Did Roger Baldino lie about his son? / “Indrik is not the son”, scoop…

“Indrick is not the biological son”, a rumor about Roger Baldino

Roger Baldwin He would lie about his son. In these hours, some clumsiness has emerged about the outcast from Isola dei Famosi and the complicated story regarding son Endrick who may not be his biological son. In the last episode of the reality show, in fact, the protagonist had a breakdown and made unpublished confessions. However, the model may not have told the whole truth because the child may not have been biologically. Roger Baldino admitted that he had a son whom he had not been able to talk about before due to an agreement he made with his family. However, his statements raised many doubts. During today’s episode of Mattino Cinque, Federica Panicucci showed the clip about Roger’s explosion on the island in which he talks about his son. After the video, photographer Andrea Franco Alamo intervened and raised a very important suspicion.

Specifically, he said that the words the model used were somewhat contradictory to the point of opening up new leads. In his opinion, in fact, he may not be Roger’s son biologically. The paparazzi hinted at suspicion after analyzing Balduino’s statements that he painted his son as a very handsome boy, even if he looked like his mother and a little too much for him. When he decided that this was his son, he recognized him and gave him his nickname. Guests in the studio doubted that Roger Baldino could be Andric’s biological father.

Roger Balduino’s fight between Estefania Bernal and Beatriz

in a loopFamous Island Thursday, April 21, 2022 Roger Baldwin He got us excited talking about his son. Last Monday, the boy turned 11 and his father wished him to live, then in the following days, the model remembered the boy again and got excited. At the request of Ilary to tell something about Hendrik, Balduino said that at first he was too afraid to become a father, and then as soon as the child was born he fell in love with him. At first he was not able to enjoy his son because he had to leave the house to go to work to allow him to lead a decent life, one which he unfortunately did not have after his father abandoned him. Elari handed the model a box with a drawing of the child inside depicting him and Roger playing soccer in the street and a message encouraging his father to go ahead and win.

At the moment, Roger is at the center of the rumours, and he is in a feud between two women: his ex-girlfriend Beatrice and current partner. Estefania Bernal. Compared to the young women in the episode, Beatriz is convinced that if Roger saw her again he wouldn’t think twice about getting back together with her. Estefania is not of the same opinion, who reminded her that it is now part of her past. Elari suggested to Marino to travel to Honduras to clarify with her ex-boyfriend and try to get him back, and the woman did not think twice and accepted the invitation. Roger says he found love on the island next to Estefania, and now according to the new rules of the game, they no longer compete as a couple but rather separate. The public doesn’t believe in the authenticity of this couple and can’t wait to see how Roger will act once he finds himself in front of his ex-girlfriend. Reality fans expect Roger to get it wrong. From the statements made by Beatriz, her affair with Estefania would be a farce, yet the model appears to be smitten with Bernal. The Argentine model also defended her lover, and suggested that Marino step aside. If the audience helped Roger Estefania pass TV against Jeremias, then among the outcasts, the model does not have much sympathy and is accused of being arrogant. Unfortunately, there is bad blood with the Tavasi brothers and she accuses them of always wanting to be right. Fans of the show want to know the real Roger and hope that Beatrice will arrive to break the balance between the spouses and finally understand whether Estefania’s love is sincere or, as often happens on reality shows, just a way to create a game. dynamics.

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