A Day at the Court of Renato Zero, Emperor of Italian Pop

Renato Zero appeared on Wednesday in Rome – and thus, in the words of Renato Zero, to the world – what will be the next two stages on his way to immortality; A career spanning fifty-five years, forty-four albums and five hundred songs. With an ever-changing voice and narrative atmosphere, alternating tones of the gladiator … Read more

Rock “statement” ~ daily periodic entertainment

Reunion, New Album, The Death of Luciano Ghezzi and Italian Rock: Gigi Cavalli Cocchi of Clan Destino, the historical band of Luciano Legapo, tells of the Italian rock band’s return to the scene par excellence. She has declared the album “L’Essenza” to be released in May “outside business logic”. Explain a little. “In this project … Read more

Listening to AC/DC can help surgeons be accurate and fast

According to a study reported by The Scottish Sun, listening to hard rock music can improve and enhance surgical performance. Already in 2017, research conducted by Spotify and Figure 1 noted that these professionals mainly listen to rock and metal music in the operating room A recent study revealed that listening to rock and hard … Read more

A Few of Yellow: Rocket Punch’s Formula to Conquer the K-Pop World

Rocket Punch’s latest comeback with CHIQUITA was a real hit for these girls who are back with their fourth EP, “Yellow Punch”. Made up of members Yeonhee, Juri, Suyun, Yunkyeong, Sohee, and Dahyun, the group born under Woolim Entertainment and globally managed by MJ Tonz has shown a bright and vibrant side with CHIQUITA. “Yellow … Read more