May 1, 2022 events: what to do and where to go in Emilia-Romagna – what to do

Bologna, April 30, 2022 – great excitement in Emilia-Romagna for the arrival of May 1, which coincides with Sunday for free admission to the state museums (here is the list). In addition to the celebrations organized by Cgil, Cisl, and oilthroughout the territory with Music, food, parades and cultural performances. Here is our guide, Climate … Read more

« No Vax and Pro Putin on TV? Every voice must be heard, and the conversations are there for this »-

from Aldo Cazullo Journalist: “Why am I often called Bersani? He has a Calvino key: he explains difficult things lightly to you.” And on Fornero: “A woman who participated and, unlike the other ministers from Monti, did not disappear” c.iovanni Floris, is it right to give a voice to No Vax on TV yesterday, today … Read more

“Isola dei Famosi”, the story of the twelfth episode

Alexander’s rebellion – Elari opens the new appointment with Carmen Di Pietro’s concern about her son Alessandro’s intolerance, indifference towards her and those interested in independence and autonomy. On the one hand, if there’s the showgirl who always wants to keep him by her side, on the other hand, there’s the little boy who wants … Read more

Maneskin lives in the Arena di Verona, Damiano can’t resist and says his words about ‘Beggin’: “When we left XFactor…”

After international success on the Coachella stage in California, Damiano David, Victoria de Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Turchio came home to give thanks and made twelve thousand fans from all over Italy dance. The average age is 20 years, but there are also many children and parents. Two Hours Abundant Among the many successes, … Read more

Maurizio Costanzo’s presentation and the impossible attempt to explain it to digital natives

Difficult (impossible) to explain to the natives in the zero-cost tables is that there was only Maurizio Costanzo’s offer. TV wasn’t a giant, undifferentiated talk show, no matter which button on the remote control I pressed. And most importantly, Maria de Filippi was the wife of Maurizio Costanzo, and not the other way around. (Twenty … Read more