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Branko horoscope midweek 27-28 April 2022, detailed predictions at the top of the page


You will have to choose between two options or two paths, but be confident that you will be right in your choice, especially if you trust what your heart tells you. You are in for a good time not to be missed for business or financial success. The movement of the planets causes everyone to fall a little off center, and this generally means for you to revert to behaviors that do not benefit you personally. That is, while you are trying to “do the right thing”, you may not see the forest for the trees. Noting every attempt means spending your days doing something nourishing for your body: lots of water, lots of fresh produce and a varied diet that alternates with protein sources: meat, fish, and legumes.


After a morning full of reflections, fears and some disappointments awaits you, however, a happier and happier afternoon, especially in the family and emotional sphere, everything will eventually be settled and the day can end better than it began. Your romantic nature can easily be stirred up these days. The movement of the planets gives you the ability to separate your mind from your body somewhat, giving you more sensation in your body than your sometimes overwhelming feelings. To enhance this experience, be sure to exercise regularly and eat light and nutritious foods such as fresh salads or seasonal vegetables and fish. It will sensitize you and possibly someone else too!


Your fears and sadness lately haunt you when you should be very happy and think about all the good things that you have been accomplishing lately especially those that you are about to achieve, today fate will give you proof of all this. With today’s planetary site, you’re bound to feel a little nervous to get what you want. You can try to ignore it, but eventually your frustration will grow with a little control. It is recommended that you control your diet, exercise regime and daily schedule. Getting the rest you need defines your approach to everyday life, so why not check your bedtime and wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow?


In some moments of this day you will feel very happy, especially because you will have a pleasant surprise in your love or family life. After a few days of some introversion or sadness, the fog of your soul will dissipate and give way to an intimate, deep and serene happiness. Think about your most common response to conflict and ask yourself what you would change if you had the opportunity. This question is not easy. A planetary formation will present a situation (or two) that requires something to be resolved. You don’t have to make things perfect, but you will want to understand your role in everything that happens. What you do physically during this time will affect your behavior. drink a lot of water!


You will have an inspiring and supportive day in the business, financial and social spheres, even if you have been experiencing more difficulties than usual for a long time, however, help will come to you that will radically change your situation and will come from someone who helped you a lot in the process. When you give yourself enough time to “center” yourself before tackling a problem, it usually works, whereas a hasty approach can backfire or just wipe the surface (which doesn’t solve anything in the long run). Focus on yourself and how you want others to see you. To improve your ability to look your best, take a virtual yoga class twice a week. You will notice a significant difference after a month.


Many times you feel that to achieve professional or material success, you have to “kill yourself” with work and sacrifice while watching others achieve so much with little or no effort, but in the end your success will be more solid and enduring. How you deal with your emotions is key to how you treat others. We can’t always know how to truly affect another person, so the best practice is to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you would like to treat someone else. It’s not as easy as it seems. To be truly self-compassionate, you have to respect your health in a way that is not always comfortable. Your choices determine your behavior towards yourself.


Do it without fear. The problem will be easily solved. Personally, it is necessary to improve one’s quality of life every day and Renew your photo. Invest your money in your wardrobe and aesthetics, especially if you are in a public place or interviewing for a new job. The image is very important. Even if it takes time and money, Do not take it as an expense, but as an investment in the future. You will do well. Remember that Most people don’t know that you appreciate what you design. It also shows a positive attitude on a daily basis. With your partner, a very happy time awaits you today and this will make you believe that it is time to move forward in the relationship.

The scorpion

I’m not very satisfied with the way life is going for you, Scorpio, Wishing it did better for you each day, even if you can’t really complain. Be aware today of the things that you achieve, take a look and you will see that it is. You should be happy and not bitter about what hasn’t happened yet. Today you can feel frustrated because you have no news of something that you have been waiting for for a long time. Keep waiting to be sure Soon you will get what you desperately want. Lift your spirits and Give a chance to someone who wants to get close to youBut you built an impenetrable wall because he doesn’t belong in your circle of friends. This is not a reason to refuse you. Try to dig deeper each day and find out what it’s like. May you have a nice surprise.


Try talking to him today about your concern about this lack of understanding And if nothing is clear to you and you continue to feel bad about it, start seriously considering the possibility of changing jobs. In love, you are likely to deny yourself every day the possibility of starting a relationship with a person you met recently. The reason is that find faults. Maybe they are not that important. Remember that no one is perfect. If you are a Sagittarius who has a platonic love that you consider impossible in reality, Something might happen today that would change your mind And the realization that nothing is impossible and that it can be wonderful.


If you think he crossed the line, listen up Free to tell them. He may not be aware of the moral damage he has caused you. Regardless, Maintain a distance between you and this person on a daily basis. While that, You should accept and appreciate your partner’s constructive criticism And that you take too much, thinking it brings out your soiled clothes. It does not do it with this intention. Listen to it and try to improve those aspects that don’t work for you on a daily basis. If you’re a Capricorn who now has a free heart, you know someone is waiting for you but you’re afraid to make the move. Stop avoiding it today and follow the dictates of your intuition.


The only drawback is that This solution requires some effort. Arm yourself with courage and implement. Now you are in time to feel good about yourself and others again. Make sure that “close” Because lately you’ve been very irritable because of the problems you’ve been through that have caused this annoying character who doesn’t suit you. Do not let third parties interfere in your relationship on a daily basis, Aquarius, because it never comes in handy. Starting today, set limits on your intimate and romantic relationship. There is someone who is very interested in participating in your work. He got off his feet without further ado. You have just enough personality and personality to do this without messing with your hair.


It’s fine to do a team sport every day, maybe With your friends, it will be helpful strengthen bonds and meet new people, In addition to very positive results on your health and fitness. You know it’s important to take things step by step and you don’t want to fix everything right away. Remember this especially in the field of love because Maybe you’ve been stressing over someone you recently met on a daily basis And he could back down with this position. Much better if you take it slowly. Also, it’s not certain that this relationship will work out, Pisces, it is It is better to move forward little by little and deepen the basic issues. Haste is never good. Relax a bit today and let everything flow.

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Branko Tower, Today, April 26, 2022 / Good Deals for Capricorn, Love at the Top…

Branko Tower, Wisdom for Gemini and…

voice after radio, Branko Tell the secrets of the different horoscope signs. How will business go today or tomorrow? Will we be healthy on this day or that or on the weekend, as well as on the weekend? How will things be at work or as far as the money goes? And will Valentine’s Day provide excellent opportunities for meetings, according to astrologer Branko? Every morning there is a forecast for today with a slight progression for the next day as well. Aries should pay special attention to emotionality. The stars suggest keeping calm and putting off important posts and discussions until better times. Aries will need support and if they don’t get it in the family, they will need friends.

The highest sex for Taurus. Try to take life lightly and enjoy the love games. As your horoscope today indicates, you will have to think about a friendship, you may find that you feel something deeper than just a friendly affection. Take advantage of these days to get to the end of the question. Bad for a Gemini sign instead. According to the predictions of the horoscope, due to the contrasting Moon, today you will have to act carefully, otherwise you will risk facing conflicts. The stars suggest staying away from provocations and being calm. After the 2nd of May, things will get better, and next month you will be on horseback.

Branko’s Tower, Health Down for Virgo and…

your horoscope Branko It becomes interesting for the sign of Cancer. According to the horoscope, a few days ago the desire for love and the experience of intense feelings returned. The stars suggest that you open up about your feelings without fear and remove all your confusion. It will be a period of maturation. Even in the case of love things do not go so well that you will have to take the blame from the person you love. Leo will have to get rid of the past. Too much digging is not a good thing. It is better to light up your existence and enjoy life. On this day, you may be worried about a family member due to some health problem, it will be a fleeting moment, everything will be back to normal soon.

Caring for the health of the Virgin. The opposite moon may cause some minor physical disturbances. The stars suggest avoiding stress and putting off important things. Be careful with your hair, too: you need to know if you’re going to cut it now. Pay attention to your diet to avoid foods that can cause allergic reactions or poisoning.

Branko’s Tower, Nerves of the Stars for Sagittarius, Love at the Top for Libra and …

your horoscope Branko It emphasizes how love returns to the protagonist for the sake of Libra. This is an important day for the profession, if you can take advantage of the opportunities that appear, you can achieve good results for career advancement. Those who have been thinking about a person for some time can now advertise themselves, and they will have good chances of success. However, the highly stimulating effects persist in the workplace, but the moon’s effects on health require attention to the stomach, liver, and kidneys. A spa treatment would be very appropriate. Great success working for Scorpio. But luck and love also have a positive effect on Scorpio.

A spooky day for a Sagittarius. It is advisable to keep calm and let things slip away, and soon the situation will improve. Extreme caution in health, because the moon is in Pisces and the airways will be disturbed in the evening. From Friday we will have Mercury in “flame” mode. Jupiter in Pisces is synonymous with material well-being but also requires mental renewal, without encroaching on spiritual, mystical or political fixations. Also favorable period for Capricorn. According to the predictions of the horoscope, you should take advantage of this favorable period, to do good business and conclude agreements, and it will also benefit you in highlighting your professional skills.

Branko sign, changes on the horizon for Aquarius and …

your horoscope Branko For Radio Dimensione Suono, it indicates a positive period for Pisces and Aquarius. For the aquarium, the horoscope predicts an exciting day when it comes to work. Take the opportunity to make changes and improve your professional position. However, more precision is needed in what you do. Pisces is advised to leave the past behind and live in the present calmly. Check out people who are pursuing the same goals as you: beware of competition, because you probably didn’t realize you made some completely wrong choices a few years ago, with Saturn in your sign. There are potential corrections that can be made today, with this beautiful moon allowing you to get and make the right changes. The sky is very sensual and romantic thanks to Mars and Jupiter. These last days of Venus in the sky make your eyes magnetic. So love can be on top.

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Fedez judges ‘X Factor’ for next session: ‘We’re home’

After a critical period of health due to surgery for pancreatic cancer, good news for videos: will rule for the sixth time from x factor. This is a fantastic return for the musician who was a referee from the 8th to the 12th edition and who in this 16th edition is back on the Sky Talent table. “Small surprise: I was only 23 and my longest marriage was with my marriage,” Fedez says as he announces the news with a video summarizing his experience behind the talent counter.

in edition X Factor 2022 Fidesz is ready to take on the role of judge and mentor once again for the contender boys for a sixth year, having made show history by sitting at the table for five consecutive editions from 2014 and 2018, already coming to win. In his first year, in 2014, with Lorenzo Fragola.

Fedez at X Factor

On his debut, at the age of 24, he was the youngest judge of all Italian editions x factor Step by step, he gained the audience’s love on Fremantle’s Sky Show, proving to be competent and ambitious, with a style that made his mark, sympathetic to talent in competition and passionate about their children’s path, often present among the protagonists to victory. After his last version in 2018, he returned as a live host in November 2020, bringing the single onto the stage Beautiful story (3 platinum discs) to the present uniform sceneThe Entertainment Workers Support Fund has been on hold at that moment for several months due to the health emergency.

(Image via Videz's Instagram profile)

(Image via Videz’s Instagram profile)

unusual profession

His career numbers are extraordinary: among others, 77 platinum discs, 17 gold, and 7 albums, the last of which was, InhumaneReleased in November 2021, over 30 singles and 40 music videos, over 925 million video views on his official YouTube channel and over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, make him one of the most produced, followed and appreciated artists on the scene. Italian musician; A success confirmed and reinforced by social networks, with a total of about 25 million followers. In addition, in the past two years, together with Louis Salle, he created wild moosea podcast that has reached nearly 90 episodes in which first-class guests compete to participate, is very popular and loved on every platform thanks to its premium formula.

lol success – who laughs outside

Meanwhile, Fidesz has experience doing the show for two consecutive years lol – who laughs outside First with Mara Maionchi and then this year with Frank Matano, contributing to the success of the comedy competition removed from Prime Video and for which season three has already been confirmed.

Fedez, New Selfie Revealed: “I Lost Nearly 10 Kilos From The Operation”

by Giovanni Galliardi

Commitment to social issues, solidarity and public benefit

On a personal note, Fides announced a few weeks ago that his weeks in hospital made him reflect on his life and his priorities and prompted him to decide to create a foundation to engage in social and solidarity causes. However, this obviously does not prevent him from continuing his career in music and television as it confirms his commitment to the talent programme.

Fides battles from Zan Bill’s defense to illness

by Giovanni Galliardi

X Factor 2022, the audience returns to the auditions

Issuance X Factor 2022 He’s warming up the engines these days for a departure scheduled for June, when the first auditions are scheduled, the initial step for the long selections that will then lead to the selection of 12 champions from live shows. And one of the first innovations is that the first selection stage will again be a great event with the audience. The boys’ performance, as well as being evaluated by the judges as always, will be commented on by the audience in the stands who once again become the show’s great protagonist. Meanwhile, on the website of X Factor 2022 It is still possible to register to send.


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Fans are delirious, everything comes out

Definitely a public figure known thanks to the participation in various reality shows; Let’s get to know Soleil Sorge in more detail.

from participating in Big brother Where it was one of the most important competitors to experience a Beijing Express; Here’s everything we need to know Soleil riseA woman of immense charisma and extraordinary beauty.

Soleil rise

Soleil rise Born on July 5, 1994 A Los Angeles And he always knew what had to be his path under him from a professional point of view. Among the various experiences we cannot fail to mention participating in various programs such as Beijing ExpressL’Famous Island And men and women.

in talking about SoleilHowever, we must necessarily mention his adventure in the sixth version of big brother vipThe reality show was broadcast 5th channel with behavior Alfonso Signorini Participation in the role of opinion leaders Adriana Volpi And Sonia Bruganelli. Experience in one of the most important and longest lasting network software Mediaset He finished a few steps away from the final.

In fact, during one of the last TV stations, she was defeated by David Silvestriwho then came second after the winner of the program, Jessica Selassie. inside a house Big brotherAnd Soleil He’s proven to be charismatic, strong-willed, and has always said things to his face without much in the way of ministers.

It is this very particular aspect that has caused discussions with almost all the roommates in the house; Who, on the other hand, managed to establish an important relationship is Katia Ricciarelli. The two instantly became so good friends that when the sopranos appeared, the model had an emotional breakdown.

Adventure Soleil rise In the most spying houseItalia Can’t mention her without talking about her relationship with her Alex Bailey. The two immediately established a strong bond of friendship, but over time, the idea that there could be something stronger was realized. The same feeling was before Delia Duranfiancé Alex.

when Delia Walked through the red door shortly after eliminating Alex (who did not respect the distances imposed by the rules due to the pandemic) went on to compose one of the most famous love triangles in modern Italian television with viewers glued to the TV to the end. with regard to Soleil riseThe experiment just ended at home Big brother A new adventure immediately began as I became the third referee in the program Bubba and Nerdy Show.

Not only the relationship with Alex Bailey; Inside the most spied houseItalia We also saw the “relationship” with Sophie Codegoni. The two of them, especially at first, could not find a meeting point for a calm and peaceful coexistence. The impression was that there could be a real confrontation until the last evening.

Both of them, on the other hand, finished the adventure before the last episode of the show, but inside the house, they struck up a relationship that became, once the experience was at home. Big brotherCertainly solid. Soleil And Sufi They said to each other a very rightthe program that airs on Sunday afternoon on 5th channel and drive it Silvia Tovanen; The two ex-girlfriends wanted to confirm how it all started with a fight he was in he goes up attack codegony Regarding discourse in plastic surgery.

From that moment on, a series of excavations began that were only resolved by the passage of time within Homepage. Their relationship began with a thousand difficulties and more than a few misunderstandings, but, as often happens in these circumstances, they managed to come together and become practically inseparable.

From a social point of view, Soleil rise It is closely followed up Instagram His profile has exceeded one million followers.

Soly Sorge What happened with some of the former roommates? Here’s what happened

If the relationship with Sophie Codegoni Radically altered while venturing indoors and then solidified once they leave the show, the same can’t be said for the other former roommates on the historical reality show. 5th channel.

Soleil riseIn fact, he announced through a tweet that it was time for a spring cleaning; Specifically, it is the decision made by the current commentator Di Bubba and Nerdy Showto remove the social follower of some of his former travel companions.

In addition to Alex BaileyIt was to be expected, given what happened between the two. Soleil rise I decided not to continue anymore Jessica (Winner of the sixth edition of Big brotherAnd Clarice Selassie And Aynette Stephens). The choice attesting to the desire not to have, among his social “friends”, persons with whom he has little relationship or had friction within the world’s most spying houseItalia.

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Gondo: New ads in Comicon 2022

In his first presence in comiconwhere is she gondo Shown for the first time in First paper edition from Of machines and monsters from koekan cartoons In the world, Publisher announces seven new Chinese websites while living with Including the first two addresses on Changsha Huliaoshin. The titles announced are a selection of the novelties that will land on the Italian platform for reading webtoons and online comics in the coming months, including power daysAnd The pill of fate Dolo And the law of silence.


In a live chat with animiclic The publisher has announced a selection of Chinese webtoon titles that will land on the platform in Next summer months.

Titles announced:

The pill of fate from DOLO

from Shin KeeAnd You are Jiezi

Director: April 22

publisher: koekan cartoons

Jana is a talented artist, but she’s also a clumsy high school student. When her first love, Conrad, transferred to her school, she was over the moon… but he publicly denied knowing her. Jana would like to die of shame, but Dolo, the mysterious creature, has exactly what she needs: a pill that can change her destiny! Anything she wants in return is something precious to her. What will Jana sacrifice to achieve her dreams? Nothing can go wrong…right?

The pill of fate from DOLO

Guwei Nanting – The Last Family
from Ministry of Finance Phi
Director: mayo
publisher: koekan cartoons

Gao Ying, a talkative boy who only wants to go to Guangmei University, accidentally entered the Cheng Dynasty Hotel in Nanting Village. He finds himself embroiled in a mysterious dispute that began centuries ago. Sinner Yinting, King of Jinan of the Qing Dynasty, had been alone for 300 years waiting for the chosen one who could seal ‘Taisui’ completely. Was it just an accident or was it fate that brought them together?

Guwei Nanting - The Last Family

Global Love Bazaar
from Liu Wan Yi
Exit: mexcellent
publisher: koekan cartoons

The police are in a panic! Strange things are happening all over town. A man takes his girlfriend hostage, and suddenly the missing wife turns into a goddess of luck..Will the “global love bazaar” that claims to be able to solve all love problems, the culprit behind all these strange incidents? A wonderful love story blossomed between a reckless witch who sells things to solve matters of the heart by traveling between dimensions and a hardworking policeman!

Global Love Bazaar

constellation us
from long geo
Director: mayo
publisher: koekan cartoons

An indescribable strength combined between Weiyu and Hao. Like two stars drawn in the same orbit, these two classmates were bound to affect each other’s lives… but Weiyu’s recent joke could cost him his closest friend. Overwhelmed by their families’ expectations, they can’t help but wonder if their friendship is pure or just the result of circumstances. However, this power still attracted them. Are they supposed to be more than just friends? Or was it only meant to cross into the heavenly expanse of life?

constellation us

you love Me
from KingsleyAnd Qian Bin
Director: mayo
publisher: koekan cartoons

“You forgot all the math, just to remind me that you loved me.” If we do not want to shed more tears when meeting again in the future, it is better to leave sooner without any regrets. We had an important relationship, I’ve been gone for six long years and now I’m back! Two people clearly love each other, so why do they act like strangers who meet after all this time? A love story with its ups and downs that lasted for 12 years is about to begin.

you love Me

power days
from XinyuAnd Xue BaoAnd Tang Liu Cang
Director: June
publisher: Changsha Haoliaoshen Culture Media Co., Ltd. Ltd.

This is the story between an innocent young dancer and a passionate and determined boxer. After they first met, they grew up together and continued to support each other. Even in the face of difficulties and obstacles, they did not stop chasing their dreams. Salad Days is a story of race, hard work, and friendship. It doesn’t matter if their paths are different, they will continue to be for each other!

power days

the law of silence
from Tan ChingAnd Nan zhazha zi
Director: July
publisher: Changsha Haoliaoshen Culture Media Co., Ltd. Ltd.

Joaquin is the best killer of the entire Nielsen family. He was tasked with killing a family of three. He accidentally discovers that Davion, the son of the family he must kill, has helped him in the past, so he decides to just save him. Davion doesn’t yet know what happened, so he turns to Joaquin and hopes to teach him how to avenge his adoptive parents. Thus Joaquin becomes Davion’s teacher. A gentle-hearted killer meets a boy as pure and sweet as the White Rabbit.. will he be the one to melt his heart? When Davion learns the truth, how will he react?

the law of silence

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Planet Manga: Manga Announcements at Napoli Comicon 2022

Below we list all the manga announced by the publisher planet manga in his lecture Naples Comicon 2022:

fireworks (comic and novel)
from Shunji Iwai And Makoto Fujitsu (manga) and Etoshi Wan (novel).

7 volumes. With dust jacket 14.90 euros.
from Julyevery two months.

Instead, the novel will come out as an advertisement Augustone size at €12.90, or a box with the first size of manga at €27.90.

The story is set during summer vacation, when a group of children decide to go watch the fireworks from the local lighthouse to determine if they are round or more flat, by looking at them from that perspective. Meanwhile, one of his friends, Norimichi, doesn’t care about the stinging letters in the form of fire when he receives a surprise invitation from Nazuna, the girl he loves…offering him to run away together and separate from the others.

Sorry dentist

from What is Yamazaki?

5 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from Augustevery two months.

Two Yakuza clans have divided the city for generations: the Kokuyu Kai with their men in black and the Shinju clan, generally dressed in white. On the boundary defining the lands of the two clans is a small dental office run by a beautiful dentist. Yakuza is about to fall under the spell of a girl. But appearances are deceiving…

passion theory love

from Kyoko Aiba

2 volumes. With dust jacket 7.00 euros.
from Augustper month.

Ryoma has a special feature – he is able to read other people’s emotions with a look. But one day he meets Oyama, whose feelings are hidden behind a dense aura of mystery…

Nyaight from the live cat

from Hockman And Mica roots

2 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from Augustmy quarter.

The outbreak of the NN virus pandemic has turned humans into one cat after another, and others must fight for their own survival. In a world ruled by cats, a man who has lost many of his cat friends fights to save humanity

Tujin Anki

from Yura Urushibara

8 volumes. In progress, €5.20.
from Septemberevery two months.

Ichinose Shiki lived her entire childhood ignoring that she is an heir to the oni blood. One day, when an unknown man tries to kill him, his adoptive father decides to reveal the truth to him. In a world where Oni and Momotaro have never been able to coexist, we follow Ichinose in his struggle for power and the unification of the two races.

Boichi short stories

from Boichi

Two volumes, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from SeptemberAnd

A collection of science fiction stories written and illustrated by Boichi.

Pink for Mamshiba

from Tomo Kurahashi

One size, with dust jacket, €7.00.
outgoing a Septemberalso in a bundle morning star vol. From 1 to 14 euros.

Kane is a huge fan of the idol group Planet. One day, while pre-ordering the latest items from his favorite collection, the young seller recognized him: he is his student at the school where he works. Kane pleads with the boy to keep quiet about his hobby and the demonic student agrees with a condition: that from that moment on his dog becomes docile.

hello morning star

from Tomo Kurahashi

2 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from September, also with vol. 1 in a package with Pink for Mamshiba to 14.00 euros.

Although they were once “more than friends”, today Atsuto and Yuki are competing in two idol groups at the top of the wave; The earnest is the unsentimental Yuki is a member of Real, while the cheerful Atsuto plays for El Planet. The atmosphere between the two is always very tense, but as much as they try to ignore each other, they end up living under the same roof preparing for a movie in which they work together. Will forced coexistence lead them to reconnect?

Orasky Picnic

from Iori Miyazawa And Aita Mizuno

8 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.50 euros.
from Septemberevery two months.

The story takes place in the modern world, but there is a door that can carry people “to the other side” where strange urban legends come to life. In search of money and an important person, Sorao and Toriko set foot in the unknown.

Blue Sky Complex

from Ki Ichikawa

7 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from Septemberevery two months.

Narasaki is a student like many who like to spend time reading on their own. Unfortunately, the professor in charge of his class entrusts him with the task of watching over Terashima, a notorious delinquent. The two spend a lot of time together and little by little they feel drawn to each other…

Spy’s wife

from Ryosuke Hamaguchi, Kiyoshi Kurosawa And Masasumi Kakizaki

2 volumes. Complete, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from Septemberper month.

Yusaku Fukuhara runs a trading company in Kobe and, feeling a kind of turbulence in the air, leaves his wife Satoko at home to move to Manchuria with his nephew, and here he sees something shocking happen. Yusaku decides to reveal the incident to the whole world and does so. The man is accused of being a traitor but Satoko believes in him and vows to stick to him no matter the consequences.

Okere Alice

from shozo oshimi

4 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from Octoberevery two months.

Yuhei, Kei, and Yue have been childhood friends since kindergarten. Shy and quiet, the three boys, once shy and quiet, suddenly find themselves in the midst of the turmoil of all the impulses and emotions of early adolescence. If Yohei finally starts seeing Yui as a girl (very attractive too!), she seems to have feelings for Kei instead… who is anything but indifferent. However, Yohei’s heart isn’t the only one to break: he and Yui are stunned by Kei’s sudden transfer, which happened without a final farewell to their childhood friend. At the time of transition to high school, the relationship between Yui and Yohei is now very far away. However, the two boys end up in class together, and here they meet a girl with long blonde hair. The surprise? That girl is really ki!

The elusive samurai

from Yossi Matsui

5 volumes. In progress, €5.20.
from Octoberevery two months.

Tokiyuki Hojo is the next heir to the Kamakura shogun, an eight-year-old boy who has no talent other than knowing how to hide. One day, the boy’s carefree life is suddenly turned upside down when Takauji Ashikaga brutally takes power, ending the reign of Kamakura. Rescued from the attack, Tokiyuki must escape those trying to kill him by recruiting comrades who can help him restore the Kamakura Shogunate to its former glory.

rough diamonds

from Now Sasaki

4 volumes. In progress, €5.20.
from Novemberevery two months.

In a world where stones are of paramount importance, an experienced mineral-processing craftsman while visiting an underground village meets a boy whose left foot is petrified. The two embark on a journey to save the boy’s family

Sandwich in Ginza

One size, with dust jacket, €19.90.
outgoing a October.

Sandwich in Ginza - Taniguchi

Steak in Shitamachi
One size, with dust jacket, €19.90.
outgoing a December.

Steak in Shimatachi - Taniguchi

Two articles by Yoko Hiramatsu with illustrations Jiro Taniguchi.

miroko chan

from Tomoki Izumi

6 volumes. In progress, with dust jacket, 7.00 €.
from Decemberevery two months.

One day, the girl suddenly begins to see strange creatures chattering that no one else can see. The girl doesn’t try to escape from him, she doesn’t try to deal with them… Instead, she does her best to keep up with appearances and live as usual.

Berserk Special Commemorative Edition

from Kintaro Miura

Special Ceremonial Edition of Volume 41, with reproduction on canvas.
outgoing a Decemberpriced at 19.90 euros.

Volume 41 will be released in all of their editions.

soul eater The ultimate deluxe edition

from Atsushi Okubo

17 volumes. With a dust jacket 13.00 euros.
from December.

“Soul Eater” is about the students of Shinigami buki Shokunin Senmon (Shibunsen), a vocational school for Iida and Buki (human-shaped demonic weapons). The school was established by the god of death who also has the function of principal; Each Maester has a partner (in rare cases two) with whom to fight. The school’s ultimate goal is to maintain peace and prevent the emergence of a new Keishin (a demonic lord who nearly plunged this world into chaos); In this regard, the students of the school collect the eggs of Kechin, which are evil human spirits. Taking in 99 spirits plus a witch, bokki becomes a powerful weapon that a shinigami can use. Of course, in order for the students to cope with this task, Mr. and Bucky attend school and supplementary classes. During the period of professional training, students, in addition to attending the courses, will be able to face the tasks ordered by the Shinigami-sensei. It’s always about taking on an enemy and then being able to eat their soul.

  • The new version of Evangelion It will present in each volume an unpublished illustration created by sadamoto For foreign editions
  • The first volume with the first three Founding of Evangelion It will arrive in August. Then the others will arrive, starting with the one dedicated to the first two films, likely in December;
  • Next size of march for lions in September. All prints arrived;
  • No plan for skate dance;
  • traces of blood It will be reprinted as soon as possible;
  • Other projects with the Gazzetta are on the way.

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Did Roger Baldino lie about his son? / “Indrik is not the son”, scoop…

“Indrick is not the biological son”, a rumor about Roger Baldino

Roger Baldwin He would lie about his son. In these hours, some clumsiness has emerged about the outcast from Isola dei Famosi and the complicated story regarding son Endrick who may not be his biological son. In the last episode of the reality show, in fact, the protagonist had a breakdown and made unpublished confessions. However, the model may not have told the whole truth because the child may not have been biologically. Roger Baldino admitted that he had a son whom he had not been able to talk about before due to an agreement he made with his family. However, his statements raised many doubts. During today’s episode of Mattino Cinque, Federica Panicucci showed the clip about Roger’s explosion on the island in which he talks about his son. After the video, photographer Andrea Franco Alamo intervened and raised a very important suspicion.

Specifically, he said that the words the model used were somewhat contradictory to the point of opening up new leads. In his opinion, in fact, he may not be Roger’s son biologically. The paparazzi hinted at suspicion after analyzing Balduino’s statements that he painted his son as a very handsome boy, even if he looked like his mother and a little too much for him. When he decided that this was his son, he recognized him and gave him his nickname. Guests in the studio doubted that Roger Baldino could be Andric’s biological father.

Roger Balduino’s fight between Estefania Bernal and Beatriz

in a loopFamous Island Thursday, April 21, 2022 Roger Baldwin He got us excited talking about his son. Last Monday, the boy turned 11 and his father wished him to live, then in the following days, the model remembered the boy again and got excited. At the request of Ilary to tell something about Hendrik, Balduino said that at first he was too afraid to become a father, and then as soon as the child was born he fell in love with him. At first he was not able to enjoy his son because he had to leave the house to go to work to allow him to lead a decent life, one which he unfortunately did not have after his father abandoned him. Elari handed the model a box with a drawing of the child inside depicting him and Roger playing soccer in the street and a message encouraging his father to go ahead and win.

At the moment, Roger is at the center of the rumours, and he is in a feud between two women: his ex-girlfriend Beatrice and current partner. Estefania Bernal. Compared to the young women in the episode, Beatriz is convinced that if Roger saw her again he wouldn’t think twice about getting back together with her. Estefania is not of the same opinion, who reminded her that it is now part of her past. Elari suggested to Marino to travel to Honduras to clarify with her ex-boyfriend and try to get him back, and the woman did not think twice and accepted the invitation. Roger says he found love on the island next to Estefania, and now according to the new rules of the game, they no longer compete as a couple but rather separate. The public doesn’t believe in the authenticity of this couple and can’t wait to see how Roger will act once he finds himself in front of his ex-girlfriend. Reality fans expect Roger to get it wrong. From the statements made by Beatriz, her affair with Estefania would be a farce, yet the model appears to be smitten with Bernal. The Argentine model also defended her lover, and suggested that Marino step aside. If the audience helped Roger Estefania pass TV against Jeremias, then among the outcasts, the model does not have much sympathy and is accused of being arrogant. Unfortunately, there is bad blood with the Tavasi brothers and she accuses them of always wanting to be right. Fans of the show want to know the real Roger and hope that Beatrice will arrive to break the balance between the spouses and finally understand whether Estefania’s love is sincere or, as often happens on reality shows, just a way to create a game. dynamics.

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Giulia Salemi, semi-sheer dress: a little room for imagination

television personality, model and presenter; Here’s everything you need to know about Giulia Salemi, the former Big Brother protagonist.

From the double experience inside the house Big brother For the new enterprise even rediscover emotional happiness; Let’s find out more about the details Julia Salmia woman known in the world of entertainment, endless beauty and extraordinary charm.

Julia Salmi

born in Piacenza On 1 April 1993, Julia Salmi An Italian model, but of Iranian descent on her mother’s side. The two participated as a married couple on the popular show Beijing Express.

From a professional point of view, Julia Salmi He sees that his career begins with participation in Miss Italy Where he managed to reach the fourth place. Other experiences in which we remember the model is undoubtedly participation in two important football programs such as Those who football And Leyton Orient.

Julia Salmi We had to see her in a new adventure. He was, in fact, among the main characters, along with other well-known characters from the entertainment world such as Filippo MagniniAnd Filippo BisigliaAnd terrifled And Stefania Orlandofrom stand up! comedians on trial. It is a program in which professional comedians put their experience at the service of various heroes with the aim of explaining all the secrets of perfect comedy. Reality on air, in preview, on stage Discovery Plus.

There are two curiosities about the model: she follows football a lot and she is a huge fan of it Juventus As evidenced by his presence, allo PlaygroundOn an unforgettable evening LEGO Championship where is she Cristiano Ronaldowith a hat-trick was nothing short of brilliant, spent onAtletico Madrid. As for the second curiosity, it goes back to the 26th of May 2020, when the model published her first book entitled “I have always preferred chocolate to menWhere he talks about his ability to rise after each fall.

1st of last April Julia Salmi celebrated his twenty-nine years; A somewhat special day for the model who decided to spend the evening at a club Milan (As evidenced by the stories too Instagram dell’ex gieffina) in a gorgeous setting featuring flowers, balloons, and a gorgeous five-story cake.

in a party Salami Many characters from the entertainment world participated including Tommaso Zorziwinner of the fifth edition of big brother vip. A beautiful evening made even more special by the gift the model received from the most important person in her life, Pierpaolo Pritelli.

We’re talking about a social video that ex-giffino posted on his profile Instagram, where the daily life of a married couple between smiles and kisses and in simple words everything that characterizes the relationship is narrated. The video was accompanied by a dedication that would make you shiver. Moreover, further proof of the extent of this love story that flourished within the house Big brotherBe stronger and stronger.

From a social point of view, Julia Salmi It is closely followed up Instagram His profile has reached nearly two million followers.

Giulia Salemi What happens with Pierpaolo Pritelli? Here’s what we need to know

when talking about Julia Salmi We can’t help but mention his possessions inside the house Big brotherThe program has been broadcast 5th channel And that this year was led by Alfonso Signorini By participating in the studio, in the role of opinion makers, from Adriana Volpi And Sonia Bruganelli. Very important for the model is the second entry into the most spying house in the world.Italia Because in this circumstance he was lucky enough to find the most important person in his life, Pierpaolo Pritelli.

Between the two, however, passion did not strike immediately; BirpaoloAt first, he had a vested interest in another competitor from the house Big brotherAnd Elisabetta Gregoracci. However, over time, he realized that he had a very important feeling for Salami. As for her own Beerbalufor two reasons, being the first velino stripping newsthe well-known satirical program that was broadcast the day before the evening 5th channel But also to participate, in the role of a seducer, in a reality show VIP island temptation.

Julia Salmi And Pierpaolo Pritelli They were the heroes of the new program MTVAnd MTV family Italy. We are talking about a reality show, now in its second edition, where the viewer is literally taken inside the homes of the VIPs.

Another curiosity about Pierpaolo Pritelli; On the thirteenth of March, very rightThe program has been broadcast 5th channel And with delivery from Silvia Tovanenrecounted her relationship with Julia SalmiA love story that runs at full speed.

Among the various statements, it came that the two supported each other without feeling any kind of jealousy over the other’s successes but Birpaolo Also talk about the personality difference between the two: he’s actually calmer while Salami They tend to lose patience more easily.

Pritelli He also wanted to emphasize that he is the most romantic of the spouses; In the end, and this is perhaps the most important thing, ex-Velino stripping news As mentioned with Julia The will to expand the family. from Big brother For a beautiful love story. there Salami And Pierbalo Pritelli They live their own fairy tale.

However, in the past period, the ex-Jivina did not have a very simple moment; Julia SalmiIn fact, she is very worried about him Birpaolo that while traveling to RomeI felt unwell with severe nausea and dizziness. A situation that lasted for a month and that will force him to get an MRI to understand what happened.

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Zara, the new SRPLS Spring 2022 collection clothing

It’s not impossible to have a practical and functional wardrobe, as each piece acts as a key to unlocking many (others) looks. In fact, it is the task that has been proposed in light of Spring/Summer 2022 fashion there New Zara SRPLS Collection. Apparel, footwear and accessories were split into two featured drops online and in Zara stores on April 21, which will be followed by a second show scheduled for April 28.

What fashion trends emerge from the Zara SRPLS Spring/Summer 2022 collection? Military chic style paves the way for a wardrobe that celebrates complementary shades, in this case sand, and military green, together in painting Which also includes black and white. Not only the colors, but the clothes themselves are also complementary: green military cargo pants are worn with a crop top with a gathered hem, which, in turn, is interchangeable and interchangeable with a ribbed tank top in a beige shade. Among the dresses, the chemist with the slit front and the pencil dress with cut-out details stand out: two different (but always complementary) ways of depicting femininity.

From the Zara SRPLS Spring/Summer 2022 collection, she’s interested in how layering goes beyond the concept of “substitution”: each look is designed with not only the freedom of experimentation (which features the mix and match that each should have), but also with a quick and easy approach to the act of dressing. Fashion becomes tangible and realistic, without sacrificing attention to materials (such as leather and 100% cotton) that promise resistance and longevity over time for each individual purchase. And speaking of shopping, What to buy from the Zara SRPLS range? In this guide, we’ve picked 10 pieces that we think will be a wardrobe game changer. And as you choose your new allies, don’t forget to mark the second date in your diary: April 28th comes the second time.

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Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS dress to buy now

Ribbed fabric, cut-out details: This bodycon dress packs a punch Lure (military) A check. Thanks for the color.

ZARA, €99.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS bag to buy now

A Hobo silhouette with a black and white contrast, here’s the bag you can carry over the shoulder now and forever.

ZARA, €99.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Kaftans Zara SRPLS to buy now

On the beach as in the city: the de-fi-ni-ti-vo square kaftan.

ZARA, €99.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Best Zara SRPLS to Buy Now

A strong ’90s energy resides in the tank top: this sandy hue is a must-do.

ZARA, €22.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS skirt to buy now

restore fileLure Military chic, this time in a long skirt with patchwork pockets.

ZARA, €69.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS dress to buy now

Day and night, with sneakers as with leather slippers: this front knit dress is next we already have passage To cope with hot days. On the other hand, it is made of 100% cotton.

ZARA, €89.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS sandals to buy now

A/r Trip to Ancient Rome: These chunky-soled leather sandals are a must buy to add a (cool) white shoe to your wardrobe.

ZARA, 239 euros

Buy now


Spring 2022: Best Zara SRPLS to Buy Now

And top crops alike! With gathered hem, adjustable with bow.

ZARA, €59.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS pants to buy now

Love them or hate them, we’ve taken our stand for cargo pants. We love them.

ZARA, €79.95

Buy now


Spring 2022: Zara SRPLS Sweater to buy now

For exercise, but not only. Made of 100% cotton knit, this T-shirt invites us to experiment with sweatpants, long jeans, and denim shorts.

ZARA, €89.95

Buy now

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If necessary, Ukraine may win. My Father? I only speak through my mother »-

from Andrea LaFranci

The singer speaks for himself from the first stage in Paris, waiting for the competition in Turin

from our reporter

PARIS – It may be a question of DNA, a Sardinian mother and an Egyptian father, but a question of barriers and boundaries that is not only geographical is a topic that goes back to Mahmoud’s life and career. “Touring in Europe, singing songs abroad with audiences who speak other languages ​​gives me great happiness. The music moves beyond language and cultural barriers, it unites everyone and the exchange that happens on air confirms this,” he says at the end of the Bataclan concert in Paris, opening a European tour that will take him to Antwerp, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Zurich, London and Madrid.

Right after the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. He will represent Italy with Blanco and “Brulli”, the winner in Sanremo. Second place in 2019 Mahmoud granted a passport to Europe. In the following months, “Money” was a huge success with more than 100 million inflows, 57% of which came from abroad. Bookmakers imagine them in second place. If the owl is alone. “Italy cannot win two years in a row… That’s how it went with football: in 2020 victory and this year.” The focus is on Ukraine. “What is happening does not equal the victory of Eurovision 20. So if he can help, I will make Ukraine win.”

The organization decided to exclude Russiaand how we argue with tennis whether it is right to make artists (or athletes) pay for government mistakes. “The highest levels are involved in organizing the event in the Rai. I think that’s the case for Russia as well, and these people probably don’t want to be there. And then… Russia vs. Ukraine? I feel like I’m saying aren’t you ashamed? ». Achille Lauro will also be in the race, under the San Marino flag. “It is strange to think of going against our country, but I respect the choice to go with San Marino, because as a result he has to put up with everything they say behind him. All in all he did it badly.”

Bataclan has been sold outAbout 1700 people including the designer
Christian Louboutin, the majority of Italians but languages ​​in the audience mingling. On the gallery stairs, you can still see bullet traces from the 2015 attack in which 90 people were killed. On stage he spoke about “music that should unite and not divide: timeless”. He deepens the topic: “During the training, I felt a little anxious and tense. But I also realized that music is used to beat certain moments. In places like this, people create connections that shouldn’t be broken.”

On stage wearing a metallic dress, almost uniform superhero. A vertical screen and elegant lights make for a scenography that will also return on Italian dates: “Experimental option and simple style.” Voice usage is not minimal. Since “Dei,” the song that opened the group, he’s been embroidering the tunes with an imprint that seems to carry his Arabic origins inside. “It’s a choice I’ve made because it always hurts to sing the same way, but sometimes I think I’m more of an American fisherman than a muezzin.” From the front rows comes a request for a piece in Arabic: “Aradwa,” Sabri Aliel, by the Egyptian Shireen. I did it at Notte della Taranta 2020. It’s been a long time since I trained with Arabic and I apologize for the pronunciation. At that time I had studied pronunciation with my dear hairdresser.”

Ancient Egypt gods fill images in ‘Dorado’. “T’amo” is the song dedicated to my mother and contains the classic Sardinian song “Non potho reposare”. With my father, the feelings expressed in Soldi were even rougher: “I haven’t heard it lately, I did it after San Remo. When all this is over and I have more time, there will be a way for us to face each other. My mom works as a mediatorHe always did so even when he let me go to Egypt at the age of eight despite the conflicting opinions in the family: they were afraid he wouldn’t let me back. You didn’t speak badly of him.

Autotune exists, but it’s a tool, not a hoax to cover doubts. Sounds more on the electronics and on the Cobra, the synths have the same impulse power as the electric eyelashes of an Ikaru guitar. The ending is pushed by two songs: “Barrio” and “Rapid”. The audience sings Blanco’s part in “Goosebumps”: “I never got tired, thought I’d listen to it on the plane coming here.” And in the apparition “Soldi” is an “exaggerated closure”.

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