Downton Abbey 2 – A New Era: End of an Era

When, in 2015, the series Downton Abbey It’s over Looks like the Crowley family was ready to take a vacation from the audience who followed the events of the series in the outfit he wrote Julian Fellowes For six seasons. All nodes have reached their climax, all disputes are resolved, and everyone, in one way or another, has found their happy ending. However, the audience’s passion for the series, which tells the story of an aristocratic family and its servants “in the basements”, in 2019 hit cinemas for the first time. Downton Abbey – The Movie It seems that he has no aim to advance the plot, but above all to return the audience to a much loved world for a few hours, without making any pretensions other than to entertain fans who are already quite prepared on the subject. Downton Abbey 2 – A new era It does more or less the same thing.

What is the new Downton Abbey movie?

The Earl and Countess of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern) decide to leave England and venture to the Cote d’Azur to see for themselves a seaside villa inherited from Mrs. Violet (Maggie Smith) and addressed to young Sybil, daughter of Tom (Allen Leech) and the late Mrs. Sybil. The trip is also a chance to get away from Downton Abbey. The magnificent mansion, in fact, opened its doors to the film’s crew: an intervention granted above all for economic reasons. The house presents some problems, and the amount Hollywood paid to film some scenes inside convinced Mary (Michel Dockery) to turn the family home into a real movie set.

In fact, young director Jack Barber (la new entry Hugh Dancy) along with the entire cast, including co-stars Myrna Dalglish (Laura Haddock) and Jay Dexter (Dominic WeissR). If the former shows that he adheres to the stereotype of a tough and volatile star, and ends up disappointing the butlers’ expectations, Guy is more friendly, especially toward butler Thomas (Robert James Collier). Downton Abbey thus becomes the theater of the transition from silence to sound in cinema, but also a testing ground for Mrs. Mary, who finds herself facing many challenges. Meanwhile, the specter of illness hangs over the family.

End of an era

Downton Abbey 2 – A new era It’s a movie that seems to have been meticulously designed to put an end to the whole story. If the first movie seemed like a gift to fans more than anything else to thank them for their loyalty even after the TV series ended, the new feature film directed by Simon Curtis On a screenplay by Julian Fellowes that sounds like a real goodbye. In this sense, the film represents a declaration of love for a family – which extends to the basements of the house – as well as a farewell gesture which in narrating the transition from silence to sound in the film industry also marks the end of an era. As was already the case, for example, in the rest of the dayAnd Downton Abbey 2 A world in the making tells us, a changing social reality, in which there is no longer room for large family mansions, inhabited by dozens of servants, ready to solve any problem. The film is set in that historical period – between the late twenties and early thirties – when the air filled with the desire to transform, when the only impossible thing to do was to remain the same.

Julian Fellowes managed to convey this feeling on the big screen, setting his heroes before the need for change and, above all, the acceptance of even unwanted changes. So the accounts Grantham They are “forced” away from England – which has never happened before in the series – to discover that there is a world outside the windows of Downton Abbey that can influence their decisions as much as their future. In the same way the “house” is “violated”, openness to the needs of the market. A historical change that specifically represents the daily life’s interference in the lives of the nobles who had always lived safely in their family homes before. These are the details that confirm how Donutton Abbey – A New Era It was written with great interest in social context, but also with the clear intent of closing a chapter, becoming an elegy for an era that no longer exists. Therefore, the movie is covered in a zigzag sense of nostalgia that makes watching it bittersweet and leaves you feeling lost. Simon Curtis’ film dances between these two extremes: the joy of returning to a known and beloved world and the pain of doubting that it will be the last permissible intervention.

As in the case of the first feature film as well Downton Abbey – A New Era This is a movie specially designed for fans BBC series. More than a 2019 movie, this new movie is full of references to the series, with more or less explicit quotes and references to the narrative connections that kept the audience going for six seasons. Those who have not seen an episode before will not be able to sympathize with the characters or understand their motives: on the other hand, others will get to know a known land and will feel at home again, with the entry of new characters who do not. Incompatible at all. with pictures Downton Abbey While they are real agents of change. In the end , Downton Abbey – A New Era It is a film that will delight the tastes of fans who will enjoy, starting from April 28, for two hours in a world of tradition and progress.

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