Do not put your finger between the wife and husband: one of the most famous personalities

slaps! I can’t help it. Ever since Will Smith snuck into the Academy Awards to defend the wounded honor of his wife Jada Pinkett, I’ve had the impression that every quarrel, past and present between celebrity couples, is somehow accompanied by this voice: slaps! (or Buff!, if you prefer, but still smack high). On the other hand, the list of famous people who have had some trouble in Heaven is so full of public jokes and smacks of pride, that what happened to Chris Rock, in turn, is a pleasant exchange of opinions with plenty of foreplay from the Pope. This is starting with Pinkett Smith pairs. But let’s proceed in order, because here it is necessary to understand once and for all that it is definitely better not to put your finger between the wife and husband.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

Ah, Hollywood climax. When Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, the furious par excellence, insulted and teased each other with posters: Is there any Hollywood more romantic than this? There will be several episodes, but it is now known that the two extremes of litigation reached on set Taming the Shrew, in 1966. Legend has it that it all started when Richard walked into Liz’s dressing room and noticed that his wife had hung a fake poster for the movie, with her name written greater than his. Then he imprinted another, as her name was not there even by mistake, and she was still another, and so all morning, in the battle of typography and vanity. This continued for the entire period of the group: days and days of banter and swearing. But no, no more stickers.

Angelica Huston and Jack Nicholson

How long are 17 years together? I would say little, if we consider life and if all goes (all things considered) well; I would swear very, very often, if he had lost the path of betrayals instead. Anjelica Huston knows something about her, who filled us with The Adventures of Jack Nicholson the pages and pages of her autobiography (Watch Me: Memoirs, of 2014), is full of situations and curtains that I can only define horror. Can you imagine your man flirting with the waitress while she was having dinner with you? And what if you grabbed someone else’s underwear in your house? However, the record for the scariest situations and most memorable riots (and violence) dates back to 1989, when Jack made her old enough to make her lover, Rebecca Broussard, pregnant. At that point, with slaps and kicks, Angelica breaks up, and with it their relationship. Definitely slap! Here the onomatopoeia is worth listing for any Marvel movie. Or maybe to stay on topic shining.

Victoria and David Beckham

Now that I’ve opened the cheating class, I can’t help but mention the most charming and cuckold couple in the entire UK. I’m talking about David and Victoria Beckham, remarkably. Certainly David being an unfaithful husband, he himself has admitted on more than one occasion. As for Victoria… Well, honestly, I wouldn’t swear. What I know for sure is that she forgave him, to the point that the Beckhams are still as cruel as they were twenty years ago. However, if it is true that one should not put a finger between wife and husband, then it is also wise to take into account the fact that the wolf loses its fur, but not its vice. And I bet Victoria Beckham was riled up with those words when she saw at the Los Angeles Lakers game that David’s eye fell a lot on the butt of a very blonde fan. It was 2008, and I know it’s a thing of the past. But I’m sure you remember the sequence of photos, which became a slide for moments typical of an ordinary couple. From the series: How to make skatzu not only unforgettable, but also creative.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

And what good would a round butt be when the problem is the chick talking to your man? There things get tricky, especially if your type is none other than Jay-Z, and you’re Beyoncé. And not least, I should add, if your type – besides being Jay-Z – was also the one who cheated on you with Becky Pelicabile (aka “Good-Haired Becky” mentioned in Lemonade). So the 2009 NBA Final became the perfect time to write in your face that she’s blowing you, and how she amazes you, that Nicole Curran (The wife of the owner of the warriorsnda) Don’t worry, while from his little place he almost passed you by to talk to your beloved (at the time) traitorous husband.

Michelle and Barack Obama

It appears to be a short step from the bleachers of a basketball court in Los Angeles to the bleachers listed on a schedule in Soweto. Seems, given that the position the Obamas found themselves running during the Nelson Mandela Memorial in 2013 seems (more) a disturbing development of the Carter-Knowles pairs evolution in the 2009 NBA Finals. With that different you’re now Michelle Obama, and your kind is the President of the States United “tanned” who, two places away, is laughing and joking with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. And now look, he’s even taking a picture of us, just like a teenager. Wait a minute, did you say “tanned”? Who said this? Where did you hear this? Of course how do you forget. What a sweet memory, and what a sudden doubt! Couldn’t your husband be a kind of revenge for that period there, where Silvio Berlusconi praised you so much? Maybe it is, who knows.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The ancestors of scazzi can only be on social networks. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: the prodigies of the music industry, but also one of the couples they have the most in the entire world. But as you know, at that time Jelena was a teenager. As we know, as good teens, they find time and time again the typical mistakes we all made, especially when we were kids, especially in the Instagram age. “Escaped” like (and was immediately removed); – Continue not to proceed at the slightest shock; Rosecon comments (by Selena) under a picture of an ex (Justin) with a New Age flame (Sofia Ricci). I’m referring to what happened on Justin Bieber’s Instagram profile, back in August 2016. And that was the lowest point, the most memorable one. But oh, oh, Selena and Justin. How did I understand you then?

Melania and Donald Trump

I tried to think of a specific event, a specious spectacle between the hell in Melania and Donald Trump’s public outings, but I couldn’t. The truth is that in this particular case we are at such huge levels that attributing them to a single event is almost impossible. What can be done, however, is to observe with rigor the science of how the human body behaves when it hits an advanced stage. That is: a part of the body begins to embody the same Satsu, acting almost without the actor even realizing it. Just for example, August 2020 comes back to my memory, and those photos while the Trumps were getting off Air Force One. Do you see Melania’s hand? Do you see how, every time, she slips away from any contact with her husband? Is this not the proof of evidence?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no longer children, but their social media interactions are worse than Jelena’s experience. Among them you can draw a myriad of controversies: from whom he is accused of not being invited to his daughter’s birthday party, to which she says she was “shocked by his antics”. Now that I’m in the process of getting divorced, the latest amazing episode comes to us from Kanye (or rather, from Ye), with a post last February on Instagram – now deleted – that Kim accused him of stealing – while visiting Daughters of TV series Akira (The Japanese manga by Katsuhiro Otomo, which Kani is particularly associated with.) At this point, where you can breathe a level of wound limiting pathology, the only thing I can say is just: “Ahh.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

If Melania Trump appears shaved 100% of the time, scazzo will be back hitting reachable peaks with Megan Fox on the red carpet for the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards a few days ago in Los Angeles. by most. By dodging the kiss, or perhaps disgusting, on the whole, Machine Gun Kelly’s boyfriend, Meghan’s lovebird hinted at trouble in heaven. If it was just for his clothes, I have to say, I would understand.

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

Turn and turn, back to the starting point, to prove once and for all that there are far worse blows – and far more violent slaps – than what happened to Chris Rock. Like those, many, from Jada Pinkett to Will Smith. slaps!: gets angry at their son’s friend. slaps!: say it in the transmission (help). slap!: Who wouldn’t want to appear on Instagram Live, but Jada does it anyway. still slaps!And slaps!And slaps!And slaps!. until he does slaps!. But not her. Jada no. Never in Jada.

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