Cesare San Moreau, Comrade Angela Melillo / “She is my smile and my light”

Angela Melillo says very right love affair with her Cesar San MauroThe man who made her heart beat seven years ago. “There are things people have done for me. I’ve experienced special and dark moments. The important thing is to move forward and smile. The life we ​​live now is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted.” Melillo says to Tofanin. As he points out to his partner, Cesar San Mauro: “he is She is my smile and my light. I gave him my first kiss a month and a half later. I have a daughter and a very special attitude, I didn’t want one sTorella”explains the show girl in an interview with the presenter. “We’ve been together for seven and a half years now, but we haven’t moved in together. I didn’t want to destabilize my daughter— Angela Melillo says – H He understood, because he, too, has children. I found a very understanding person, with a great head, who knows how to listen and understand. ”

Cesar San Moro, the man who made Angela Melillo fell in love

New appointment this afternoon with “very right” And in the pink rotogravure by Silvia Tovanin, here is the usual and rich guest lounge: and waiting for the episode, which will begin, as always from 16:30, we can discover something more On Angela Melillo who will be on stage in the TV living room of Canale 5 and will tell the hostess, as evidenced by the previews that appeared on the Mediaset Play portal, and not only Early days of his career With a passion for dancing, but also success in the entertainment world, the experience at Bajaglino and then also marriage on the horizon and the love of my daughter. But who is Cesar San Mauro, the man who took charge in Melillo’s life Ezio Bastianelli’s place in his heart?

Let’s go in order and dwell above everything about love life 54-year-old actress, dancer and showgirl, originally from Rome: after her marriage in 2006 to the well-known restaurateur with whom she became pregnant In 2008 his eldest daughter Mia, which ended in 2012 at the end of one of the darkest periods of his life, according to Melillo herself, here comes the rebirth. In fact, Cesar San Moro came into the life of Angela, a lawyer about whom little is known but who has been able to stay with her over the years. Besides in difficult timesEnough to convince her to marry soon, having already been put on hold once due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “I have very few fixed points in lifeBut you are definitely the most important.” Angela wrote on social media about her partner: “Together, we continue to hold your hand, we will share with you the beautiful moments and obstacles of this New Year ”the post that the couple celebrated. Arrival 2002.

Cesare San Moro, who is Angela Melillo’s companion? The wedding is on the horizon and…

Born in Rome in August 1956, César San Mauro is a cassation lawyer and has a well-known law firm in the capital, although his curriculum also includes teaching public economic law in Sapienza University: a very elegant figure, as evidenced by social shots along with Angela, and also very active in the area, Cesar is a fan of Roma And from his past shows the snapshots of him with the former captain of the Roma team, Francesco Totti, and many VIP fans such as Carlo Verdone. to become a name Also known to general television audience The companion’s participation contributed to the 2021 edition of “L’Isola dei Famosi”.

Actually San Mauro it seems Unfamiliar man in the spotlight And as far as we know, he has never been a frequent visitor to the mundane events of the entertainment world: in any case, as we know, he has not recently despised the appearance on Social features of Melillo. However, we don’t know much about the love story between the two, as the blonde showgirl, as we know, never wanted to give too many details about her private life, but during her experience on the island, she raised her partner over and over, explaining how he is Really important to his life. It is not by chance that she revealed Cesar’s simplicity but also the depth of some of the gestures that caught her eye: since Angela had unfortunately lost both parents, San Mauro would have lost her. This is how I asked for her hand from my daughter“Nice gesture, being a person of great values, he wanted to involve my daughter,” Melillo said.

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