Concerto Vasco, Trento getting ready: from thousands of parking spaces (with reservation) to the purchase of 500 bike booths. Several roads will be closed, and this is what will happen

Trento. give her Kiosks for a thousand bikes to the task company customized from Manage all car parks in Trento (and not only) that should be used Book through an online portal Which will be activated in the coming weeks. then there Road closuresL’Free highway for residents As well as the idea of ​​Bat about Intelligent work motivation in this days. The organizing machine of a Vasco Rossi party for at least 48 hours will upset the city of Trento.

This can be well understood by listening to local police agents and county technicians who in recent days have begun the information tour of the precincts. The first evening was held in the Piedicastello Historic Centre, the largest, which nevertheless saw a maximum of twenty citizens in attendance.

concert area

The concert will take place in the San Vincenzo district in the southern part of Trento. The arena will be divided into three parts called “pit1”, the part closest to the stage, followed by “pit2” and “pit3”.

To the south we find a stage and a back stage and then a parking lot for production vehicles. Altogether, the spectators occupy about 27 hectares.

“Starting this week – Bat technicians explained – the organizers started preparing the arena. A series of installations will be made with towers and audio and video stations, which will be removed at the end of the concert.“.


Area access is provided only from the northNo matter where you park your car, everyone will arrive at the Via Mach roundabout. People will then enter the circuit via Via dei Viticoltori or cross Via di San Vincenzo.

Once you enter you will be a goddess gates In these first areas Backpacks will be checkedWill come Check ticket availability To prevent unauthorized persons from intrusion.


Two events are planned: one The so-called sound check to be held on May 19. It’s the event Exclusively reserved for Vasco fan club And you can enter only by invitation of the artist.

For this first event expected About 10-15 thousand people On Thursday, it will start starting from 21.

The gates are scheduled to open around 2pm, and this is the first concert dedicated to the fan club, considering the numbers, Parking will be reserved on Desert Road only With Tolerance Road along the Ring Road To get to the concert plaza from the north.

2May 0 is the long-awaited party day. Here they are waiting Up to 120 thousand people. To date, about 107,000 tickets have been sold. back in the beginning It is scheduled for 9pm and all support groups will perform first.

opening file Gates are scheduled to start at 9 am Organizers expect 1,000 people are already waiting at that time. Then there will be an arrival in the Dodgers and Dodgers per day with a peak between 16 and 18.

Around midnight the concert and stage are expected to enddisplacement. again tEveryone will go north. The arena will empty intermittently and will not end until 2:30.

Transportation Estimates

At the moment I am waiting in Trento Between 120 and 150 buses and therefore between 8 and 10 thousand people. For parking, in this case, it would be I used the ring road in the extension between Largo dei Marinai d’Italia and Mattarello.

As for the trainsInstead, the estimate is that they will come 10-15 thousand people use it. That is why there are also gods Reinforcements in addition to the regular races and a boost also to Trento Male.

Then people will arrive by car. In this case, technicians have calculated the need for at least 25,000 booths which will be in Trento but also in Bergen and Siffesano with connections via shuttles.

Urban public transit will see the holiday schedule introduced starting with the last school operating Friday. This is because Trentino Trasporti will have to use the staff for the shuttles and also allow them to have a proper rest. There will be restrictions on the town of Matarello.

Parking Management

It will be published soon Dedicated gate to reserve all parking spaces. there GovernorateIn fact, he decided to Rely on a specialized parking management company.

A system will be created associated with the issuance of the ticket. The portal should be online between the end of April and the first week of May

Local Police Commitment

a WL Not insignificant will be carried out by agents The local police who will coordinate the opening and closing of the streets so that everything goes in the right direction.

The work of the local police in Trento was divided into five phases: the media intervention, the creation of the white zone on May 18, the creation of the yellow zone on May 19, the creation of the red zone on May 20 and interventions for the flow at the end of the ceremony.

white area

This area will be created Starting at 8 am on May 18 I will go to Restriction of transit through San Vincenzo, adjacent to the concert area. Intervene to allow the regulators to operate safely and to avoid that from that day anyone could sneak in and cause a disturbance.

Access will be guaranteed for all residents, and public transport transit in urban areas will be guaranteed, to Matarello to try to lessen the annoyance. To get to Mattarello by car, you will have to use the Ring Road, Novaline Road or Regional Route 90.

yellow area

will enter Valid from 6am on May 19. Magnified area starting from Matarello and extending to Fermi roundabout. It’s not a lockdown, as explained by the local police, but it’s a Monitoring by agents, who cross to ensure who is entitled to it (for work or going to the supermarket or resident) to be able to do that. 8 managers will be created with 16 agents 24 hours a day.

In conjunction with the yellow area thereAt the first closure of the ring road. On this date dedicated to the concert of Vasco lovers, the open car park is located in the desert road. To facilitate inflows and outflows, the ring road from the Largo Marinai d’Italia roundabout will be closed from 12 noon, Exit 2 to Exit 3 opposite the Ravenna Bridge.

Also from this day, all residents will also be able to use the motorway, from Trento in the north to Rovereto in the north, without paying tolls.

red zone

Relates to the day of the ceremony, 20 May. There will be one More effective closure of the ring road Which will be extended until Mattarello’s exit. Also in this case, access will be guaranteed for residents. Moreover, the Ring Road will not be closed before 9 am because the goal is that until Friday morning, those who use this road to go to work can do so on a regular basis..


Many people who decide to go to concerts, explain by the local police, it is conceivable that they will choose bicycles or motorbikes. Then choose here The first two car parks at the Marinao Roundabout for these two vehicles: towards bicigrill for bikes and near the motorbike rail.

As for bicycles, the purchase 500 new booths for 1,000 bikes that will then be reused in the region.

All other parking spaces will be reserved for cars. Via Fersina and via Bartali, the area north of the red zone, at Ravina, across the desert, then continue to the car park at Via Monte Baldo, San Severino, via Canestri, ex Italcementi, former Zuffo and finally via a Chinese.


The effect on city streets in relation to the outflow will only appear at night, and therefore should not affect the daily lives of the already tested citizens.

The premise is that they start crossing the streets from 11.30 pm until the early hours of Saturday.

The exit of all party participants will always be north with different paths for those who will have to get to the car parks in Trento and those who stay north using the shuttle buses.

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