Charlene and Alberto separated. But that’s why divorce is taboo

there Princess Charlene She returned to the Principality of Monaco, but doubts about her future at court and marriage remain. It seemed that His Highness was unable to stay in the palace more than a few days. He wasn’t worried yet and probably wouldn’t have an explanation. Meanwhile, rumors of a separation from Albert II multiply, and become more and more pressing, to the point of suggesting that the public return of the princess, and perhaps the lack of new denials, is not enough.

Those returns are infinite

Alberto And Charlene They won’t be a couple for long, although there are no official statements from Palazzo Grimaldi at the moment. Two details stand out in Charlene’s strange story: the first relates to the premise of separation, which the press has highlighted since the beginning of the mystery, when the princess was still in South Africa battling an ear, nose and throat infection. Are Charlene and Albert II of Monaco about to divorce?Titled Madame Figaro. The German newspaper Bunte even claimed the princess was looking for a home in Johannesburg and Paris Match wrote: “Charlene’s great friend, wealthy entrepreneur Colin Glaeser, is helping set up a company to run their enterprises straight out of South Africa.” The hypotheses, the latter, were never fulfilled. The second relates to the return to Charlene’s Palace, the first occurred on November 8, 2021, and the second on March 12, 2022. In both cases, the return seemed final, but it was not the case. Last November, in fact, Charlene was admitted to the Swiss clinic Kusnacht Practice to complete the treatments started in South Africa. In March 2022, the princess fled to Corsica on vacation (although it was initially raised the possibility of her returning to Switzerland for routine checks). Either way, Charlene will only be home for a few days. These two details, alone, prove nothing, but they feed suspicion.

parting hypothesis

Insider comments created more confusion. While Charlene was still in South Africa, in August 2021, she was a cousin Grace KellyKrista Mayerhofer launched decor thrust: “He hinted to me that marriage is going through a very difficult phase. With Charlene I am in a phase of estrangement, not just physically. If you think about Alberto’s tone of voice, I think they will soon go through a divorce. These two have broken up in everyday life, she is going her own way And he chose her … Frankly, I already had the unpleasant impression that Alberto was no longer compatible with Charlene, that he no longer loved each other. In my opinion, a divorce might come soon. If you think about it, Alberto mentioned it to me, let’s put it As such, between the lines…”. Moreover, when the princess left the palace last November, a few days after her return, her sister-in-law Chantelle Wittstock noted that she had spent the few days in Munich in a two-bedroom apartment, located above a chocolate shop. He finally added: We still don’t know what he will do. He will probably move between the apartment and the Palazzo … We’ll see where he settles. But she will be with her husband and children. He is still recovering and this does not happen overnight. Chantelle did not explain why the princess chose not to stay in the palace and when asked if there was a crisis in the Grimaldi house, she only said: “I can’t comment. But she returned to Munich with her husband and children, who must say everything.” Instead, it doesn’t seem like it, since other months have passed dominated by conflicting news and at the same juncture, a source told Voici: “Charlene stayed for a week in Monaco, but every time she set foot in Rocca, she was under pressure. These months in South Africa helped her understand that she no longer wanted to be under pressure. He decided to break up with all the toxic people…”.

Separation yes, divorce no

Rumors of an alleged split between Princess Charlene and Albert II have resurfaced, crushingly, after the princess returned for the second time to Monaco, last March. “Convalescence takes [Charlene] Realizing that he no longer wants to return to his old life… He now feels strong enough to impose his own choices, and therefore, he has set a condition: he no longer lives in the palace, the sight of many disappointments.”a source revealed to Voici, continuing: For the first time, Charlene uttered the word ‘divorce’, which is unimaginable [Alberto]. He’s willing to do anything to not reach this and [la principessa] He knows very well.” That’s why Prince Albert He was going to let his wife live in Roc Agel, the summer residence of the Grimaldis that Ranieri of Monaco gave the family in 1957. The only way to avoid a divorce scandal. But wouldn’t it be easier for both of you to get a divorce than to put on a mask and play? Such a question does not take into account the history and complexity of the royal world, which is closely connected with the image that expresses power and credibility. Albert II’s girlfriend, Vera Diller, explains it so well, that she surprised everyone by telling Oggi Week: “At Palazzo, it is no secret that they are separated. There was no close relationship or much love between them. In the Rocca it is said that Charlene will occasionally appear at some public event, to prove that all is well. In short, we try to keep appearances ” Because “At these levels you don’t get divorced. There are only a few exceptions, like Prince Charles with Diana…so the Prince puts the Rock Agile condo at his disposal and shuts down for him.”

The importance of pictures

In the’Charlene’s puzzle Pictures were of great importance. The ones we’ve seen, but above all the ones we haven’t seen or those… we think we’ve seen. Let’s start with these last two cases. We haven’t seen any pictures of Charlene since her first return, in November 2021, until Easter 2022. Or rather, on November 8, as soon as she arrived in the principality, the princess allowed herself to take pictures, but she always wore a mask. Then nothing more. An obvious abnormality made one think of a bad surgery. Then we think we saw, at the end of March 2022, His Highness at Nice Airport, heading to Switzerland. But we have no guarantees that it was her. The picture was blurry. In addition, this indiscretion was imposed on the news of Charlene’s alleged departure to Corsica, which again added to the confusion. However, in the end, two beautiful, crystal-clear photos made it to the features of Charlene and the 2022 Easter Palace. And it seems that the princess has almost recovered. Her calm face makes us forget the dreadful fear of losing weight as a result of the disease that would have led to her weight of 46 kilograms. The footage, which was published on social media on August 25, 2021, along with the family and a photo of October 2, 2021, in which the princess appeared in her shadow, is also far away. Is everything resolved? no.

What do the pictures say?

Body language experts have discovered the potential meanings hidden in the photos you posted Grimaldi On Easter 2022. There are 3 pictures, but in the picture of Charlene, the husband and children appear from behind, sitting in the church, a position that does not help us understand their relationships. The other two, on the other hand, are very interesting. The princes and their children are sitting in the garden, close together, in a relaxed atmosphere. According to body language expert Judy James, there are a few elements that conflict in this familiar image: “Alberto’s body language appears solid, from his incongruent smile to his body posture, partly kneeling, partly standing, and his slightly swollen chest is meant to indicate flexibility and strength.” Prince looks a little clumsy and the expert points out the details: His right extends [la schiena] from his wife without touching her, but his left hand rests firmly on the son’s shoulder in a gesture of reassurance.” Charlene A . show “Loving Bond” With Gabriella, he looks at her and holds her close to her. “They are relaxed together, in a loving embrace.. the daughter seems happy to be hugged.” Jodi James also explained: Alberto’s tense attitude and facial expression indicate a desire to show strength and show himself as the protector of his family. The principles seem far from each other, but the love of children is not in question.

How will it end?

If Dillier is confirmed, see Charlene publicly, whether it’s for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, on May 28-29, 2022 in the Principality, or for the “Riviera Water Bike Challenge” regatta, which begins on June 5 from the Monaco Yacht Club, will not help us. In understanding where the truth lies. At this point, some might be wondering if the illness that kept the princess away from home for 8 months was an excuse. We have no evidence that could lead us in that direction. To be honest, it seems unlikely that Charlene’s infection, operations, and collapse were a lie. It wouldn’t make sense. And also because the princess’s absence, albeit for health reasons, still fuels rumors. Albert II He had to repeatedly deny rebuilding newspapers (including an imminent dismissal). It would not be surprising to think that the infection has exacerbated a supposed ongoing marital crisis, the causes of which are unknown. There are many hypotheses and suggestions, but it is impossible to bypass the walls of the Grimaldi Palace. We only have the press releases, the only official audio. The latter guarantees: “Your Highnesses and gentlemen gladly share the following information, in agreement with the doctors. Because his recovery is on the right track [la principessa Charlene] She will continue her purity in the emirate… The next few weeks will allow the princess to recover more in her health, before gradually resuming her official obligations…”. Will it really end like this?

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