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The actor and his wife Sandra Ponzi are celebrating their thirty years of love. It first appeared in fiction with a detective story. A bond made of shared and paradoxical emotions is revealed here for the first time

Claudio Pessio, his wife Sandra Ponzi, wrote a detective story featuring carriages full of bloodstained bodies, what do you think?

Bessio: ‘When I read it, I asked myself, ‘Who did you really marry?’ serial killer?
Ponzi: “Fear, right?”

ponzi novel, Nine and a half days (released April 28 for Garzanti) is a black comedy in which Elena, a journalist, attempts to bring together not only corpses but also a fast-changing job, time-threatened family, and habit-eroding. Sandra, writer and journalist, first appears in the novel in the days when she celebrated thirty years of love with Claudio: two children (Alice and Federico), indestructible complicity, many shared feelings. We meet remotely, in three different video windows: Bonzi resided in Milan, Bisio in Tuscany for work.

Sandra, how was the book born?

Ponzi: “Thank you, Claudio. I had written it as a cinematic treatment, and I was afraid to go further, but then he persuaded me to make out of it a true novel, written in the third person.”
Besseau: “At home she is the reader. To say, years ago he made me discover Daniel Bennac.”

But for her, too, Claudio, Sandra’s opinion is decisive.

Bessio: ‘As soon as I have a script, I send it to my wife. She is attentive, knows how to evaluate the job. Thanks Sandra I said no. Sometimes I disobey, yes.”
Ponzi: ‘But I took my curiosity out of him. Claudio reads and cares about everything. I’m less. About certain things I tend to turn off, for example I know very little about music.”
Bessio: “Football too. Is it possible to get theater tickets in the evenings when Milan plays? ”
BONZI: “But stop, if you leave you will enter with the first one to pass.”
Bessio: ‘No, be careful. I’m sure it would never happen to Sandra to leave me, but if I did so absurdly, I’m saying here one thing I would like all Corriere readers to know: I will not survive. I will feel completely lost. You have certain orders to keep me alive.”

How did you meet?

Bessio: «That was 1992, in Boario, at a film festival. I took her to her home in Milan and discovered that she had a double life: during the day Pierre was strict and impeccable, the best she had ever met; But at night it changed: I moved a room with a group of friends thanks to singing and dancing. Do you think they called themselves “ready pulp”. Then well, the night he threw me in the car he invaded me forever.”
Ponzi: “He drew me with a gesture I want to make here for the first time. So, “convicts” Gino and Michele we met in Boario. That same evening, at the table, he told me a joke I didn’t like very much and then closed like a hedgehog. He noticed it and tried several times to ask me what happened. I change: I come from Bolzano, I received a rigorous education, I knew how to get away from myself. Then it happened that Claudio suddenly knelt at my feet, saying: “If you don’t talk to me, I won’t move from here.”


Ponzi: “I put in the novel a lot of common feelings, those with which we have built our bond. Read on, to get you started, because we love thrillers, from Manzini to Biondillo. But also ironically, with the characters of terrible old ladies trying to solve the mystery that Elena Donati takes part in, starting with Margherita, the hero’s mother ».
Bessio: “Now that I think about it, Sandra’s mother, my mother-in-law, is just as energetic!”
Ponzi: “That’s right, my mom is eighty years old who does water aerobics and pottery and paint lessons. But with this book – and with many of the female characters who are no longer young – I also tried to claim the right to be of a certain age. For it seems that once the age threshold is crossed, the woman no longer exists, at least in the most widespread novel of our time.”
Bessio: “But there are also many actresses who are no longer girls but who are very beautiful, valuable and popular. Angela Finociaro, for example. Or Lila Costa. Here’s Sandra, which actress would you like to play Elena if the thriller became a movie? ”
Ponzi: “Maybe Angela Vinocciaro, but I like Lila Costa too. Claudio and I often go to the theater but also to the exhibitions, especially on Thursday evenings when the museums are open late. And it is not true that I only get tickets when Milan is there.”

Anyway, Bessio, reading the book makes you think Sandra Ponzi is very funny. Maybe more than her!

BISIO: «Okay, it’s time to cancel my subscription to Corriere della Sera! I’m kidding, obviously.”
Ponzi: “I make people laugh when I write, for in life I am very heavy, perhaps a little dramatic. It is a treasure not to be mentioned here.”
Bessio: “Sandra makes me laugh but without her knowledge: she feels heavy, is only involved in the family, a bit melodramatic but it’s not. It’s ridiculous and unpredictable. By the way baby, where are you now?”
BONZI: “In my studio in our house, you can watch it from the video, Where do you want it to be?”
BISIO: “Ah no, this wallpaper is not our house, you’re hiding something from me, you know I’m jealous and that without you I find nothing, come on, come.”

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