Italian pop needs a Geneva

“I am a romantic songwriter.” This is how Geneva, born in Turin in 1993, might be described in a hypothetical Twitter bio. “Romance as a vision of life, not a honeymoon,” he would like to point out immediately afterward. Will the characters be enough? Twitter doesn’t own it anyway, so amen. Many would identify her … Read more

Summer Festival 2022, schedule of events presented at Bellini Park

Black Eyed Peas, Blanco, Lucci, Tactical Nuclear Penguins, Litviba, Capariza, Sangiovanni, Rikumi, Irama, Makna + Coco, Jimitis. And again, Roberto Lipari, Fabri Vibra, Galli, Franco 126, Cabo Plaza, Arete, Maracas, Mannarino, Karl Prive, Ernia. Just some of the great artists who will perform in Bellini Park, “Villa” Catania, center of one of the most intense … Read more

Concerts ‘Out of Boundaries’ at Greek Theater in Syracuse, Archaeologists Say ‘No’ to Baglioni, Nannini and Elisa

“Greek theater in Syracuse is in danger of demise, and Elisa, Claudio Baglioni and Gianna Nannini can help destroy it: in the coming months, their audience, accustomed to stadiums and arenas, will move to a very weak 2,300-year-old building, with an effect whose consequences no one knows in On the one hand, if the chief … Read more

May 1st: Initiatives in Parma. Rock concert at Basilikanova

Finally, after two years of separation due to the pandemic, May Day Labor Day returns to the streets and squares also in our lands, with an integrated program of events organized by the secretariats of Cgil, Cisl and Uil counties. “This is an essential opportunity to put the deeply intertwined themes of peace and labor … Read more

Chiara Fedones returns with second intimate and rock album “La Fame”

Chiara Fedones’ second album, “La Fame”, was released on Friday, April 29th. Eight Songs brings the Trieste-born singer-songwriter back to the center of the Italian indie scene, after making her dazzling debut in 2015 with “Tutto the rest I don’t know where,” a number unanimously approved for the brilliant performance of this artist’s creativity. Chiara … Read more

Logitech and Bretman Rock present the first Metaverse Music Awards show

The 2nd Song Breaker Awards celebrate the creators who are shaping pop music through trends, dances and challenges shared on social media. Logitech For Creators, the Logitech brand dedicated to content creators, today announced its second annual Logitech Song Breaker Awards, the first music awards show on Roblox (NYSE: RBLX). The awards celebrate the innovative … Read more

Milano Comics & Games, the spring “pop” event doubles at MalpensaFiere –

Passion for video games, comics, fandom and board games is a true mass phenomenon that includes entire generations that have grown up in animation and video games since the 1980s. Milan comics and gamesdecision Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May to Malpensa Galleries in Busto Arsizio, responds fully to the growing demand for pop … Read more

Reportweb – Culture – Once upon a time there was Peter Pan. Rock Show: When Neapolitan music mixes with rock

(04/26/2022) Once upon a time there was Peter Pan. Rock Show “: When Neapolitan music blends with rock and it’s a series of emotions in the music and lyrics. Singer Gianni Fiorellino returned to the stage on April 25 at the Palapartenope in Naples, where the sale was fully recorded last December (just a month … Read more