Simulation on Russian TV –

from Online Editing Russia’s Channel One showed a simulation of the devastation that nuclear weapons could cause to European cities. Moscow reiterates that it does not want a nuclear war, but Russian rhetoric has now framed this in Ukraine as a broader battle between Russia and the West. Since the beginning of the conflict Russian … Read more

Episode preview on Rai 1

Seven ladies’ paradise will be there Ladies Paradise 7 it will be. The seventh season of Paradiso was confirmed at the same time as the sixth, following uncertainty about the continuation of the soap in the Milanese store. Therefore, since prior to the first appearance of the fourth daily cycle, the achievement of the fifth … Read more

The controversy over the pro-Russian guests continues on Italian talk shows

In their coverage of the invasion of Ukraine, many Italian TV talk shows continued to host commentators, journalists, and analysts who had positions very close to those of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this continues to generate heated debate. This week, some members of the Oversight Committee of the Rai, the parliamentary body that controls … Read more

Tavasi cries for his mother (episode 12)

Live Isola dei Famosi 2022: Episode 12 and live commentary on April 29, 2022 Nicholas Vaporidis He faces his own internal crisisCelebrity Island 2022 And receives the encouragement of Vladimir Luxoria. Leader of the Week Guendalina Tavassi receives Mother Manuela’s surprise, regarding from the studio. Tavasi is affected as she restores her relationship with her … Read more

The car that follows Orsini, the nightly negotiations, and Bianca Giletti’s solution to deceive Flores

One day we’ll talk about “The Scandal”, the unexpected and real-life drama in which everyone spied on everyone, everyone plotted everything, and anyone who seemed ordinary had committed at least one murder: the present-day treaty which at the time of the broadcast did not We acknowledge it as such. But today I would like to … Read more

Artists like him no longer exist. And you hear – Libero Quotidiano

Giorgio Carbone April 28, 2022 February 20 last Johnny Dorley It turned 85. Congratulations. Even if a quarter of a century has passed since the last television appearance (Due per tre), Dorelei has remained in the imaginations of Italians, for he inhabited song when it was at its peak (Volare) and television (Johnny Seven) when … Read more

Attic overlooking the Altare della Patria

Mara Vinier is our undisputed Sunday Lady with Domenica In. The famous TV presenter lives with her husband, Nicola Carraro, in the heart of Rome with a panoramic view of Piazza Venezia. Let’s find out the most curious details of his house. Mara Venier in her house in Rome overlooking the Altare della Patria in … Read more