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Listen to TV April 22, 2022: The Band, Celebrity Island, Bella Chow

TV ratings on Friday, with the appearance of the band by Carlo Conti e Celebrity Island That changes today. The curiosity of the first episode of Rai 1’s talent drives the audience and leads them to the triumph of the evening with just over 3 million viewers. The reality show Canale 5 is the second most watched show, with a slight recovery compared to Monday, but it’s down compared to the second weekly date last week (it’s still live on Thursday). Croza brothers NINE DAY wins the 3rd place fourth degree On Rete 4, nearly one million and 200,000 viewers. Close the top five NCIS Broadcast on Ray 2. Doc Bella Chow Nearly a million interested parties are on Rai 3.

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  • on rai 1 the bandThe first episode (review) scored 3,076,000 viewers with a 16.2% rating.
  • On Rai 2 NCIS It scored 1,184,000 viewers with a 5.1% rating. NCIS Hawaii 955,000, 4.6%.
  • On Rai 3 The doc Hello Bella, for freedom It scored 906,000 viewers, or 4.2%.
  • on channel 5 Celebrity Island It scored 2,272,000 viewers with a 15.5% rating.
  • The Italy 1 movie Rocky II It scored 986,000 viewers with a 4.8% rating.
  • On the net 4 fourth degree It scored 1,193,000 viewers with a 7.2% rating.
  • in La7 live advertising It scored 687,000 viewers, with a 4.3% rate.
  • On TV 8 BarLume’s crimes Viewed by 299,000 viewers, 1.4%.
  • at nine Croza brothers It scored 1,262,000 viewers with a 5.8% rating.

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  • on rai 1 Soliti Ignoti – Back It scored 4,859,000 viewers with a 21.55% rating.
  • On Rai 2 Tg2 Post It scored 976,000 viewers with a rate of 4.32%.
  • On Rai 3 Viscous liquid 768000 3.92%. Akira massacre 951000 4.50%. place in the sun 1,557,000 (6.91%).
  • on channel 5 stripping news It scored 3,392,000 viewers with a 15.03% rate.
  • in Italy 1 NCIS It scored 1,318,000 viewers, with a score of 6.01%.
  • On the net 4 Italy tonight It scored 1,043,000 viewers with a share of 4.81% and a share of 931,000 with a share of 4.12%.
  • in La7 half past eight It scored 1,431,000 viewers with a 6.41% rating.
  • On TV 8 guess my age It scored 393,000 viewers with a 1.8% rate.
  • at nine Treat A score of 334 thousand viewers was 1.5%.

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  • on rai 1 the legacy registered in the part 7 . challenge 3,254,000 viewers at 22.91% and in-game net 4,381,000 with 25.56%.
  • On Rai 2 good doctor It scored 545,000 net viewers, or 2.83%.
  • on channel 5 Come to another one! registered in the part Come first! 2,150,000 viewers, 15.87% stake and in the game net 3,223,000, 19.52%.
  • in Italy 1 CSI: Miami It scored 494,000 viewers with a rate of 2.67%.
  • On the net 4 love storm It scored 848,000 viewers with a rate of 4.27%.

day (morning)

  • on rai 1 Tg1 unusual version Net 903 thousand, 16.65%. One morning It had a net viewership of 798 thousand viewers, or 14.60%. Italian stories In the first part 803,000, 14.95% and in the second 893,000, 13.61%. It’s always noon 1,814,000, 15.87%.
  • On Rai 2 your facts And scored in the first part 663,000 viewers, 9.07% in the second part 1,002,000, 9.18%.
  • On Rai 3 wages It recorded 365,000 with 6.49% and in the additional sector 287,000 with 5.37%. elixir In the offer 256,000, 4.74% and in the program 330,000 5%. after TG How many stories? 707000 5.40%. past and present 529,000 3.62%.
  • on channel 5 Five morning news In the first part 1,026,000 18.31% and in the second 959,000 17.94%. forum It scored 1,645,000 viewers with a 19.06% rating.
  • in Italy 1 Chicago PD It recorded 235,000 viewers with a share of 4.03% and 331,000 viewers with 4.04%.
  • On the net 4 next to animals It gained 104,000 viewers with a 1.66% rating. After Tg the secret 176000 1.54%. She wrote the murder 730,000 5.12%.
  • in La7 the whole It scored 255,000 viewers with 4.80%, in the news section 150,000 and 3.65% and in the debate 260,000 with 4.61%. coffee break 230,000 4.28%. the air that pulls 399,000, 5.88%; The air that blows – today 454,000 3.90%.

day (afternoon)

  • on rai 1 Today is another day 1,894,000 14.58%. Ladies’ paradise Recorded 2,073,000 at 19%. live the life She scored in the show 1,895,000, 17.51% and in the program 2,218,000, 18.31%.
  • On Rai 2 2 pm It scored 680,000 viewers with a rate of 4.97%. It will be executed before we finish listing your request 487000 4.41%.
  • On Rai 3 Special Tg3 393,000 3.64%. geo It scored 957,000 viewers with a rate of 7.86%.
  • on channel 5 beauty It scored 2,525,000 viewers, or 17.13%. Life 2,441,000 17.39%. men and women 2,908,000 23.57%. Maria de Filippi’s friends 2,001,000, 18.52%. brave and beautiful 1,747,000 16.48%. Five in the afternoon In the offer 1,719,000, 15.58%, in the program 1,716,000, 14.20% and in regards 1,654,000, 12.77%.
  • in Italy 1 The Simpsons It scored 567,000 viewers with a rate of 3.90%. 634000, 4.55% and 498000, 3.79%. NCIS Los Angeles Net 250 thousand, 2.13%.
  • On the net 4 Forum office It recorded a net viewership of 714 thousand with a rate of 5.31%. Tg4 – War Diary 397000 3.58%. the film bounce, bounce Net 308,000 2.63%.
  • in La7 Tagada 417,000 viewers scored on the show, 2.98% share, and on the show 402,000, 3.43%. Tagada #focus 326000 3.16%. Special TgLa7 530 thousand 3.98%.

Listen to TV the second evening

  • on rai 1 7 . TV It scored 527,000 viewers with a score of 6.67%.
  • On Rai 2 monsters It scored 537,000 viewers, or 3.61%.
  • On Rai 3 Illuminate – Alda Merini, music for words 327000 2.19%. Tg3 Linyanote It scored a net viewership of 294,000, or 3.42%.
  • The Italy 1 movie removers It scored 410 thousand viewers, with a rate of 4.65%.


  • Tg1 13:30 3.525.000, 23.92%; 20:00 5,025,000 21.55%.
  • Tg2 13:00 1,923,000, 13.97%; 20:30 1,185,000 5.43%.
  • Tg3 2.30 pm 1,472,000, 10.58%; 19:00 1,510,000 9.72%.
  • Tg5 at 13:00 2,956,000, 21.22%; 20:00 3,748,000 18.56%.
  • Open the studio 12:25 pm 1,239,000, 10.88%; 18:30 427000 3.25%.
  • Tg4 12.00 365000, 4.08%; 6:55 pm 543,000 3.39%.
  • Tg La7 13:30 657000, 4.46%; 20:00 1144000 5.67%.


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Do Italian talk shows provide information?

In recent weeks, Italian talk shows have been heavily criticized for the way they have followed the events of the war in Ukraine, in many cases hosting controversial situations and versions of facts, when they were not completely discredited and proven false.

The most common responses to these criticisms by those who design and generally run talk shows point to the need to ensure a plurality of opinions in the debate, and to “give the opportunity to express them and perhaps refute them”: according to many, in this situation there would be an attempt to construct a useful sterile theatrical contradiction. Controversial and public, but at the cost of giving way to lies in arguments for which the truth has already been widely verified.

“Dispute is natural, and it is natural to differ. The problem is that the level of knowledge of some guests about the topic is not enough to prove a topic, says Olga Tokaryuk, a Ukrainian journalist who collaborated extensively with Italian media and who recently declined several invitations on TV broadcasts. According to Tokariouk, in Italian television debates “truths and lies are often on the same level” and leaders “should not give the microphone to everyone, but they should be moderate and distinguished.”

Istituto Affari Internazionali Director in Rome Nathalie Tocci, who is involved in various programs in this period, wrote about press That the Italian public debate on the war “certainly bears a high name for the diversity of opinions, but not the diversity which stems from different competencies all relating to the subject under discussion”. Tucci’s impression is that we are looking for “mixed opinions and that’s it”.

Experts and experts such as Tokaryok and Tochi, who recently found themselves deciding whether or not to participate in a talk show, had from time to time to deal with a dilemma that had existed for some time, highlighted by the war: is their presence useful to deny any fraud to other guests or does it legitimize on them and only contributes to the circus effect that the authors of the programs seek?

These discussions are part of a broader discussion about how talk show content should be considered: whether it should prioritize information and public service or whether it should be considered show and entertainment on an equal footing with other programs made with synthetic content. This is a related issue, because television is watched every day by millions of people, and the way they see its contents affects their opinions and knowledge of current events.

In a recent interview with fan page Corrado Formigli, presenter at La7 Cleaning Campaignanswered a question about the need to be a guest commentator who recently presented a distorted and problematic reconstruction of the war in Ukraine: “Critics make peace with this thing, talk shows must ensure pluralism and do it in a lively way. The genre, until proven otherwise, consists of Two words: talk and show.

A “talk show” is a fairly general way of defining television programs that are based on interviews by a host of one or more guests, or on conversations between the same guests moderated by a host. Usually we talk about topics of importance and events. It is a type of program that exists little all over the world, but is often implemented in different ways: in Italy, the imposition of the same format which in most cases involves a confrontation between guests of different political or ideological positions, which sometimes leads to a chaotic overlapping of voices and disagreements somewhat raging.

These broadcasts are often included in the radio and television genre called Information and entertainment, which was more or less born in the 1980s from the belief that informational contents should be introduced into an entertainment context, to satisfy the limited interest of a part of the public. The results of this process are highly variable and can pose ethical problems in journalistic work, when there is an excessive imbalance on the entertainment side.

Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman, hosts of two of the most popular American talk shows of all time. Both haven’t aired in a few years (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

According to several authors of Italian talk shows heard by The Post, there is no direct relationship between the impressive presentation of the contents (fights between guests, unpopular situations, etc.) and the increase in the audience of the program: in the long run. It wouldn’t be a winning strategy for maintaining audience loyalty, even if some individual episodes benefited from it in terms of ratings. However, there are guests who are more able than others to attract the audience – following viewers – and thus there is a great deal of disagreement.

The author of an important Italian talk show, who worked extensively on many other talk shows, told the newspaper that in the construction of programs one often thinks of a “prestigious guest”, but it is not easy to persuade him to participate, since on any given day, there is always ” Three or four other competition programs do the same job as you.” Hence the need to pay some repeat guests, to ensure their attendance: when these mechanisms are revealed, generally great disagreements arise, but not all talk shows do and not all guests accept or demand compensation. On the other hand, the work of TV guests is a form of work that stems from their skills and competencies, which generates profits for TV networks, and is therefore worth paying; On the other hand, the credibility of the theses expressed is in question, if we consider that a guest is paid by a program for saying things that contribute to the goals of his audience.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on the twenty-fourth of February, ratings of Italian talk shows have increased significantly, but also those news and informational TV programs in general, which are not so related to guests and entertainment. According to a survey conducted for TV smiles and songs From Studio Frasi (which deals with analysis of content and media audiences), in the first fifteen days of the war, audience ratings for news and talk shows increased by 7.8 percent. Some networks have changed their programming to focus more on what is happening in Ukraine.

In Italy there are many programs that can be included in the category of general talk shows. Looking only at the evening and early evening periods (from 20 onwards, more or less), in the first seven channels of public television – three RAI channels, three Mediaset and La7 – there are about twenty different talk shows per week, some of which are on the move almost every day. There are also many other programs that are broadcast in the morning or afternoon, and there are others on channels that reach a smaller audience. The first obvious result is that they serve a lot of guests every day.

In a context that requires as much clarity and seriousness as the war in Ukraine, the format of Italian talk shows has led to more invitations to be turned down than usual, and now there are different names when they appear at TV writers’ meetings and are greeted with “don’t watch TV.” . Tokaryuk is doing valuable work from Ukraine in spreading verified news about the war, including televised debates for many international TV channels. But in Italy he prefers not to participate, because “discussions are very emotional, priority is given to scandal, and the exchange is not based on facts but on opinions.” A few weeks ago, another Ukrainian journalist, Irina Matveyshin, she said surprised that she had to interfere with an Italian broadcast to explain that another guest’s arguments were “a repetition of Putin’s propaganda” and that they were unfounded.

Days ago, Vittorio Emanuele Barsi, professor of international relations at the Catholic University of Milan, cut off contact with a television program he was participating in, after being asked to comment on the opinions of other guests. “I wanted to avoid serving as an audio platform for weird theses,” he says. “The main problem with some talk shows, even if not all – continues Parsi – is that the topic of discussion becomes the thesis of the people who are there to discuss”, while losing sight of what is actually going on.

A few days ago, Censis founder Giuseppe Di Rita spoke critically about the issue of the predominance of opinions over facts in the Italian media, on Corriere della Sera: «There are no facts that cannot be questioned: you think so, but I think the opposite is true and we are equal. There are no saints, dogmas, ordinances, laboratory research, statistical tables; The primacy of personal opinion remains.

Di Rita’s overwhelming opinion, which influences not only television and talk shows but the media in general, has emerged more clearly as a problem with the epidemic, when the scientific medical context makes it clear that the positions of the expert and those of any other columnist do not have the same authority.

Those working on talk shows say they had an initial period of confusion, identifying useful guests to talk about what was going on: In newsrooms, there were very few virologists known, and in any case it was not clear if they were. Available to talk on TV. After a certain amount of research and persuasion, and after first appearing on radio shows, in a short time a group of diligent talkative virologists had established themselves, each more specifically associated with some broadcast.

Many people have complained about excessive media exposure to virologists, accused in some cases of being televised during television times and in ways that in the long run have damaged their professional credibility. Among those who decided to systematically refuse to participate in talk shows was Andrea Guri, director of the infectious diseases department at the Milan Polyclinic. Even today, he has declined many invitations and is sometimes accused of failing in his duty to disclose. “At the most, it is my duty to report, and to give accurate data and information,” says Gorey. “Opinions are given there, I’m not a reviewer: clinicians have to be very loyal to scientific data, and that’s not an opinion.”

According to Gurry, there is a misunderstanding regarding talk shows as places where information is given, and this would cause a series of problems in the way the audience perceives things being said: “At first I participated in interviews on inside news shows, because I thought it was It is appropriate to provide information to the institutional and technical roles. This is where the information is given, and the talk shows do something else.”

Chemist and science writer Dario Bressanini also expressed a similar position, says on twitter A call was received in a broadcast a few months ago: “The mistake we, the audience, make is to view talk shows as information. They are not. It is entertainment disguised as information.” And again: “Providing false information knowing that it is false does not mean pluralism.”

Vittorio Emmanuel Barsi thinks that it is still important for a professor like him not to escape public debate, when it comes to topics on which he is an expert: “The question that can be asked is whether conversations are the place of public debate. Sure, they put themselves at greater risk of playing down and showing off, but some still manage to take the information seriously.”

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I’m not just a reality TV lover

From the exact dream of becoming a journalist to a career on television, from Alex Belli’s endless soap opera to his career desires. Soleil Sorge was told on tour in a long interview with

If there are tools to put a ranking of the most popular television personalities in recent months, Soleil rise Nothing will be stolen by placing it on the platform. Miss Italy, Beijing Express, Men and Women, L’Isola dei Famosi, GF Vip, a standard curriculum in which the reality show’s voice dominates. But there’s more, given Sully Sorge’s role in the soap with Alex Bailey, Beyond Gossip has been defined as an excellent experience”reality soap, which makes it more difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake. Familiarity with the small screen, massive firepower on social networks, young age and peculiar nuances of speech make Sorge an ideal prototype for contemporary VIPs, with more career ambitions that he tells us in this long interview.

Influencer, Television Face, Columnist, Reality Lady. But what exactly do you do in life?

I work in the world of communications and entertainment, but would not define myself as a TV personality primarily, precisely because my life is a collection of things due to the evolution of our world.

Solly Sorge accidentally hits Lulu who screams: ‘Blood bleeds, I won’t be on Thursday’

So is TV secondary to you?

Sure, today’s TV allows you to work, but it’s not always the place to be except for the old characters. It’s a great passion for me, but social networking allows for the personalization of one’s world which expands the communication possibilities of each of us.

There is also talk of you as a journalist, but you are not registered. Can you explain this to us?

My dream was to become a professional. From the moment I started working for magazines and also AS Roma, I found myself at a crossroads: to continue down the classic path, or to work with my image by collaborating with brands, something the press forbids you to do. Because it is in conflict with the profession. Faced with this choice, I had to decide, and while journalism and writing were still my passions, I thought my contact form could be different.

The fine line between reality and drama was the backbone of GF Vip. Have you seen this building from the inside?

Reality as a program decides to tell us the reality of the people who are put in a bubble, of whatever kind. Everything that happens is taken and pressed, as it does in the movie trailer, to put together the most interesting parts for the audience. I think GF Vip was very passionate about this, but on the inside we had no conception of it.

The authors seem to be the true spirit of programs like GF Vip. How heavy is their “writing”?

It wasn’t the authors who wrote what we should do, but the opposite: they write based on what’s happening in the program, whether it’s a meltdown, a story, or a fight. They go to capture the most interesting points and try to tell them in the most attractive way to the viewer, because we remember that we are still in the world of entertainment.

Sully Rising in the GF Vip, 2021

Sully Rising in the GF Vip, 2021

So what do those who think it’s a beautiful and good play get away with?

The primary factor to consider is the circumstances in which you are placed, extrapolated from daily life, comfort areas, and the people you might ask for advice. It is these conditions that create in a person an increase in the perception of his emotions, making them more rapid and intense. I also fell in love with one of these reality shows and it was an intense love that we felt even after we left the show.

If not fiction, then what is reality show?

It’s emotionally intense and I think the anthropological and behavioral interest in the reality show comes exactly from there. Comparison is a holiday with friends, when everything is more intense and fast. When you go back to your daily life it feels like a dream, a reality far from your life. But it does bring a lot, the connections you make in this context stay with you even when you go back to everyday life.

Created behaviors and attitudes that you will definitely see.

We often think of fiction in reality shows as situational and constructed stories, which is very rare and paradoxical, because it is so complex to construct a situation out of nothing in this context. On the other hand, what can be distorted is the individual, the person who can decide to position himself in a certain way, legalize and mitigate his own behaviors to determine situations.

some examples?

I think of Nathaly Caldonazzo, who entered the house with the express desire to provoke different people into different situations, certainly a bit for fun, because she was actually a very nice and interesting person. Another example is Patricia Pellegrino, who walked in with a very heavy clip with her leg extended above me and then lowered everything when I introduced myself. In short, it is a direction that a person chooses independently, and not at the request of the authors. There are those who are better than others at creating situations, but it’s more of a personal case. A little like in life.

Being cuddly and cute, you don’t seem to care. Is this a fair impression?

Yes, I have no interest in necessarily being a nice and lovable person. I know I am, I know my strengths, but when I find myself in front of a comparison, I don’t see the necessary need to be a kind and good person. You grew up in a society where you always had to prove that you were worthy and to be something. Having reached a “certain age”, i.e. no longer a child and creating myself, I realized that I don’t feel the need to pretend, but to be. If people understand it well, and come up with another idea, that’s fine too. I am interested in being myself.

After Miss Italia there were men and women, Beijing Express, The Island of the Famous, GF Vip. Is it actually a profession?

It certainly is, because it gives you a way to make money and work, but then the reality shows end and don’t necessarily give you the visibility, lighting, and prestige you were looking for. I think it’s a must-do experience if you’re into the entertainment world, but also in life regardless. Beijing Express, the island of celebrity, I would recommend it to anyone. Even Big Brother, maybe not six months, are all ways that give you something and let you go deeper.

In competition at Miss Italia 2014

In competition at Miss Italia 2014

The Alex Bailey episode was the TV series of the year. What happened?

It was such a beautiful relationship with a wonderful person that I will undoubtedly enter into my life as a friend.

What changed after that?

The commodification of our relationship, and the constant desire to repeat this story of a potential triangle, when I was never interested in having a relationship with him beyond friendship, separated me, and left me puzzled by the possibility of a search that forced me into certain situations. If our friendship ends, it is because when you know someone and become attached to them, some events make you change your mind about those people.

Are you sorry that it went this way?

Yes, without a doubt.

Not even sporadic messages on Whatsapp now?

No, unlike many other people I have been in contact with, from Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bacciano to Katia Ricciarelli.

As far as the borderline is concerned, your story has tickled the belly of the country, prompting the audience to research topics such as “polygamy.” Did she want?

Absolutely yes, in our youth and without assuming that was what we were trying to do, to be able to somehow shake society into feeling free to love and be ourselves. We knew what was going on and I thought I should take responsibility if at some point the entire relationship between me and Alex came to communicate something wrong and wrong. When it comes to “love polygamy,” that wasn’t necessarily the message. It would be nice to set an example for someone else, but it wasn’t for me.

Before joining GF Vip, you said you were in a relationship with a mysterious figure. Is this an ongoing story?


Will you remain mysterious?

In a world where everyone is interested in creating love stories, I’m interested in putting them aside and keeping them as private as they should be.

After Big Brother you are in La Pupa and Nerdy. It now appears that the transition from competitor to columnist is a mechanism for television.

It doesn’t seem like it happens very often. Certainly there was the case of Tommaso Zorzi, who had a great personality and irony, and the many factors that lent himself to the role of Al Jazeera. I think it’s a direct result of what you’re showing on a reality show, I tried to show myself in 360 degrees and was hoping that I’d have a chance, and that someone would also notice my skills at work.

Competitor, then columnist. Management appears to be a natural outcome. Do you hope for that?

It has always been my secret dream, from studies to auditions in the bedroom, to lead my soft game, to experiments as a manager in recent years. Actually I hope so, can’t wait.

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Isola dei Famosi 2022 written off and Cards Report Episode 10 / Estefania and Roger’s refusal…

Isola dei Famosi 2022, Report Cards: Doubts about Estefania and Roger

Estefania and Roger You still can’t convince the audienceCelebrity Island 2022. The two are enjoying the love story born on the island, but many viewers are convinced that the two aren’t completely faithful. Even the confrontation between Estefania and Beatriz, Roger’s ex-girlfriend, provoked hatred from the audience, who are now eagerly awaiting Beatriz’s arrival in Honduras to confront Roger and Estefania herself.

Instead, Carmen and Alessandro are becoming increasingly loved, as well as Gwendalina and Eduardo. The four contenders for the Isola dei Famosi 2022 admire their frankness and simplicity. The friendship born between Nicholas and Eduardo is also more and more appreciated. In general, it is the group that has won the sympathy of viewers who hope to see them in the final (Update by Stella Dependetto).

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Gustavo Rodriguez emerges from controversy

Last week’s news of the presence of Roger Baldino’s son deeply shocked the audience by the fact that during the tenth episode he was pleasantly surprised by the sweet surprise that the castaway received: a letter and a love letter from a part of his son who had not heard from the moment he left Honduras. Roger Balduino’s surprise wasn’t the only moment of the evening that the audience loved, but another noteworthy moment was the final abandonment of reality by Gustavo Rodriguez who left the island facing Clemente Russo on TV, losing by 84%. The elimination of Belen’s father and Cecilia was so appreciated by all the audience in the studio and commentators who, having learned the result of the vote, did not spare in jokes against him. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Isola dei Famosi 2022 Episode 10 Report Cards: How Many Clashes!

The tenth episode of the programCelebrity Island 2022. Many flips, including double elimination and group dissolution. ilary plassi She also managed this episode brilliantly: for her definitely an 8 on the episode report cards. In fact, he is always on the spot and is able to better manage various situations, even the most deceived. In the tenth round there was no shortage of clashes. The episode started with a comparison between Licia and Estefaniawho accused the actress of voluntarily asking to win an audition and then excluding her from food during a week-long bonus audition.

Having denied these allegations several times, the actress admitted that she asked to win the audition: Conduct Worth 4. stefaniaFor its part, it clashed with more competitors, as well as for the Coconut Gate which took place during the week. There was no shortage of teasing with Edoardo but he held up well compared to before Present, Beatrice: Its a 5 on the card report. The friend was excited again by talking about his son, but in the game he looks more and more incorrect and less inclined to the dynamics of the group: 4.5.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Two eliminations

having to leaveCelebrity Island 2022 In this tenth episode two competitors. Marco Sinnis He was the first to be eliminated: the player never got into the group and the match is very good: 5. Same for Laurie Del Santo, which is back again in Playa Sgamada: 5 for her too. And her boyfriend, Marco Cucolo, will have to live without her for the first time. Nicholas He had an argument with Ilona Staller but he was also the protagonist in a very nice clip in which he talks about his girlfriend: 6 in the report card. In the same way, Ilona, ​​nominated by the group, deserves a pass: she told her story in front of the cameras and impressed the audience.

Carmen de Petro He is one of the most positive people on this island. Sometimes it’s inconsistent, other times it’s critical, especially for food, but it brings a sense of lightness to the game. Also in this very active tenth episode of the game: for her, she got 7. The same vote for her son Alessandro, who is increasingly separating himself from his mother to embark on his own path which at the moment seems to be going well. blindthe leader of the week, was likewise the protagonist in some discussions, especially with Edoardo (who deserves 5 in the report card): for him, 6 was also given through immunity.

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Timetables and program. Where to see the action in Running – OA Sport

Today, Saturday, April 23, 2022And Various sports will be on stage: Tennis With the ATP tournaments in Belgrade and Barcelona and the WTA tournaments in Stuttgart and Istanbul, the football With the Italian Serie A, the the netand he snooker with the World Cupme Motors With the F1 GP of Emilia Romagna and the Portuguese race for the World Championship.

Sports program on TV today (Saturday, April 23)

09.00-09.30 Superbike, Dutch GP: Free Practice 3 – Sky Sport Action, Sky Go, Now
10.00 Mixed curling, World Cup: Italy – Japan – paraphrasing (
10.00-10.40 Moto3, Portuguese Grand Prix: Free Practice 3 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, now
10.55-11.40 MotoGP, GP Portugal: Free Practice 3 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, now
11.00 Snooker, World Cup – Eurosport 1, Eurosport player
11.10-11.25 Superbike, Dutch GP: Superpole – Sky Sport Action, Sky Go, Now
11.30 Tennis, ATP Belgrade – from 15.00 SuperTennisTV, SupertenniX
(phonini– Rublev’s third match)
11.55-12.35 Moto2, Portuguese Grand Prix: Free Practice 3 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, now
12.00 Cycling Track, Glasgow Nations Cup: Morning session – Tissot Track TV
12.15 Women’s Water Polo, WWF: Italia– Netherlands – RaiSport + HD, RaiPlay, YouTube FINA
12.30-13.30 F1, GP Emilia-Romagna: Free Practice 2 – Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport Uno, SkyGo, now
13.00 Tennis, ATP Estoril: qualifications – no coverage
(major first match, sniper second match)
13.30 Tennis, ATP Barcelona – SuperTennisTV, SupertenniX, Sky Sport Tennis, Sky Go and Now
13.35 – 13.50 Moto3, Portuguese GP: Qualification 1 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, now, 19.20 TV8 lag
14.00 Tennis, WTA Istanbul – from 16.00 SuperTennisTV, SupertenniX
14.00 Tennis, WTA Stuttgart – SuperTennisTV, SupertenniX
14.00 Women’s Water Polo World League: Hungary-Spain – YouTube FINA
14.00 Superbike, Dutch GP: Race 1 – Sky Sport Action, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Go, Now, late 18.05 TV8
14.00-14.15 Moto3, Portuguese GP: Qualification 2 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, Now, delayed 19.20 TV8
2.30pm Artistic gymnastics, Serie A1 Naples – YouTube Federgymnastics
14.30-15.00 MotoGP, GP Portugal: Free practice 4 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Go, now, 19.20 TV8 delayed
15.00 Football, Serie A: Torino Spezia – dazn
15.00 Football, Serie A: Venice-Atalanta – dazn
15.10-15.25 MotoGP, GP Portugal: Qualifying 1 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Go, now, 19.20 TV8 delayed
15.30 Snooker, World Cup – Eurosport player
15.35-15.50 MotoGP, GP Portugal: Qualifying 2 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Go, now, 19.20 TV8 delayed
16.10-16.25 Moto2, Portuguese GP: Qualification 1 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, Now, delayed 19.20 TV8
16.30 to 17.30 F1, GP Emilia-Romagna: Sprint Race – TV8, Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport 4K, Sky Sport Uno,, SkyGo, now
16.35-16.50 Moto2, Portuguese GP: Qualification 2 – Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Go, now, 19.20 TV8 delayed
18.00 Football, Serie A: Inter Roma – dazn
18.00 Mixed curling, World Cup: New Zealand – Italy – light coverage On Recast (
18.30 Cycling Track, Glasgow Nations Cup: Afternoon session – Tissot Track TV
19.00 Basketball, Serie A: Reggio Emilia – Milan – Eurosport player, Discovery +
20.00 Snooker, World Cup – Eurosport player, from 22.00 Eurosport 1
20.20 Women’s Rugby, Six Nations Championship: Italy v Scotland – Sky Sport Arena, Sky Go, Now
8:45pm Women’s Volleyball, Serie A1: Scandicci-Conegliano – RaiSport+HD, RaiPlay,
20.45 Football, Serie A: Verona – Sampdoria – Dazen, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Calcio, Sky Sport 251, Sky Go, now
00.00 (approx) Boxing, WBC World Heavyweight: Fury-White (8th match from 7.15pm) –

FP2 LIVE AND QUICK RACE IN F1 AT IMOLA at 12.30 and 16.30

Live broadcast of FP3, FP4 and MOTOGP eligible at 10.55, 14.30 and 15.10

Straight from the qualifications of FP3 and MOTO2

Straight from FP3 and MOTO3 qualifications

Live from FOGNINI-RUBLEV, second match from 14.00

Live stream from Italy and New Zealand zigzag twisted at 18.00

Live broadcast from Italy and Japan of mixed curling from 10.00


Live broadcast from Italy and Holland of women’s water polo at 12.15

Live broadcast of the artistic sports series from 2.30 pm

Italy-Scotland Women’s Rugby live broadcast from 20.20

Live broadcast of CONEGLIANO-SCANDICCI from 20.45

FURY-WHITE LIVE (about midnight)

Live broadcast of the Nations Cup cycling on the track

Photo: La Presse

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Isola dei Famosi 2022 Episode 10: Elimination, Nomination, An Unexpected Turning Point

TonightCelebrity Island 2022 With Episode 10. Elari Blasey began the date with the clashes that were born in Honduras. In particular, Blind and Roger clash with brothers Tavassi and Nicolas Vaporidis over a misunderstanding with the carriages. The question was reopened about the captain’s test, which Lycia Nunez won last Monday. Estefania and Alessandro accused the latter this week of having won only thanks to them. Tonight, the artist confirmed that she asked her two companions to win the test, as it was important for her to win the leading test for her track.

Although the case ended with Licia Nunez being accepted, the public did not believe that Estefania wanted to grant immunity and the role of leader to his partner. The episode continued with the result of the TV broadcast, Marco Sines was forced to leave La Palapa He received 10% of the vote (Nick 46%, Ilona 26%, Roger and Estefania 18%). Soon, Elari Blasey allows Beatriz (Roger’s ex-girlfriend) and Etvania Bernal to engage in a long-distance confrontation. It all ended with an unexpected proposal from the host for the premiere.

Subsequently, a delicate moment was dedicated to Ilona Staller, who relived some difficult phases of his life. This episode appeared Second Elimination in La Palapa. The Cucaracha and Tiburon tribes challenged each other in a test that led to the former’s defeat. All of the group members ended up in the televised flash. The episode continued with a game featuring Carmen Di Pietro and her son Alessandro who was able to eat some meatballs.

The episode continued with a discussion between Nicholas Vaporides and Lycia Nunez. Actor Ilona Staller accused of not having any desire to help the group in various tasks. She thinks she can at least do something that doesn’t tire her so much, like cook rice. Licia immediately defended her friend, but Nicholas remained steadfast in his position. It’s time to find out The second elimination of the tenth episode of Al-Mashoor Island 2022.

It should be noted that those who are lost in this television flash, such as Marco Sines, have the opportunity to continue his experience in Honduras at the beach of Playa Sajamada. Lori del Santo Playa Palapa left with 6% (Nicolas 24%, Eduardo 23%, Guendalina 20%, Carmen 16%, Nick 11%). She and Senes chose to give Ilona the “Kiss of Judas.” With a statement, Elari Blasey announced important change for both tribes. At first, all the outcasts threw our panda into the stove. After that, the presenter read the production decision.

“The island spirit has decided that a turning point has come for each of you. […] The Tiburon and Cucaracha tribes no longer exist, and you will be playing against each other. Estefania and Roger are no longer around.”

Immediately after the vote, each outcast chose who gave him the chance to become Leader. Nicholas (Carmen, Nick, Nicholas, Gwendalina and Eduardo) got the most votes, Roger (Blind, Ilona, ​​Stefania and Laura) and Laura (Marco and Alessandro). The two had to choose who to bring with them among those of the same merit, namely Nick and Alessandro. On the other hand, Laura gave her place to the blind. The leaders were Nicolas, Roger, Alessandro and Blind. The rapper won and there was no shortage of controversy.

On Playa Sgamada, Gustavo Jeremias and Clemente Russo were champions in a new TV broadcast. Belin’s father asked the audience to force him to go home, and Vladimir Luxoria, who was already aware that the Argentine would not be strong in television broadcasting, advised him not to worry. “He will join his son Jeremias and the whole family.”Vladimir said loudly. Indeed, it was true Gustavo was eliminated tonight.

The nominationresulting in TV broadcast Ilona and Eduardo.

  • Nominated Licia Nicola;
  • Gwendolyn Roger is named;
  • appointed Eduardo Roger;
  • Estefania named Licia;
  • Laura Ilona’s name.
  • Alessandro nominated Ilona;
  • Nick’s name is Stefania.
  • Nicola’s name is Licia;
  • Marco Nicholas nominated;
  • Ilona’s name is Nicholas.
  • Roger named Licia;
  • She was named Carmen Ilona.
  • Blind appointed Eduardo as leader.

During the tenth episode, Roger receives a surprise from his son, a drawing and a letter. The model did not hold back tears of happiness. Instead, Nicholas Vaporidis was able to reveal how he feels about the person who’s been by his side for a few months, without revealing his identity.

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He’s crying and Maria intervened, Alex has something to do with it

Lorella Kucarini brought Luigi back to Amici in 21 For his opinion, which he expressed a few days ago. The teacher did not like what the student said Rudy Al-Zorbi On his behalf, when he points out that although he says he doesn’t want to embarrass the other students in the end, he’s throwing gloves on for his students. As all, or nearly all, teachers do, and as the Challenge Mechanism envisions: Show what one student excels at. Thus, the other sins compared to those who excel. Otherwise, it will be enough for your pupil to take a test without provoking the opponent. Often the question is asked of a mechanism by students themselves and part of the audience, but it is there.

Although Laurella was a pupil teacher who always said whatever he thought of, even when it would be best for her to remain silent, as soon as Luigi said something he didn’t like, he demanded to meet him at once. He showed the singer the moment of the day that he did not appreciate, which is when I The gauntlet is clearly in favor of Sissy and Alex Luigi commented:

“Beautiful, fair but the song is feminine and of course there’s Sisi, it’s more in their best interest. That doesn’t seem fair to me from my point of view. Sure Laurella is beautiful, but on the inside… If you throw the gauntlet it’s because you think what you’re throwing is less. So, If Laurella sends me a challenge about writing, it’s because she thinks I’m less than that. Just use different words. There are those who somehow appear because they say things, and on the other hand there are those who claim to praise”

Indeed, it is an opinion, the opinion of Luigi about Cuccarini, that not only spread widely among the public, but was also noted in the past year. At least on social media. however Lorella Kocarini and Luigi scolded today: “You don’t know my professional and personal history. I have always said what I think and sometimes I have paid the consequences. I cannot accept that you say this”. He then made it clear that when he throws a glove, he’s not doing it to embarrass the other disciple, but only hope that his pupil will do well. “I’m really sorry that you think things that don’t represent me”commented.

Luigi immediately defended himself by pointing out, in short, that Lorella never bothered to portray her pupils when they used strong words with a teacher. Obviously, he meant Alex. Yet he took the word Luigi apologized to KocariniBecause he didn’t like seeing himself again. But he added:

“I may think otherwise. I told Alex, who is allowed to think what she wants when she has said certain things. So I may think what I want. When several of your students have said certain things to me, it doesn’t seem so…she herself said that Alex can say whatever he wants.

Laurella confirmed it but added it “This is a mistake”. Regarding Alex’s question, on the other hand, the teacher said she was clearly saying what she said because she defended her student. “You are free to say what you think about me. But if you think there is something wrong, I must tell you.”he added. But Luigi handled the blame perfectly: “I feel like you’re wearing it. You can’t say that because you lack respect.”. Kucarini cannot deny: “For me it is a huge lack of respect”. keep talking but Maria de Filippi intervened for clarification. The presenter took the situation into his own hands because there was a missing piece in the conversation, or rather, Kocharini was missing.

Luigi burst into tearsIn the meantime, with all the accumulated tensions. So Maria made it clear that Laurella doesn’t know what’s behind it, she doesn’t know that the misunderstanding between Laurea and Luigi was actually born out of Luigi’s indignation because of Alex, who in turn is angry at Zerby’s gloves. He was referring to all of Alex’s attacks on Luigi, on writing and more. Meaning, in short, Luigi took her out of Lorella for not doing it to Alex. He confirmed it himself:

“I am very loyal to my teammates. There are those who were not with me. I attacked her so as not to attack my teammates, and it seemed unfair to do it with them. With her it was easier “

Laurel advises him to solve these unresolved problems, but Luigi makes it clear to her that they are not. In fact, Luigi has actually interacted with Alex recently, but once he says what he said, he can’t fight windmills. “I already said, if I keep doing that I can’t do anything. I just avoid”He said pointing to Alex. Then he admitted he was wrong, but For Kokarini, nothing serious happened He said there are other serious things. Luigi knows how serious things are, he suffers from diabetes:

“I know, that’s why I don’t talk about it. I live more serious things, it doesn’t make sense to talk. I have a wall up front that doesn’t change your mind. I don’t want to feel bad, I have more serious problems than I said because I don’t want to burden others And anyway I don’t understand. Then I feel bad, and I don’t like it. I’d rather shut up”

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Division, horror in the workplace – Elaine Jones

Apr 22 2022 05:09

We have all seen many dystopian horror movies set in the workplace so far. Therefore it is surprising that to cut (break up) By Ben Stiller I’m still finding a way to hit the nerve.

The new nine-episode series, produced by Apple+ and directed largely by Stiller, focuses on LUMON Industries, a company with controversial software designed to “surgically split” employee work memories from personal memories, making them partially amnesic most of the time. As the newly-rookie head of the department’s Scouting divisions (Adam Scott) explains to apprentice R. Healy (Lower Brett), participation in the program is entirely voluntary, and therefore “every time you find yourself here, it means that you have chosen to return.”

It is this sentence that hits the nerve most exposed, ruthlessly suggesting the idea that we have chosen a job and that we continue to choose it. It’s one of the shameful propaganda phrases that oppresses our lives: the idea that in our crazy rush to make a living, we can always make much better “choices.” If we don’t like the job, why don’t we find another? If it appears that the course of our professional lives is catastrophic, so why not change our jobs only? It’s like we live in a giant playground, where you can always try the swing when you get tired of skating or the gym.

face of work
The horror in disassembled It embodies a good feeling that the familiar path wire fate sealed. We discover that Mark Scout, 40-year-old made a decision not to return the work of the “plan of division” after the death of his wife, in order to be free from the overwhelming anniversary of her death – at least from time to time – while working in industries LUMON. We see him crying in his car in the car park before entering the huge office building. When you stepped up to the elevator, we see her face turns from the depression of her personal life painful to “face action” brighter and more attentive. All this while his brain is cleared of what happened during the hours spent away from there.

We know the reason for this shift, which but also indicates the terrible feeling of when we feel compelled to take on the cheerful and available “expression of work” to face the day, no matter what may happen in our personal lives.

The whole business case is full of corporate horrors, who also knows who has spent at least once in those cold corridors that open to terribly similar offices and conference rooms. The sign appears to be walking miles through a monotonous white maze to reach his office, where a group of four odd-person booths are secluded in huge, space windows. There is a team of Overall data revision department He cleans up obscure data: he watches an endless string of numbers appear on their computer screens until they spot the “sounding scary” numbers, then throws them in the trash. It takes some practice to get to know the numbers “frightening.”

This team includes the know-it-all Dylan (Zach Cherry) who buys all the productivity bonuses – useless stuff like the company’s signature blue finger traps. The most desirable reward is the “waffle breakfast,” perhaps because these workers don’t remember breakfast, because it’s a meal they eat before they go to work. John Turturro as Irving, the older member of the team, is nervous and demanding to follow the rules but is also particularly weak at work. Twice he makes the mistake of falling asleep at his station. The threatening punishment is to go to the “relaxation room”. We still don’t know what happens in the “relaxation room”. But we understand that it must be a very bad thing.

The supervisor has a shallow grin – he’s so evil, he’s so obviously a spy that anyone who ever has a job will see him as a familiar character

The rookie is called Helly. The series begins with an overhead shot of this character lying unconscious on a conference table, having just undergone brain surgery that separated his working life from his personal life. This “routing” proceeds from repeated and unsuccessful attempts to escape from the building: Hailey’s transition to the “split floor” does not go smoothly, even after they show her a video in which she herself testifies that she did so freely. the choice. The start position is uncooperative in working with Mark, in general very satisfied.

Replace Betty Healy replaced (Jul Vazquez), “a friend of work” to Mark, who has never come to the office. The director explains the frightening Harmonie Koppel (Patricia Arquette), her hair long silver to highlight the blue ice to her eyes, that my house “is no longer part of the company”, and for this reason will mark his position as foreman. . But there is no explanation for the sudden absence of Petey and. Upset unusually weak mark, which is when approaching him home in his own life, even if he has no memory of him. Betty says, “you’re my friend,” adding disturbingly, “I was the best friend you.”

Obviously, of course, Mark will “take the red pill” and follow Betty to find out the truth about what’s going on at Lumon Industries. Betty literally handed him a red envelope that read “Lumon blue,” with an address inside where he could find information about the company.

The one who’s always on guard is “split plan” supervisor Seth Melchic (Trammel Tillman), an executive with a shallow grin: very sinister, clearly a spy, very eager to get everyone involved in the mandatory drills. construction teamAlmost any viewer who has ever been to a job would immediately see him as a familiar face. Not surprisingly, the creator of the series disassembledscreenwriter Dan Erickson, drew inspiration from a series of desk jobs he did when he moved to Los Angeles and said, ‘I found myself wishing I could jump in the day. I wanted to give up on myself for the next eight hours. Then I thought, ‘This is it’ The wrong thing I want. We should want more time for ourselves, not less.’


Reframing the idea of ​​wanting to separate the self from the long moments in our lives, Erikson imagined the science fiction representation of workplace hell we see in disassembled. The fact that we find these assertions so familiar also naturally stems from the recent wave of “major resignations” caused by pandemic influenza: 4,500,000 people voluntarily left their jobs, an “all-time high,” according to the Bureau of American Labor and Force Statistics.

What is remarkable about disassembled It’s the desire to see the characters freed from their corporate trap before he literally kills them. There is a particularly spooky effect in the first episode, when Hailey continues to walk toward the exit door thinking she’s in the corridor leading outside, only to find that she’s entering again through the door to go back to the same room she has. just left. This nightmarish forced return — to get back in the door when you thought you’d just walked out — is a fascinating and horrifying portrait of contemporary action inferno.

Because “terror in the workplace” is the real driving force of the series, there is great tension in the presence of a character like Mark as a hero of the novel, a man with no memory willingly and can not afford his personal life. He is trying to be lost in his job, and struggling do not even realize how brutal his work environment.

There have always been a lot of signs in the workplace. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that the signs of this world are also reaching the point where they can’t stand it anymore?

(translated by Federico Verone)

This article appeared in Jacobin’s American Quarterly.


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What are the all-new Italian locations for the TV series “Diavoli 2”?

The first miniseries on Sky TV “Diavoli” was set mainly in London and also a little in Italy. On the other hand, Season 2 of “Diavoli” sees our Pase increasingly the protagonist of the scene.

Inspired by Guido Maria Brera’s bestselling film I devils, who is also one of the creative producers of the new season, the film is set in the financial world where Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey) and Massimo Ruggero (Alessandro Borghi) work. The new eight episodes were filmed between London and Rome.

The plot of “Demons 2”

Without spoilers, we are between 2016 and 2020, with Brexit on the cusp and Donald Trump being elected President of the USA. These are the first years in which 5G and Bitcoin are mentioned, years of agreements with China and also the years of the beginning of the terrible epidemic that hit the whole world.

Romanian sites

After being shot during lockdown, Rome proved to be an ideal place. According to collection designer Luca Merlini “Rome has been to us like the wonderful Cinecittà, offering places that are generally inaccessible and completely empty and completely at our disposal.”

Some scenes were filmed at the famous New Congress Center.”the cloudDesigned by Italian architect and designer Massimiliano Fuksas located in the EUR region. It hosts 55 thousand square meters of exhibitions and events. The building was awarded the Best Building Site Award by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Here are the New York and London Investment Bank offices where Massimo works. The “cloud” is the characteristic of the building and contains a hall with related services (lobby, bar, toilet, bathrooms, dressing rooms, translation and storage rooms). It is connected to the “Ordinances” or the polygonal building of glass, steel, and stone it contains by hanging walkways and via the “Temple,” the main supporting structure. Also part of the building is the “Lama”, which is the 449-room hotel.

Rome- Fuksas_nuvola

The new conference center “La Nuvola” by Massimiliano Fuxas at EUR in Rome

The producers of “Diavoli 2” were also “privileged”, so they announced themselves, filming in very exclusive venues, such as the Fendi headquarters in Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, better known as the Colosseum, that monumental and iconic building that is EUR . symbol.

It is made of reinforced concrete and covered with white travertine. It was opened in 1940, but work was stopped in 1943 due to the war, and was completed after the war. Four identical facades have 54 arches each. From 2013 until 2028, it was given to the couture collection Fendi.

Diavoli 2 Rome

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, better known as the Colosseum at EUR in Rome

Due to the special architecture and references to the monumental forms of ancient Rome, the palace has often been used for the filming of films, television series, and commercials.

Among the most famous Roman buildings in which some scenes of financial excitement were filmed, there is also the building that houses the Court of Cassation, which the Romans call “the palaceNot so much because you go there to be judged and not because it is an ugly building, but because this building was born under an evil star and has never recovered itself. And since its inception it has faced problems mainly related to corruption. Which, for the court, is the pinnacle.

It was one of the greatest works in Rome, the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, and it must have had such great symbolic value that the first stone was laid In the presence of King Umberto On his birthday, March 14, Queen Margherita. But the palace was built in the wrong place, namely in the quite new district of Prati, on the left side of the Tiber, which was just rising at that time.

Rome Palace

The Palace of Rome, which houses the Court of Cassation

Too bad that the ground was mud and thus could barely support the weight of the building, so there were major stability issues during construction (the third floor was never added). There were problems until the 1970s, when they got their hands on it. Meanwhile, the public enclosure led to the suicide of architect Guglielmo Calderini.

There are also many great Roman scenes, some resembling the city of London (and in the series it looks like that) and even the English countryside, with scenes filmed outdoors around the capital.


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Elisa de Oceano, from the set with Luca Argentero to the stage with a unique work

Elisa D’Osanio She is one of the most famous Italian actresses. We recently saw her on TV in Document – in your hands where she plays the role of Teresa Maraldi, who is busy today with a very special theater project, 1223 Last Stop Slaughterhouse, which has a national preview on April 22 and 23 in the Carrozzerie and not in Rome. Along with her is an astrophysicist and songwriter Emiliano Merlinin art unòrsominòre.

It’s a straightforward and accurate journey into the darkest secrets of the intensive livestock industry. A system that makes a profit from animal carcasses, without names but marked with an identification number. Unidentified numbers, numbers used to calculate the profit margin obtained from their exploitation.

Elisa D’Osanio Tell us about the commitment to make it happen 1223 Last Stop Slaughterhouse And the important awareness message he wants to send to this project. But also about what it was like to work on a set Document – in your hands With Matilda Giuli and Luca Argentero, waiting to be seen in two new films, however, they remain very secretive.

How did the idea for your latest theatrical project come about: 1223 Last Stop Slaughterhouse?
Several years ago, I was very sensitive to the issue of animal rights, particularly the intensive livestock industry. I watched a Joaquin Phoenix documentary called Dominion And my life changed forever. It’s almost as if I’ve opened my eyes to a topic I didn’t know in the sense that it’s very interesting to understand how mass consumers completely detach from the reality of farm animals i.e. their path to becoming producers. Since I am in constant contact with this problem, for the sake of my sympathy speech because I recognize the right to life for all creatures and above all the right not to suffer, I have decided to devote a part of my artistic and human life to raising awareness about this issue, trying to connect people. And since I’m an actress, the best way to do this is to use technical language. So I decided to build a show.

A show that uses not one but several technical language: Can you explain how it happens?
We use not only prose, but also plastic artist, music with songs on a theme written and written live by unòrsominòre, my songwriter and collaborator. I also use language very close to theatrical conference, and publish scientific data and concepts, but always in an exciting and poignant way. Then I wrote a monologue that tells the highly sensitive love story of a cow bull and a dairy cow who find themselves united on a journey of death that leads them to the slaughterhouse on an intense farm. I will try through this poetic language, almost infantile, close to the primitive feeling of animals, to arouse the attention of the viewer and make him sensitive to the fact that animals are conscious beings, that is, they do not speak like us but feel, perceive the emotions and the world around them. To them, just like us. And then there will also be a physical performance of telling the alienation of the workers who work in the slaughterhouse, because this is also an important matter to be investigated. In fact, let’s try to imagine a human being working in such a place, usually non-EU nationals or people who have had problems with justice, usually the last to find themselves doing work every day there is a connection with the violent death he perpetrated These are against innocent creatures. So on a psychological level, there’s a whole world opening up.
In this work, I have included different types of languages ​​to make the message more direct.

Is there awareness in Italy of animal rights or not?
Definitely. We are in a time of great change and greater awareness than has been the case in years, and this has been made possible thanks to the work of many associations that have conducted clandestine investigations into these facts. Sensitivity to this issue has certainly increased, and in fact it is no coincidence that many people begin to prefer a vegetarian diet or in any case reduce meat consumption. But there is still much to be done, and in my opinion we must insist on starting from schools and young people who are very interested in the subject.

Your show in Rome is organized with two dates, but then will you take it all over Italy?
certainly. The dates April 22-23 in Rome are a preview of the project’s testing, and it will also be important for us to understand whether it works and where it will ultimately be necessary to adjust the shot. Then we plan to display it all over Italy.

Elisa de Osaño Emiliano Merlin unòrsomin

Elisa de Osagno and Emiliano Merlin, also known as Unòrsominòre

On TV we saw you in Ray’s Fantasy 1, Document – in your hands: Can you tell us about this experience?
Document – in your hands It was a really basic experience. In my career as an artist, it has given me a very important insight and potential to grow and reach the general public. It brings me a lot and I hope we can move forward with Season 3. For me it was also a wonderful human experience, because I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team, both visible and invisible.

Did you feel very comfortable working with Luca Argentero and Matilda Giuli?
Mathilde also became friends because we made a movie together a few years ago, Okay by Francesco Marioni, and in document We have strengthened this friendship. Matilde is a very real person, she is a volcano of energy and she is a very sensitive girl. I love him. Luca is the perfect helmsman, because he’s really what you see him. He is a good person, polite, polite, he is always one step behind, never imposing his person, he is very keen on teamwork. So when the helmsman is so beautiful, inside and out, the ship can only travel calmly.

I recently worked on the series devotionHow did you find yourself there?
There too, very well, because there is a real Lucrezia Guidon from Abruzzo like me. We’ve known each other before, we have a theatrical journey behind us, we have a lot of appreciation and we love each other very much. At Fidelity, I basically interacted with her, so there was perfect synergy. I also got along very well with the directors, Stefano Cibani and Andrea Molayoli, who are great professionals.

Do you have any anticipation for your future projects?
I was going to have it but it’s so modern… I can reveal I’m about to head back to the filming set for the cinema, but I can’t say more than that the trend is signed by a woman. There are two films in the pipeline.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?
I didn’t even ask myself what the problem was, because I was born in an artistic womb because my mom was a choreographer and dance theater teacher. That’s how my world has been since I was in her womb, and so I didn’t know anything else. Then he advised me to attend Silvio D’Amico Academy, I was a crazy horse, I was so full of energy that I needed to impart. But everything was normal, and I had no alternative.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress?
I have so much that I always freeze a little at this question. I have references ranging from the past, like Anna Magnani, to both more contemporary. So I don’t have a specific reference. I am a very curious person, so wherever there is talent, I remain enchanted. So I can give you many names, like Olivia Colman, Judi Dench, and Joaquin Phoenix.

I ask you a similar question: Do you have a favorite movie that you always see again?
Here an infinite state opens. If we stay on the contemporary side, I’m a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and as soon as I can review his films.

Elisa D'Osanio

Elisa D’Osanio