Alex and Sissi, on the cover notes If It Rained Your Name Elisa. Gauntlet annoyed Lda on the mission and accused Luigi Strangis of wrongdoing, so much so that it elicited an angry summons by Laurela Cucarini: “I won’t let you tell me I’m hiding my thoughts,” thundered the showgirl pupil Rudy Zerbe.

However, the Lda-Luigi duo is now highly regarded by web users and preferred by many over the Alex and Sissi duo, even though the latter has taken home the judges’ point. The chemistry of Lda and Luigi’s male voices produces a magical voice and acts as a cherry on the cake that is the pony of the lyrical duo’s interpretation.

“Luca and Luigi are amazing, I loved them so much more than Cissy and Alex, for me the gauntlet was giving the point to Luca and Luigi..incompetent jury,” he reads between the competing tweets at the moment. And again: “Actually, I liked them so much, it’s all a circus of clowns.” (Update by Serena Granato).

Amici 21 PM 2022, Lda Elimination: The Cucca-Todo controversy

At the end of the evening of the sixth day of Amici withElimination of LDA who shouldered all his responsibilities by acknowledging that his exclusion was just and due on the part of the jury after his performance during the course of the episode was not to the max. A few hours after the episode ended, many flocked to social media to comment on the artist’s work Raimundo Todaro As a professor on a reality show.

The dance teacher makes people discuss and divide the web, between those who see him and his colleague Lorela Kocarini as excellent teachers who never miss an opportunity to encourage their students and also of the opposing team, and those who see the right and the good Raimundo Todaro and Kokarini Just a tactic to push your students forward as far as possible down the road. Whatever the truth, their pupils are very well liked by the public and have made significant improvements during their journey through the school (grade 7.5). (Adriana Lavecchia update)

LDA disqualified after showing outstanding fair play

ended withElimination of LDA The evening of the 6th of Amici 21 and the update of the report cards for IlSussidiario.net could not help but begin with the artist Ibn El-Fan. Luca D’Alessio became the hero of an important path at school, but recently, by his own admission, faced a personal crisis that pushed him to cut back on profit. The artistic character of the young man is beyond doubt and definitely deserves a 9, as there is definitely no room for improvement. LDA’s score of 10 for Fair PlaySo, since, since the provisional abolition, he showed a great deal of intellectual honesty, and asserted that, in his opinion, it was right that he, of all the members of his team, risked being ousted.

10 in fair play too Nunzio Stancampiano, dancer Raimondo Todaro, who is saved again in the final: The young Sicilian also protested, deeming it unfair for LDA to leave Amici 21 school in his place. Unfortunately, the rules of the game provide for at least one disqualification per episode, but this does not call into question the skill and talent of aspiring artists who pass through the talent show Maria De Filippi. (Update by Alessandro Niedi)

Amici 21, LDA ends on the ballot: the audience is on his side

Evening of the sixth day of Amici 21which aired on April 23, 2022 on Canale 5, makes an unexpected cancellation decision for LDA, depriving spoilers of Amici news and Il vicolo delle news. first heat The 3-team competition begins with a team led by Rudy Zerbe and Alessandra Celentano challenging the team led by Raimundo Todaro and Laurela Cocarini. In the first challenge LDA On the notes of Se bruciasse la città by Massimo Ranieri (eighth grade, it is always the son of art who opens up the challenge and the exhibition is always frank; but it is the fan base controversy over Rudi Zerbi’s assignments that would enhance the 19-year-old’s talent) against Alex On the notes of Adore you by Harry Style (grade 7, assignment is interesting, good voice but we need to work on interpretation and implementation). The second challenge for Amici Classes 21 Michel Esposito In Putin’s Dance on the Ritz by Robbie Williams (8th grade, technique and stage presence) against Ambassador I’m tired of performing Shakira’s objectionable tango notes (9th grade, audience applause for artist Nunzio). The third challenge is the glove he’s spreading LDA and Luigi (Vote 10, binary poetry and viral on the web, even if the evidence is unfair because it is in favor of the team that launched it, Cucca-Todo) vs. Alex and Sissy (8th grade, good amalgamation of sounds, we need to work on interpretation) on notes if your name rains elisa.

Cucca-Todo wins the first heat, and ends up in danger of the final ballot, Michelle dancing Don Quixote III Atto (row 8), LDA presenting the novel that winks at summer hits, Bandana (row 9) and Luigi performing the unpublished Tienimi stretti (row eight). ), the three judges assure that LDA can be eradicated … but the web is stirring controversy against talent: Amici 21 is accused of giving little space to a 19-year-old, scored on Spotify Italy, and for the benefit of other talents such as husbands, Serena, Albe, Sissi and Dario for television dynamics.

second heat From Amici 21 sees the Cucca-Todo challenge against Cele-Zerbi and the classification of the first challenge Alex With yelling and not being heard by Alessandra Amoroso (7th grade, crystal voice, but should improve in interpretation) against Luigi With Bella senz’anima by Riccardo Cocciante (7th grade and a half, good cover overall). The ranks of the second challenge Serena and Nunzio In Casa Vianello and Senza’s fine talk (grade 8, good chemistry) against Michelle With the strength of a thousand men (8th grade, clean performance). The third challenge is published solo Serena With the things I don’t say (eighth grade, correct interpretation) against it Alex With one without asking permission (7 and a half vote, an unprecedented flight awaits). The second heat marks Celie Zerby’s victory and they end up facing a replay Alex, Serena and Nunzio The judges maintain that Nunzio can be eliminated.

Final ballot between LDA, Nunzio and Dario, final with an evolution to Amici 21

third heat, after the gauntlet that ranks Professors Cucca-Todo vs. Professor Seely-Zerbe sees Seely-Zerbe as a challenge to the team led by Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Piparini. The first challenge is the glove that spreads Michelle (Grade 8, cool technique) vs. Dario (8th grade, for style and interpretation) in a solo dance to the beat of your song composed by Elton John. The second challenge for Amici Classes 21 Michelle In Soda Pop (vote 7 and a half) against Albee and Dario In a cat and a fox (grade 7). The third challenge ranks Luigi In guitar solo you can leave your hat under control Dario In a solo dance in Piazza Grande. Zerbi-Cele won the third heat, endangering Albe with Millevoci (Grade 8, beautiful, Fimi-certified gold) and Dario Some nigts di Fun (Grade 7), and saves the last judges. Then Dario ends up on the ballot with LDA and Nunzio.

In the final ballot for elimination On the sixth evening of Amici 21, Nunzio Julie Kokin (eighth grade), LDA performs The Unprecedented Excuse (9th grade and a half, passion is palpable and in the studio fans dedicate posters, shouts and applause to him). On the second lap dances Nunzio Bella Chow (8th row), LDA sings the caruso-driven wrapper (8th row) and Dario dances another day in the sun by La La Land (7th row). The jury rescues Dario. And the last poll in the third round ranks LDA with a cover but the sky is always bluer (vote 7, allocation to Rudy Zerbi was disputed by the 19-year-old fanbase, as it was deemed unsuitable to enhance the voice talent of Artie’s son) against Nunzio who turns himself into Ricky Martin in a latin dance to the tunes of La Copa de Mi Vida (9th grade, Nunzio is a theatrical animal). Amici 21 LDA jury overturns and verdict fuels current controversy. Luigi won the Oreo Challenge, the Tim award goes to Cissy, and the Marley prize, worth €7,000, goes to the 10th eliminated Amici 21, LDA.

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