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Russia’s Channel One showed a simulation of the devastation that nuclear weapons could cause to European cities. Moscow reiterates that it does not want a nuclear war, but Russian rhetoric has now framed this in Ukraine as a broader battle between Russia and the West.

Since the beginning of the conflict Russian TV It played a crucial role in defining what Russians should know about the war in Ukraine. From the start, she has found herself in a position to deny reality—no one is empowered to define war, for example—and flip accusations (defining fake news massacres like Bucha’s), and find hard ways to tell the facts. Coming from the field (as in the case of those who seek revenge for the sinking of the lead ship of the Black Sea Fleet, Moskva, without realizing that the cruiser was hit by a Ukrainian missile).

But now, state television is expanding its role – and Western analysts see increased danger in the narrative of the war that followed.

In the past few hours, for example, a chilling simulation of how it was developed has been shown on Russian TV Russian nuclear attack To some European capitals – London, Berlin, Paris. According to some guests of one of the main Russian talk shows, 60 Minutes, hosted by Channel One, These cities will be destroyed within 200 seconds of being released Missiles from the Kaliningrad base.

Alexi ZhuravlyovNationalist Party leader Rodina said that A Sarmat missile will suffice, and the British Isles will no longer exist. He noted that I am speaking seriously, while another guest explained that Britain also has nuclear weapons, and no one will survive this war.

Zhuravlyov’s countenance was not unexpected by the fact that at that point television appeared Graph of the default trajectory of the missiles – which apparently could be launched from Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea – towards Berlin (106 seconds for impact), Paris (200 seconds) and London (202 seconds).

The sentences on Channel One come as Russia continues to say that it has no intention of seeking a nuclear confrontation with the West.

had to Russian President Vladimir PutinThree days after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, he ordered the nuclear deterrent system to be put on alert.

During a meeting with Defense Minister Shoigu in the Kremlin, Putin said that Western countries are not only imposing hostile sanctions on us, but also that the leaders of large NATO countries are launching aggressive claims against Russia. That is why I ordered the deterrence system to be put on alert. He said the consequences would be like never before in history.

Putin said last week that Moscow’s hypersonic missiles have the ability to bypass every defense system in the world.

What has alarmed Western analysts, more than the hypothesis of using nuclear weapons on the European capital, is the fact that Russian television has been invaded by statements calling for escalation — making it necessary to win an existential challenge. The deputy head of the Duma described it as a metaphysical clash between the forces of evil and the forces of good, a holy war that we must win.

In this sense, as Paolo Valentino writes here, the victory of the extremist wing within the Kremlin has already translated into very clear television messages. An all-out conflict, therefore, without any concern about military, political and economic costs: General Menekeev said: We are at war against the whole world, while the head of Russian diplomacy – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – made it clear that NATO is fighting a proxy war against Russia. Putin himself said that the West and NATO are trying to destroy Russia from within.

“Our submarines are capable of launching more than 50 nuclear missiles, which guarantees the destruction of the United States and NATO,” said Dmitry Kiselyov at the opening of his program on Sunday, March 28. What good is the world without Russia?

Latest news about the war in Ukraine

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Episode preview on Rai 1

Seven ladies’ paradise will be there

Ladies Paradise 7 it will be. The seventh season of Paradiso was confirmed at the same time as the sixth, following uncertainty about the continuation of the soap in the Milanese store. Therefore, since prior to the first appearance of the fourth daily cycle, the achievement of the fifth daily cycle is official (i.e. season seven in total, counting the first two seasons in fictional form).

When the ladies’ paradise comes out 7

release Ladies Paradise 7 The season is set for a month September 2022. The exact start date has not been reported. However, if we assume – the calendar is in hand – we imagine that someday it could be paper Monday 12 September 2022. If so, the approved launch mechanism for Season 6, which began on Monday, September 13, 2021, will be tracked. Official confirmations by Rai and/or Aurora TV who co-produce the soap.

The conspiracy of the ladies’ paradise 7

Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri), here on a show for
Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri), here in the setting of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

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We do not know details about The plot of the seventh season Ladies’ paradiseBut The end of the sixth opens up to many new dynamics.

Does Gloria really go to prison in the end and stay there? In the last episode of the sixth season, Moro He decides to turn himself inbut we think that – somehow – there could be a happy ending for her and her daughter, Stefania.

on Stefaniabetween and Marco It’s true (and forever) love that will seal itself with marriage? Marco has already made the proposal. can be realized.

Will Marcelo and Ludovica get back together or will Brancia fall in love with Torrebruna? At the end of the sixth season, Flavia’s daughter agrees to leave with Ferdinando, but is saddened by the separation from Barbieri. The latter is ready to take it back, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Not to mention it Flora, Umberto and Adelaide. We are in the hands of the writers of a seventh season of Paradise that heralds major turning points.

How does a ladies’ paradise end 6

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode ends 160 Where the store is “closed for weddings”. The April 29 1963In fact – the day the season finale takes place – is a day Marriage between Salvatore and Anna.

GloryAfter observing and listening to the torments StefaniaHe realizes that his daughter is giving up love to save her. So talk to Marco. He gives him advice and then makes a decision that could change his life. He chose to turn himself in without notifying anyone.

Ludovica accept proposal Torrebruna and leave with him. when Marcelo He realizes he made a mistake and runs to Barancia to get her back, it’s too late.

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Dante He keeps his word and returns the share of heaven. However, it aims to Adelaideunaware that the Countess makes it, Revenge of Umberto.

Stefania in a wedding party Anna and Salvator when Marco reach him. Love prevails.

Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 Cast, Actors and Characters

In the cast of Season 7, we are expecting the return of the group of performers, which includes:

  • Alessandro Tersini (Vittorio Conte)
  • Roberto Farnese (Humberto Guarnieri)
  • Vanessa Gravina (Adelaide de Sant Erasmo)
  • Antonella Ateli (Agnes Amato)
  • Massimo Poggio (Ezio Colombo)
  • Emmanuel Caserio (Salvatore Amato)
  • Julia Arena (Ludovica Brancia di Montalto)
  • Mariavitoria Cozyla (Dora Vianello)
  • Francesca del Fa (Irene Cipriani)
  • Pietro Ginwardi (Armando Ferraris)
  • Pietro Masotti (Marcelo Barbieri)
  • Kiara Russo (Maria Pugliese)
  • Lara Kumar (Gloria Morrow)
  • Katrina Burton (Beatrice Conte)
  • Grace Ambrose (Stefania Colombo)
  • Julia Vecchio (Anna Impriani)
  • Filippo Scaravia (Roberto Landy)
  • Valentina Bartolo (Veronica Zanata)
  • Lucrezia Massari (Flora Ravasi Gentile)
  • moisy korea (Marco de Sant Erasmo)
  • Luca Grispini (Nino Zackshaw)
  • Jaya Bavaro (Gemma Zanata)
  • Greta Oldoni (Fiornza Gramini)
  • Magdalena Grushowska (Flavia Brancia de Montalto)
  • Fabio Volco (Ferdinando Torbruna)

Heaven of the Ladies 7 trailer, does it really exist?

It’s still too early to see Season Seven Trailer. Trailer for the second episode of Ladies’ paradise Not yet available on YouTube, we’re convinced it will be about two months after the next season premieres on Rai 1. In the meantime, here’s the previous season:

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The number of episodes of Paradise for Ladies is 7, how many episodes are there?

Ladies’ Paradise 7 – Daily 5 count 160 episodes Like the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. Only the third (season 1, daily) consisted of 180 episodes. The first two sessions are separate from each other, as they were conceived on the first evening. However, the first two seasons Ladies’ paradise They have twenty episodes each.

Ladies’ paradise It’s production Rai and Aurora TV. The direction entrusted to the various directors: the daily a Isabella Leone, Marco McCaffery, Francesco Pavolini and Riccardo Mosca.

7 ladies’ paradise in the flow, where it can be seen

Ladies Paradise 7 flow Available in Ray Play Simultaneously with the broadcast on Al-Rai Channel One and after.

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The controversy over the pro-Russian guests continues on Italian talk shows

In their coverage of the invasion of Ukraine, many Italian TV talk shows continued to host commentators, journalists, and analysts who had positions very close to those of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this continues to generate heated debate. This week, some members of the Oversight Committee of the Rai, the parliamentary body that controls the work of the public radio and television service, proposed a kind of joint investigation with Copasir, the parliamentary committee that controls the work of the secret services: it seems that if he does nothing, but in the next few days Both bodies are likely to hold a hearing with Carlo Fortez, Rai CEO.

The controversies surrounding the talk show guests are more relevant with respect to Rai, but they include all major networks, especially La7 and Rete 4. Part of them include Italian scientists and experts with controversial positions and who in general tend to defend the reasons for the Russian invasion and Putin: these include: Cases, for example, Alessandro Orsini, professor of sociology of terrorism who in the past month and a half has become very popular on television, is a regular guest on several schedules each week (especially White papers On Rai 3 and Cleaning Campaign On La7), writes regularly on Happening every dayand now he also holds a show called “Ukraine. Everything They Don’t Tell You”.

Several other scholars and experts have argued in critical television positions towards NATO and the West’s approach to war, with further arguments standing and without questioning that an aggressive war on the part of Russia against Ukraine is underway. Thinkers and analysts who have expressed positions generally attributed to pacifism are often described as “pro-Russian”, and attributed to alleged bad faith. This summary and hasty approach to managing different viewpoints has also sparked lively discussion on social networks and newspapers in recent weeks.

But in parallel with this kind of interference, in recent weeks there has also been a wide space on Italian television for people officially associated with Putin’s government, or who have obvious informal ties, and who have basically been able to expose their arguments. Russian propaganda.

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This is the case of Alexander Dugin, the far-right philosopher who is considered one of the ideologues of Putin’s Russia, interviewed by Rete 4. Right hand and back and then outside the corewho also had to participate in White papers before skipping the interview. Recently participated in White papers it’s half past eight On La7 Nadana Fridrikhson, journalist for Russian TV ZvidzaState-controlled, which repeated Putin’s propaganda narrative that invading Ukraine would be a process of “disarmament” and “disarmament”. A few days ago in white area, Rete 4 programme, hosted by Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Still other cases involve guests who fought or worked as journalists in the breakaway republics of Donbass, and publicly supported the arguments of pro-Russian forces.

These interviews and these interventions provoked reactions from some politicians. Andrea Romano, a Democrat and a member of the oversight committee, suggested that Copasir be involved in a hearing scheduled next week with Fortes to talk about “the highly sensitive issue of the information transmitted and the quality of the discussions hosted.” “We want to understand if they are freely working Russian journalists or even Russian government officials who spread Kremlin propaganda,” said Italian deputy Viva Michele Anzaldi. Republic.

– Read also: Because Italy is very loyal to Russia

Since Kupasir also plans to speak with Fortes, a joint hearing was contemplated: but the head of the oversight body of the secret services, Adolfo Urso, of Fratelli d’Italia, had already said that he preferred two different meetings, such that Kubacer’s meetings were covered in secrecy.

Meanwhile, the Commission is currently discussing a resolution promoted by Alberto Paraccini of Forza Italia that would motivate Ray to favor free speeches on talk shows and favor rotating guests. Many renamed it the “Orsini Decision”, as it was conceived right after the controversy over the contract he proposed to him White papersAlready in the middle of a heated debate. However, members of the 5-Star Movement oppose the decision, officially because they believe it will favor competition from private networks. to me RepublicHowever, the opposition will also be linked to the alleged recent rapprochement between M5S leader Giuseppe Conte and Orsini.

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Christian DeLord: From magic on the piano to communicating with animals

I met Christian Dilord as a pianist and composer, he had always been interested in the 432Hz frequency and music as food for the soul and for meditation. I also listened to it live in the Piano House formula he invented years ago. When the album “L’Essenza” was released, also on vinyl, I invited him to perform live at the Red Baron award-winning Circo Volante. Here’s the video.

Christian DeLord Live album “Licenza”

He told me some time ago about his experiences in which, even with just a picture of an animal, he was able to communicate with him. So we asked him and Morena to ask our little dog Holly why every now and then she would sit on one foot while walking. The response was surprising. He told us Holly had described to him the moment she jumped over a hole, was injured and reminded us that it wasn’t a perfect jump. Plus other things Holly wanted to tell us.

At the end of an interview with Heather Parisi, she told me about her cat Aragorn and talked to him about Christian’s communication potential. She immediately sent me a picture of Aragorn which I had sent to Dilord. After a few days he sent me his interview with Aragorn and I sent it to Heather. A great result, especially in the details, like when Christian said Aragorn was scared because he was locked in the closet, which was confirmed by his twins Heather and Umberto.

But how can a person communicate with a cat living in Hong Kong just by looking at a picture?!? I don’t know. The fact remains that Heather immediately sent a picture of Otto, her mother’s dog, to see if she was happy and getting along with her daughter India’s dick.

So I invited Christian DeLord back to the Red Baron’s award winning Flying Circus to tell this beautiful mystery. Heather and Umberto let me show Aragorn’s picture and tell the story. Then, of course, Christian played too. Here is the video:

Christian DeLord Communicating with animals and meditation music

I also asked Christian to tell us about himself by writing about him and I received this article:

Christian DeLord – creator, pianist and writer
Energy readings for animals and plants
Write to [email protected]

I write and play to create connections across the world of feelings and something beyond perception. Freedom of expression is part of my way of being and it fits harmoniously with my feelings. Dreamy elegant, melodious accompanied by a dance of notes that remember dreams and embrace the world of emotions.

Music, creativity and poetry have always been a part of my life since childhood. I use music to convey feelings, I love to write, tell the world I see around me and notice everything through the eyes of a child in constant search to learn not to learn and always discover something new.

Music has always been a part of my life since childhood.

I have a memory of a long time ago, I was with my dad on Italian TV trying to be selected as a testimonial for a TV ad; After the selection a man came to me and said “choose what you like, we want to give you a gift to share”. I don’t know why, but out of everything I could choose from (lots of kids’ toys…) I chose a mini keyboard and was one of the happiest kids in the world.

I think that was the exact moment when I remembered that life gave me the joy of being a musician. Many years later, I now realize that kid was trying to share a message: Live to learn to be yourself.

In 2021 I published the project “The Essence” in which I invite audiences to rediscover their authenticity through music, eight songs that accompany people on an inner journey on piano notes, also made from meditation on music.

With “Licenza” I propose to rediscover oneself and one’s possibilities, dedicating each of the eight passages to a different passage of this process. In fact, when playing the drum, we can start from the full realization of what “essence” is.

Some people always ask me where this name “DeLord” came from: When I was 16 I took the role of English pianist “John Lord” in my first tryout in Deep Purple to perform in the J-Rock music project which got me playing in Russia and at Alcatraz in Milan .

To book your own energy readings:

“Everything speaks to us in every moment. We are frequencies and we are energy. There is a world beyond what is felt and it is up to us to make it real.”

I write and play to create connections across the world of feelings and something beyond perception. In my life I have always been interested in one way or another in connecting with how I feel on the inside and helping people express their inner world through emotions.

After many years of searching, I realized that what we seek and want is already inside of us and we just have to live to learn in each moment to be the best version of ourselves.

Theta Healing® is a technology that learns the best way to use intuition and activate the self-healing process. In 2014, I deepened this technique using shamans in the Inner Healing Path. I continue to participate in many seminars and paths that have led me to learn intuitive communication with animals and plants.

I feel so much closer to this philosophy that I’m finally starting to give answers to questions about the life I’ve been leading for so long.

Intuitive communication with animals is an innate ability of humans that everyone can develop but in most cases they are still dormant. In fact, we are not taught from an early age to listen to our intuitions and our hearts and to rely more on our gut feeling to be able to communicate with animals. If our desire to connect is real and well-directed, then the power of love will be our communication energy.

Practicing ThetaHealing® on animals means improving their quality of life and ours.

Read at

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Tavasi cries for his mother (episode 12)

Live Isola dei Famosi 2022: Episode 12 and live commentary on April 29, 2022

Nicholas Vaporidis He faces his own internal crisisCelebrity Island 2022 And receives the encouragement of Vladimir Luxoria. Leader of the Week Guendalina Tavassi receives Mother Manuela’s surprise, regarding from the studio. Tavasi is affected as she restores her relationship with her mother; Later Ilary makes some blunders forgetting that Guendalina is the leader. So Savino taunts her and the hostess unleashes herself by harassing Marco Cocolo for being so talkative this evening. Finally, the nomination: Who will end up on TV? Many untouchables have pebbles to remove… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Nicholas Vaporidis in crisis

Flash TV inCelebrity Island 2022 Between Laurie Del Santo, Marco Sines and Ilona Staller. Laurie and Ilona are rescued, while Marco is officially eliminated. The Senate received 24% of the vote, Ilona 32% and Lory 44%. Small disease, meanwhile, to Laura Madaloni Before the coconut contest. However, Alvin reassures everyone about his health and ensures that he is at rest just as a precaution. Elari Blassie’s right arm was gently scolded by the host and her guests for being too slow during rehearsals.

“I have to do it, at least let me do it”, It is shown during the live broadcast. A beautiful curtain is born before the discovery of the new leader of the week between Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi. The girl beats her brother in the test despite Eduardo’s hatred. Then the space shifted to the crisis of Nicholas Vaporidis, who was moved directly by thinking about the time he did not dedicate to the people he loved. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Licia Nunez was eliminated by a kiss from Judah to Alexander

The first provisions inCelebrity Island 2022 For nominations. The first contender except Guendalina Tavassi, and the second Marco Cuculo. Eduardo, Gwendalina Tavasi’s brother, Lycia Nunez is still on the line. The envelope arrives at the studio and Elari Blasey immediately gets to the point: Elimination of Licia Nunez. The drowning woman must make one last gesture before leaving the island, that is, the kiss of Judas. The kiss goes to Alessandro, son of Carmen Di Pietro: “In the latter I’ve seen him flutter from one side of the island to the other without taking any stand, that’s why my vote goes to him!” , explains to her. Di Pietro shrugs her shoulders, Licia greets everyone and offers special wishes to her friend, “The one who lit up my life, who celebrated his birthday yesterday.” (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Lesia is merciless with a blind

“The ones that connect me with are fond memories, but they are part of the past. We got to a point where the story ended, at least for me. I’m sorry. We’ll never get back together.” with these words Roger Baldwin Archives the romance lived with Beatrice, unaware of the fact that as of next Monday, his ex-partner will be an official new rival toFamous Island. “I have never known a liar like him. Such a person is incredible. I can never fall in love with a person like that,” Beatrice says disappointedly in contact with Elari. The presenter changes the subject and returns to the island to compare Lycia Nunez and the Blind. The outcast has something to say to the young singer and accuses him of strategizing. He apparently rejects the accusations against the sender… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Laura Madalone Asphalt Guendalina Tavassi

body resumes A fight between Gwendalina Tavasi and Laura Madaloni. The former felt threatened by the aggressive undertones of Clemente Rousseau’s wife, but according to the latter they are only fantasies. Nerves light up during the live broadcast of Isola dei Famosi 2022 and Blasi announces that the authors have decided to challenge them to a physical exam Laura and Gwendalina To grab a bag full of vehicles. Tavasi doesn’t feel it, and says the challenge is uneven. But Elari Plassey encouraged her to get busy and not give up. However, there is not much to do, the Maddaloni drops it to the test of strength and endurance, having paved it with words. Sparks entered again? Not even for an idea. The outcasts continue to tease each other… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Carmen abused her son Alessandro

Twelfth episode ofCelebrity Island 2022 Also this evening we are ready to follow it and comment on it live. First contact in Honduras with Carmen Di Pietro and her son Alessandro. Between the two, there are a few things that need to be made clear: She’s very intrusive and he’s now reached his limit of stamina. The announcer takes the boy’s side and introduces Carmen as a “demanding mother”. “And then Alessandro is twenty years old, no longer a child!” , says Elari Blasey. How do you blame her? But Carmen does not agree with her and is offended. “I would just like to be her protective ward,” comments the shipwrecked. Space then to the brawl between Guendalina Tavassi and Laura Maddaloni, all for coconuts. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Isola dei Famosi 2022, preview and live episode 12, on April 29

L ‘Celebrity Island 2022 He continues to bring some touches to the audience that will follow tonight’s twelfth episode of his reality show ilary plassi. The episode airing tonight will be one full of fights and confrontations following the latest dynamics that drove outcasts to squabble in Honduras. Besides Elari Blasey, as always, there will be commentators Nicolas Savino and Vladimir Luxoria Who will comment on everything that will happen in Palapa where the outcasts will find themselves under the supervision of envoy Alvin.

One of the most anticipated moments is definitely face to face between them Guendalina Tavassi and Laura Maddaloni. Strong and outspoken, in the past few hours, Guendalina and Laura have been heroes in a food-fueled brawl. Guendalina chose to offer coconuts only to her former mates of the Cucaracha tribe, unleashing the wrath of Laura and Clemente who didn’t like Tavassi’s attitude at all. Tonight, Blasey will pit Gwendolyn and Laura against each other in a showdown.

The love triangle between Estefania, Roger and Beatriz on Celebrity Island

There will not only be discussions, but also talk about love during the twelfth episode ofCelebrity Island 2022. In particular, Hilary Blasey will try to clarify all the story points in between Estefania, Roger and Beatriz Marino who agreed to leave for Honduras to get a face-to-face clarification with her ex-boyfriend.

After comparisons to previous episodes, this evening, Beatriz will face both Roger who was to break his vows before leaving for Honduras and with him. Estefania who spent important words for Roger also talking about marriage. What will happen tonight between Beatrice, Roger and Estefania? Will Roger choose to stay with his partner, or will he return to Beatrice?

Carmen de Pietro worried

Space, then, interesting Carmen de Petro who is increasingly concerned about his son Alessandro who is still impatient with him, and wants more independence and autonomy. Furthermore, during the evening, Ilary Blasi will officially shut down the television broadcast of the famous Island and one in between Eduardo, Gwendalina Tavasi, Marco Cocolo And Lycia Nunez He will leave Palapa to reach Playa Sgamada.

Moreover, there will also be in Playa Sgamada the result of the TV broadcast that will decide between them Laurie Del SantoAnd Marco Sinnis And Ilona Staller He will have to leave the island permanently at the request of the public.

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The car that follows Orsini, the nightly negotiations, and Bianca Giletti’s solution to deceive Flores

One day we’ll talk about “The Scandal”, the unexpected and real-life drama in which everyone spied on everyone, everyone plotted everything, and anyone who seemed ordinary had committed at least one murder: the present-day treaty which at the time of the broadcast did not We acknowledge it as such. But today I would like to talk about a scene from the movie “Scandal” with Roman heroes.

I tell you this story as I have been told, I have no idea if it really happened (you won’t take me to anyone who gives news), and I tell you not so much as a sign of confidence in my country. Source (who swears it went exactly that way) as in honoring that old rule that says “print the legend”: if a story is beautiful, who cares if it’s fiction.

It is the night of Tuesday, April 19, and Professor Alessandro Orsini, having left the place he had been in contact with Carta Bianca, the Rai 3 program run by Bianca Berlinguer, realizes that a car is following him.

It is a service car, with two murderous assassins on board, the purpose of which is to prevent Orsini from talking about receiving phone calls from Mariupol, defying the sense of cynicism of the Italian public, who risks waking up from the interdicted congregation and thinking that, he should hear all this nonsense, he He prefers the addictive mythological stories of his sister-in-law about how many kilograms he lifted in the gym, and can the TV turn it off?

It’s a car for the fan club, who wants to show him his closeness, tells him he believes in everything, in his grandfather’s happy childhood, in the primacy of degrees in the humanities, in the poetic cosmic justice for which, they take money for guests of dogs and rays, will you see that Orsini Is the only one that should be shown on TV for free?

Is Skanzi the one who flips the window and admits “If they pay me, it’s a shame they don’t pay you”? Is it a batmobile? Is this a wagon about to turn into a pumpkin? Bianca Berlinger will thank him because it is thanks to him that, finally, the program that receives the most attention Tuesday evening?

never. They are the authors of Floris, i.e. Dimartedì, the rival program of the White Book conducted by Giovanni Flores. Tuesday evening on La7. If you intend to interrupt me by asking why the authors of Flores should approach Orsini on Tuesday night in the middle of the street, instead of calling him quietly on the phone during the day, or going to look for him at the university or some place free. Thinking hero spends his days, know that you are not suitable for “scandal” and the endless comment of disbelief is necessary to believe that Olivia Pope kills the Vice President of the United States with a chair hitting his head over and over, and no one. ever known.

So please don’t interrupt me while I’m intent on it print the legend. He says the legend it is in This is Tuesday At night, these two figures get close to Orsini, who is already unsatisfied with the basics. It is true that after the moralists closed the bars and his paid contract, he did what was urgent to tell the truth to the nation and went on to participate in the White Paper anyway, but he is not happy, and I would like to see you: would you have the same enthusiasm for your work if they did not pay you? (Sorry, I got the wrong question: You actually stay on Twitter all day for free, convinced the nation needs to know your view of the world. But I was talking about people who have a market for their opinions.)

So the authors of Floris told him: Professor, come to us, draw the number, there is a blank bank transfer ready for you. Sorry for a moment, says Orsini, a man with a price, and in front of them he names who for Italians he is the daughter of Enrico Berlinger, and for Mauro Corona it is Bianchina.

What should I do, Bianca, they pay me and you don’t. (It’s a reconstruction without my recording unfortunately, and therefore I can’t say if Orsini calls Berlinguer on air “dottoressa”, or Corona “Bianchina”).

Berlinguer, whom I like to imagine with rollers on her head already in bed while Manconi plays alongside Raimondo Vianello, tells him: Give me time until tomorrow, I’ll find a solution.

The next day, the solution would arrive, bearing a name, a surname, and a bandage on the hand (a bookcase seemed to have fallen: the weight of culture): Massimo Gilletti. I’m not going to rebuild you for my Gillette itself, because I’m afraid of getting lost: La7 streams, where everyone hates everyone, reminiscent of the Democratic Party (talking about it alive).

Spanking: Orsini can’t go to Formigli because (as they say) he’s now too attached to Fatto Quotidiano, which wouldn’t suit average guest Mario Calabresi; If you go to Flores, the Berlinguer threatens ruin; The solution is the connector everyone hates at La7, in that weird TV folks’ perception that not the arena is a network-lowering joke and eight-and-a-half jokes uplifting.

Since hatred is a two-way phenomenon, Gillette will bring back intolerance towards other broadcasters of the broadcaster, and therefore he will be happy to support the idea of ​​Bianca Berlinger: If you pay for it, dear Massimo, I can continue to do so. Free and beat this Tuesday broadcast guy who hates how we hate ourselves among professional opponents and you hate how we hate ourselves among brother-in-laws.

And so, last Sunday, Orsini went to Gilletti, and at one point–what a pleasure in good manners–he said “I came to her this evening because I like her style of driving,” instead of: I’m here for the bill.

But listening to the Gillette episode is less than usual. Not only that, but on the day before yesterday, Tuesday, our hero returned to where his attendance is free, to Bianca Berlinguer, and while continuing in his role as Lina Sotis from Geopolitics (“I know very well that Lukashenko is a dictator and a cyclist a gentleman”), he fails to Make it win in the evening.

The question is, will the pay-for-two deal last? Will Dominica Orsini be in Giletti again, and so for the next three Sundays, as they say by Ray, or was it a contract for one appearance and no one ever thought to keep it there as permanent furniture, as they swore at La7? Is it true that yesterday Flores offered him three thousand euros per episode and Orsini refused, a man for one? I would like to be a “scandal” type hacker, spy on contracts and transfers, know and be able to reveal the truth about the state-Orsini deal; Even if only to be able to say, like Ale to Bianchina, “I said it three weeks before the head of the CIA.”

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Artists like him no longer exist. And you hear – Libero Quotidiano

Giorgio Carbone

February 20 last Johnny Dorley It turned 85. Congratulations. Even if a quarter of a century has passed since the last television appearance (Due per tre), Dorelei has remained in the imaginations of Italians, for he inhabited song when it was at its peak (Volare) and television (Johnny Seven) when there was no spurt, Italian cinema (bread and chocolate) , L’Agnese dies) when she was the best in the world. She passed away last week Catherine Plumber Who was his partner in the most successful period (for both) and memory can’t fail to go to “First Time Together”, the hilarious widow opera on TV where they simulated a love that was already going on in reality and that would have given them a baby. I met Dorelei at the end of the ’80s while filming Trabola by Carlo Lisani. To the usual question (his plans for the future) he answered in great bewilderment: «Well, projects, after all, I am already fifty years old …». But how was he actually thinking about early retirement? In fact, he might have been thinking about it. Because he has been in the show business since he was 16 years old. Since his father (a famous Italian singer in America with the name Nino d’Aurelio) introduced him to Frank Sinatra. From Sinatra to Teddy Reno In less than a year.

Catherine Died Plumber Revelation: That Slap On The Set With Alberto Sordi

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And it happened right away
The singer (but above all a great manager) from Trieste threw the nineteen-year-old from America (but was born in MEDA) into his TV show and it just happened right away. The audience loves him immediately, record companies are less (while Tenorians love him Claudio Villa and Tajole). But they should be convinced when Dorelei wins the 22nd at the Sanremo Festival with drawing Neil Bleu de Bleu (paired with Modogno). The following year, again with Modugno, he appeared with Piove. It is then that the great TV director Daniel Danza believes in him as an actor and imposes him as the protagonist in the novel series Tempo di musica. “Dorelli – he says – I chose him because he has an irredeemably submissive atmosphere” (the drama is set during fascism and Johnny plays the good Italian who is done without conviction in all fascist wars, while fascists remain in their homes).

Cerebral hemorrhage, vision loss.  Catherine Plumber and Illness: How She Lived Two Years

The transmission is short-lived but at the same time Johnny has established himself in a triple role that few Italian viewers can cover. He sings well (among the best) he acts casual (even if he’s going to do the best in cinema in ten years) he’s a very nice artist (Johnny Cera). In his private life, he is quite shy, he is systematically drawn to gossip professionals. But he can’t keep the news under wraps when Catherine was a plumber (the second important woman in his life, the first Loretta Masiero) become pregnant. However, gossip with him did not fill many pages.

What he never showed anyone: The death of Catherine Plumber, the tearful revelation of Eleonra Daniel

moral life
Despite many (potential) occasions, his love life has been that of monogamy (long spells with Maseiro and a plumber and marriage to actress Gloria Gueda who resisted beautifully for 40 years). Johnny III (after singer and artist) arrives at around 40 years old. young film director, Franco Brusati, In bread and chocolate he discovers its dark side. They manufacture a Milanese fixer in Italy who has woken up from the euphoria of the boom and turned to a policy of kickbacks and knives in the back. In 1977 with Il Mostro, he became even more “black”: he is the father, not innocent, of a serial killer (who knows if he showed it to his son Gianluca, who became an excellent singer). Then perhaps fearful that Johnny will come back subdued and subdued. He is the master of the heart and Zeno in the Swabian consciousness. Dorelian replied to his mother-in-law, who called him “the best man in the house”: “I am also the only one left.”


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Poem for “Who Watched It?” , the only realistic arcs on TV torn by fairytales

You may not have noticed but the day after the weekly episode of who saw?the famous Rai program dedicated to the search for missing persons and the deepening of inaccessible and unsolved Italian mysteries, for fans of cheap rubbish, Twitter becomes a real goldmine.

However, once this demise of irony begins to fade, we deal with the harsh reality of facts: research who saw? With the right lenses, we can perceive that fracture that separates reality from appearance, in a way that discovers the basis of suffering in the funny side and vice versa, the ironic side in the tragic. The program’s mission can be summed up as follows: “Reductions in welfare, increasing social inequalities, and divisions created by an increasingly polarized society breed monsters. And remember, those monsters can be you.”

at who saw? The lens abandons the rhetoric of pomp to take us living in a worn-out country, reduced to a pulp by the dynamics of austerity, moved more and more by a new, bread-thirsty underclass, which, day after day, is forced to devise a gimmick that can be useful to make ends meet; And at any moment, this misery could turn into a primeval soup of tragic and unexpected effects. This is the unspoken truth that the hashtag #chilhavisto slams us under our noses from week to week when this trend enters and tears open the veil of Maya that we thought was indestructible, drawing our attention to an Italy that exists but most of which we pretend we don’t see or feel the parallel dimension ; A kind of “underworld” that we rarely notice, in which the interviewees do not seem to be our unsuspecting neighbors to whom we ask sugar for cake batter, but remember closely the typical features of the inhabitants of an unknown city from the southern United States where absolutely nothing happened, but He could, in the short run, reveal his worst, bloodthirsty face, just as in Stephen King’s novel.

Perhaps, Federica Sciarelli’s program has shouldered the burden of reminding us that, under the pillar of social norms in which we accepted peaceful coexistence to avoid turning into bloodthirsty monsters, there is a disturbing microcosm of crooked teeth, stories of territorial, bloody and psychological harassment, horrible magnets that paint a disturbing mosaic on Fridges, easy family photos, home contexts that limit absurdity and fashion, that is, a bit eccentric.

Scroll through the feed on Thursday after who saw , The feeling you get is similar to what you might realize while reading a Cormac McCarthy novel, or watching the movie Queens or one of those series that has reworked that material and this kind of fantasy in recent years: with a difference, in the case of who saw?All of this is absolutely true.

Evil is one step away from us and as Alan Moore taught us in one of his masterpieces, killer joke “A bad day is enough to reduce the most sane man on the planet to a madman.” One day you drive your child to school, and the next day you may find yourself making methamphetamine in the garage to pay for his care, like Walter White; One day you are Batman, and the next you may turn into the Joker. This is perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from an episode who saw?TV’s only realistic arcs torn apart by fairy tales.

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“Gigi Pruitt told me not to be quiet and laugh at her” –

from Stefania Olivi

Actor: I am a slow man like my city, Rome. Have you reached the age of fifty? I shoved them on top of me, 30 of them in disarray. I was thrown out of the imagination

Plan A: Become a Footballer (I was a moderate teenager: I didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t addiction, didn’t go out on Saturday nights, sports were everything. Until age 21, when I took off, I was disciplined.) Plan B: Be a teacher (The merit or fault of an Italian teacher, Giaime Rodano: For the first time in my life I met someone who did a job out of passion. I knew none of it. A farmer’s grandfather in Sutri, my grandmother a fish wife, and my father, who had no signs from the countryside to come to work in Rome in The ’70s, and he had electric friends, and things like that… all working hard but out of necessity, not passion). Occupation: Actor, director and screenwriter.
Edoardo Leo specifies that this happened a little by chance. I went to auditions because I wanted to pay for college myself, and I wanted to prove to my parents that it wasn’t crazy for me to get into literature after struggling to graduate from high school. It seemed like a job like any other: I’d done a quick pony, with a friend we’d dump milk at night, I’d work at my uncles’ booth at Sutri Cemetery. I was aiming for commercials: little time, good profits.

He just turned 50, on April 21, Roma’s birthday.

A trivial coincidence, but any coincidence can be seen in a romantic way. Thinking that I was born on the same day as my hometown seems like a small destiny for someone like me to tell stories. 50 is not a date that drives me to report, and to look back, I let it slip away.

No festoon?

Dinner with the most intimate people. The party was taking place in the Power of Rome room, and I tied my face to the face of my city on buses around Rome. I can no longer ride a motorbike, always behind myself. I do not congratulate myself but this, I admit, pleases me.

His (professional) life begins at the age of forty. Trilogy I Stop When I Want, Landing as Director, The Extraordinary Success of Perfect Strangers, Dopofestival, Ozpetek’s La Dea Fortuna, Based on Gigi Proietti, The Tour, Recently Rebooted, by Ti I Telling a story.

I have thirty years of apprenticeship behind me, not a career. I look young professional.

At first there were failures at the Silvio D’Amico Academy and at the Experimental Center.

If I revise my academy exam, I might also fail. I remember they told me, “You can scream.” I suffered, and I thought I couldn’t. I developed what was the driver of my life: a sense of revenge. I wanted to break free from stereotypes. I was not an artistic child and thought that I could be an artist anyway, I did not belong to a family of people who studied and graduated, convinced that in this way I could free myself from the image of a boy with a footballer’s face and broad shoulders. The desire for revenge if it does not exhaust you helps you. Even to be a manager. I wrote the script for Eighteen years later But no one wanted to direct it, so I did. And everything changed.

In a spirit of revenge, did you invent a diploma at La Scaleta? Which now, for the record, he reports among his students on his website.
It worked. Thanks to this approach, she got an audition for the Italian-French co-production and the first role, a psychopath named Olmo. Then many things came. I’ve done a lot of lousy novels, but some lousy movies as well. I had no choice. It was called “paying rent”. I also experienced great frustration. I thought I deserved more chances than they gave me. I had a really hard time, I was even fired from a TV series after two weeks.

What is the series?

I don’t want to reopen the file, it was a very popular product at the time. Something that puts you at 27 and 28 in a crisis.

Did you meet this product again?

Yes, but I didn’t say hello, I was sent away in a bad way. After a period of depression I woke up. Other lucky encounters, such as Nino Manfredi, one of my superheroes with Scola, have helped me. And the project. I got off right away. change me.

How do?

I didn’t study with him, I first worked in theater for him Jealousy Drama. He told me, “Don’t try to be nice, because you’re not nice. You make people laugh.” He was right, I imagined myself in the role of the hero, it made me understand that I was destined to be against the hero. But it took me a while to do the comedy because they didn’t take me into consideration for the funny roles. It was my fault too, I was taking pictures where I was trying to be nice and I wasn’t.

Really considered a beauty of our cinema, we have to come to terms with that thing.

Quote from Proietti again. In my post he says: “I don’t have the mood of a star”. Here, you must have a great mood, I don’t. I stopped worrying about my physical appearance, the glamorous part, if I saw the pictures even 15 years ago only with the cigarette, the cracked eye, the look turned to the horizon make me laugh. I do some photoshoots, I rarely go to TV.

He did Dopofestival in 2018, for.

I don’t count my bread. That was cute but even then it took me a long time to say yes. The problem is that I’m slow in evaluating things, I’m in common with Roma in being slow, even in writing.

Will they call you in Sanremo? He is also a singer with an orchestra.
They’d call me for the festival, and I’d go, and I’d be glad. Orchestra was born because we love to sing grandmothers songs, I realized that a lot of boys don’t know. Traditional Romanian songs are very violent, tragic, and there is always someone to be killed by death. Violence seems almost a genetic destiny for this city, which, between myth or reality, is based on fratricide. The history of the Roman Empire also oscillated between the will to dominate and self-destruction. We carry this violence within us, today less physically and more verbally. We live in contradiction, hatred and alienation from those who rule us, and a form of servile acceptance from which we cannot escape.

Mistakes you regret?

Different when I can’t choose, because of need. Now that I can do this, I may blame myself for doing so many things. But I did very little until I was forty, and there may have been a little bulimia in the past ten years.

A law-abiding teenager, he must have been idyllic with his parents.

I quarreled with my father for decades, and now the dispute is fortunately resolved. I was fighting for my studies, I graduated with minimum grades, got his degree in night school, worked and already had a son. Then when I decided to be an actor, we didn’t talk to each other for a while. As for me, I’ve been studying at night, never opening a book before nine in the evening, and I’ve been writing at night yet. For a family of employees like mine, a strange thing. I am the first graduate. That 110 and the praise also had the value of the ransom. And I kept the stupid promise I made to myself.

it by saying?

If I get the highest score, I’ll put him in the shower. There is a bachelor’s degree framed above the cup.

Very conservative on the topic of private life, he never talks about his wife and children. why?

An initial choice I have always kept his faith in. I may have lost some cover in the papers because I didn’t talk about my own feelings. In my opinion, I’m doing well, for many reasons. Last but not least, the fact that it’s hard to be a dad when your face is around, you have to keep balance and sobriety, and it’s easy to get lost. A point I gave myself. It’s not really difficult.

And does she also have a kind of shyness in dealing with her?

Reserved, not shy. I could be naked on stage, but if I had to enter a restaurant full of people I’d like them to disappear, I feel my gaze toward me: I don’t like it outside of my profession.

Messy, night, late, same friends, same songs. This is how she tells herself.

There is not much to say. I have an office, I go, I write, not a heroic resume. I say to men who want to do this work: Read the biographies of the actors. I love them. These are others.

Gilorossi fan: Better David Di Donatello on the way or five minutes on the pitch at Olimpico?

Five minutes on the pitch with Roma. Maybe David will arrive sooner or later. When I’m on stage in front of 3,000 people on my own, I feel dizzy similar to what I think a player scores in front of their audience feels like.

Do you still play football?

For over 15 years, with the same group of friends. Someone has dinner in Montesacro, we lock ourselves up after the game. An oasis for me. None of them do my job, I listen to life, it’s just about the way I played, not what I do. I never give up, I take trains and planes to be there. To be an actor there is a risk of locking yourself up in a bubble. Living within the NCC. I prefer Vespa.

He translated Otello into Neapolitan and Roman.

For the new movie, I am not what I am. I’ve been memorizing it for years, it was supposed to be my first directing appearance. At present, I play Iago. Actors include Ambrosia Caldarelli, Jawad Maraqib, and Antonia Tropo. My dream would then be to take him to the theatre, to the world. I don’t know the release date yet.


No, but I think I did a little. For a while, I worried that some directors were not taking me into account. Then came Genovese and Uzbek. I would like to work with Virz, I know him well, then Salvatores, Garrone, Sorrentino. With authors who have not contacted me. never say never.

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Attic overlooking the Altare della Patria

Mara Vinier is our undisputed Sunday Lady with Domenica In. The famous TV presenter lives with her husband, Nicola Carraro, in the heart of Rome with a panoramic view of Piazza Venezia. Let’s find out the most curious details of his house.

Mara Venier in her house in Rome overlooking the Altare della Patria in Piazza Venezia

Mara Venier in her house in Rome overlooking the Altare della Patria in Piazza Venezia

Mara Venere She is the undisputed queen of the Sunday afternoon. The “Sunday lady”, as she is often defined, asserts herself as one of the most successful Italian TV presenters thanks to Domenica In on Rai 1, which she has conducted since the nineties of the last century for thirteen seasons and which still considers her the protagonist to this day. They confirmed that they are a big fan of Mara Venier, with more than two million followers on Instagram.The famous TV presenter lives in the center of Rome with her husband Nicolas Carraro. We reveal some details of his house overlooking the Altare della Patria in Piazza Venezia.

Mara Vinier has coffee at her home in Rome.  Behind him are many memories and photos

Mara Vinier has coffee at her home in Rome. Behind him are many memories and photos

Mara Vinier often talks about her daily life on social media. The famous TV presenter does not hide that she loves family life in home settings. It is often her husband, Nicola Carraro, who testifies to the simple life of the well-known showgirl, despite her fame. Thus it was possible to identify a series of intriguing details of the house of Mara Venier, from fairy-tale objects to more original furnishings.

Mara Vinier with her husband Nicola Carraro in the living room of the house in Rome

Mara Vinier with her husband Nicola Carraro in the living room of the house in Rome

Mara Venier house with panoramic terrace in the center of Rome

Born in Venice and raised in Mestre, Mara Vinier, pseudonym Mara BuvoleriHe is now a Romanian adopted for many years. Her house in Rome is a wonderful apartment that we often see in the videos and photos shared by the famous TV presenter. The house enjoys large bright spaces with a welcoming double living room and comfortable furnishings. Marilyn poster, vases by Vinny Numerous photos and memories from the life of Mara Vinier decorate the rooms of the house, which revolve around a large panoramic balcony.

Where Sabrina Ferilli lives: penthouse with many flowers and a panoramic view of the ruins of Rome

Mara Vinier and her husband Nicola Carraro on the balcony of the house in Rome

Mara Vinier and her husband Nicola Carraro on the balcony of the house in Rome

The balcony with a breathtaking view of the center of Rome and its ruins is the most characteristic element of Mara Venier’s house. The well-known presenter did not hide her love and attachment to Rome, and she could enjoy a large terrace overlooking thehome altarThe imperial forums and city rooftops are the privilege of a few companies that Mara Venier has proven to value.

Mara Vinier on her panoramic balcony last year, when she was forced on crutches after a fall

Mara Vinier on her panoramic balcony last year, when she was forced on crutches after a fall

Fake servants and lucky furnishings at Mara Vinier’s house

Through the posts and videos of the well-known TV presenter Mara Vinier on her social networks, it was possible to notice a series of original details in the house in Rome. Sunday lady has Strange mannequin dressed as a butler A life-size that welcomes guests with a cute clown nose, tiara and huge lucky horn.

The fake butler at the entrance to Mara Vinier's house

The fake butler at the entrance to Mara Vinier’s house

There are many lucky items inside Mara Venier’s house, in addition to the original butler at the entrance, the famous TV presenter also has a lamp in the shape of a lucky horn, which seems to be a recurring symbol in the house. There are also many photos and photographs of Mara Venier’s past that adorn the house and testify to her successful life.

Pop Selfie by Mara Vinier

There are many design and artistic objects on display in the Mara Venier home. However, the luminous portrait of the TV presenter painted by the artist Marco Ludola did not go unnoticed. Pop work depicts Mara Venier with blonde hair and a blue shirt, like Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, with a red Neapolitan horn against the evil eye. The well-known introduction has never hidden that she is superstitious and that Ludola’s work is a truly original luck charm for the home.

The work of pop art by Marco Ludola with Mara Vinier

The work of pop art by Marco Ludola with Mara Vinier