Chiara Fedones returns with second intimate and rock album “La Fame”

Chiara Fedones’ second album, “La Fame”, was released on Friday, April 29th. Eight Songs brings the Trieste-born singer-songwriter back to the center of the Italian indie scene, after making her dazzling debut in 2015 with “Tutto the rest I don’t know where,” a number unanimously approved for the brilliant performance of this artist’s creativity.

Chiara Fedones has years of concerts all over Italy, and a series of awards and honors, including winning the Bianca Daponte Award in 2011 in the “Best Translation” category and the Pigro Award – in honor of Ivan Graziani in 2014 with the unreleased song “Understanding”. The hatred” , In addition to participating in “Tregua 1997-2017 – Stelle buona”, a re-release of Cristina Donna’s debut album “Tregua”, in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

The new disc produced by Karim Karou (Zen Circus) contains eight songs that are basic in duration and extended in fullness of composition and composition, evidence of the maturity that makes this album profound in words that reject love and existence, subtlety in vocals, contemporary and rocky, categorical but intimate also ; shake and foreplay.

The album was preceded by the single “Lontano da me”, followed by the song “What I Have in My Head”.

“When I realized I had the right songs for a second album — explains Chiara — I wondered what all these songs had in common and why they made me feel connected, even if they were very different from each other. Not knowing how to give an exact answer, any thought seemed forced, as it happens Often when you try to explain the outcome of a creative process, it’s often not very clear.So I let my songs speak to me of them, and I listened to them trying to be away, as if they were children left in the world and what immediately came to pass were two very simple words that contained a world within them: hunger.

Hunger is what always pushes us forward, and it is this instinct that makes us respond to our lowest but also the highest needs, hunger commands us and as long as there is hunger we are alive.

The disc, through 8 songs, talks about what moves us or what should move us as human beings.”

Opens the disc with the . extension “my weakness”, the most nude and densest piece on the album. It is a song that wants to strip itself of everything, of social fantasies, what we want to show about ourselves to others, what we should give up and what is important. In dialogue with the other there is surrender, there is the disclosure of one’s weaknesses and the will to deal with the weaknesses that we have that should not frighten us as human beings. Two people merging and giving up distances like a border sea. Hunger for the desire to meet is the healthiest hunger.

“what I have in my head” It is the second syllable, and here hunger is the lowest, which stirs up the fiercest and most ferocious human needs. Hunger to find someone to trust to the point of assigning them our thoughts and actions. Whether we are talking about a political, religious, or any other type of person, we experience the end of active thought when we completely abandon ourselves to someone else’s ideas, abandon our hunger and blindly follow someone else’s idea, often maneuvering us. like dolls.

“Away from me” It’s a reminder to myself, a song telling me not to be afraid to change course, to change direction when this no longer matches the dream I started with. Before the first step, there is always a visualization of a dream. This is the drive, the hunger for what we want or be. But the path is not always linear and we should not be afraid to welcome change.

“the beginning” It talks about what it is to project ourselves into the virtual world of social media. The piece is based on images that evoke the cliches in which we get stuck more and more. We follow the trends of the moment dictated by tik tok, striving every day to be the spokesperson for a deep thought on Instagram, striving for perfection in an image and then getting frustrated with a reality completely different from what we would like to show. We swallow the contents and excrete them without having time to digest them, in a state of severe bulimia that is no longer even hungry, but is now diseased.

With “hungry” We come to the sense of the record, in which I describe more clearly what hunger is right for me, the thing that does not make us advance so quickly toward the satisfaction that it often leaves us with a greater void than we had at the beginning of the road. Hunger that leads us to satiate ourselves by consciously tasting and seeking out the right food Never trust drugs. Hunger is more pronounced but no less severe, because it is hunger that asks us to really decide what we need to feel satisfied.

“Natural talent” The song is perhaps best suited to the pop music context and asks us some very straightforward questions to think about. It starts with the sentence “Did you realize that I am not worth more than what I spent? You are right when you say I am not selling it.” I consider it a very frank, direct, and concise clip. In the choir I speak of what I think is the most useful talent of man, which is “I live every day because I often know how to dieThe ability to regenerate and be born again from every failure, from every little death we witness and go through.

at “like stones” I treat the subject of religion being tested as a collection of superstition and not as a spiritual path. What I had in mind was the Catholic environment I grew up in, a small village where everyone knows each other and everyone can judge everyone. A place where the church was a center of gathering that was still socially significant in the 1990s, but didn’t always have a supporting role, in fact never was a judicial place, that filled you with feelings of guilt, from which to come out with what weighed heavily on my heart like a stone. The prayers are read without understanding their meaning, and the habit of not asking questions, the Church has tested them as duty and never as relief. Constant hunger for questions that never satisfied. That’s what I had to move from at some point, with great effort, not to get crushed by it.

The disc is closed with “It was better when I didn’t understand a thing”And The most intimate piece ever. Here we are alone, me, piano and cello, some background noise and that’s it. It’s like you’re at the end of the party with a few close friends and you’re talking to each other more honestly, without filters. There’s still some background noise, for someone passing by and leaving, and there’s a bit of a summary of what’s in the heart. How many times have we told ourselves that it is better not to know, and it is better not to understand anything? But hunger does not allow us to remain unconscious, it puts us before what is and opens our eyes to perception, sometimes cruel, but always precious.

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