Christian DeLord: From magic on the piano to communicating with animals

I met Christian Dilord as a pianist and composer, he had always been interested in the 432Hz frequency and music as food for the soul and for meditation. I also listened to it live in the Piano House formula he invented years ago. When the album “L’Essenza” was released, also on vinyl, I invited him to perform live at the Red Baron award-winning Circo Volante. Here’s the video.

Christian DeLord Live album “Licenza”

He told me some time ago about his experiences in which, even with just a picture of an animal, he was able to communicate with him. So we asked him and Morena to ask our little dog Holly why every now and then she would sit on one foot while walking. The response was surprising. He told us Holly had described to him the moment she jumped over a hole, was injured and reminded us that it wasn’t a perfect jump. Plus other things Holly wanted to tell us.

At the end of an interview with Heather Parisi, she told me about her cat Aragorn and talked to him about Christian’s communication potential. She immediately sent me a picture of Aragorn which I had sent to Dilord. After a few days he sent me his interview with Aragorn and I sent it to Heather. A great result, especially in the details, like when Christian said Aragorn was scared because he was locked in the closet, which was confirmed by his twins Heather and Umberto.

But how can a person communicate with a cat living in Hong Kong just by looking at a picture?!? I don’t know. The fact remains that Heather immediately sent a picture of Otto, her mother’s dog, to see if she was happy and getting along with her daughter India’s dick.

So I invited Christian DeLord back to the Red Baron’s award winning Flying Circus to tell this beautiful mystery. Heather and Umberto let me show Aragorn’s picture and tell the story. Then, of course, Christian played too. Here is the video:

Christian DeLord Communicating with animals and meditation music

I also asked Christian to tell us about himself by writing about him and I received this article:

Christian DeLord – creator, pianist and writer
Energy readings for animals and plants
Write to [email protected]

I write and play to create connections across the world of feelings and something beyond perception. Freedom of expression is part of my way of being and it fits harmoniously with my feelings. Dreamy elegant, melodious accompanied by a dance of notes that remember dreams and embrace the world of emotions.

Music, creativity and poetry have always been a part of my life since childhood. I use music to convey feelings, I love to write, tell the world I see around me and notice everything through the eyes of a child in constant search to learn not to learn and always discover something new.

Music has always been a part of my life since childhood.

I have a memory of a long time ago, I was with my dad on Italian TV trying to be selected as a testimonial for a TV ad; After the selection a man came to me and said “choose what you like, we want to give you a gift to share”. I don’t know why, but out of everything I could choose from (lots of kids’ toys…) I chose a mini keyboard and was one of the happiest kids in the world.

I think that was the exact moment when I remembered that life gave me the joy of being a musician. Many years later, I now realize that kid was trying to share a message: Live to learn to be yourself.

In 2021 I published the project “The Essence” in which I invite audiences to rediscover their authenticity through music, eight songs that accompany people on an inner journey on piano notes, also made from meditation on music.

With “Licenza” I propose to rediscover oneself and one’s possibilities, dedicating each of the eight passages to a different passage of this process. In fact, when playing the drum, we can start from the full realization of what “essence” is.

Some people always ask me where this name “DeLord” came from: When I was 16 I took the role of English pianist “John Lord” in my first tryout in Deep Purple to perform in the J-Rock music project which got me playing in Russia and at Alcatraz in Milan .

To book your own energy readings:

“Everything speaks to us in every moment. We are frequencies and we are energy. There is a world beyond what is felt and it is up to us to make it real.”

I write and play to create connections across the world of feelings and something beyond perception. In my life I have always been interested in one way or another in connecting with how I feel on the inside and helping people express their inner world through emotions.

After many years of searching, I realized that what we seek and want is already inside of us and we just have to live to learn in each moment to be the best version of ourselves.

Theta Healing® is a technology that learns the best way to use intuition and activate the self-healing process. In 2014, I deepened this technique using shamans in the Inner Healing Path. I continue to participate in many seminars and paths that have led me to learn intuitive communication with animals and plants.

I feel so much closer to this philosophy that I’m finally starting to give answers to questions about the life I’ve been leading for so long.

Intuitive communication with animals is an innate ability of humans that everyone can develop but in most cases they are still dormant. In fact, we are not taught from an early age to listen to our intuitions and our hearts and to rely more on our gut feeling to be able to communicate with animals. If our desire to connect is real and well-directed, then the power of love will be our communication energy.

Practicing ThetaHealing® on animals means improving their quality of life and ours.

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