Brand identity applied to pop

We had just in time to understand that the story to be told was everything, that how to tell was central to the success of any business, or to better put it, of any project, and that the term did not necessarily mean something heroic or adventurous, perhaps just something to do with pioneers business, … Read more

“Mission accomplished in Sanremo. The difference in Italy? It has always been there but has been forgotten »-

from Ariana Askion Milano has released their new band, «VI», on digital platforms and is preparing to take the stage of the May Day Concert in Rome before leaving for the new tour. “How did it go in Sanremo? Mission accomplished. A song like this wouldn’t reach who knows where in Sanremo’s ranking but it … Read more

CARPETS & CANDLES Corrupt Blood is the rock band’s debut album in which music plays a role in saving and moral redemption.

Ten paths punctuated by life stories, from adolescence to death, from social discomfort to love, where music has a role of saving and moral redemption. Album release on April 29, 2022. Bad Blood is the first album by Carpets & Candles, a group that has always worked on their own songs, born from visions of … Read more

Malpensa comics and games, Springbob happened twice! – Telesetlaghi

passion for Video games, comics, fandom and board games It’s real mass phenomenon include the whole generations Senior to Animation and video games Starting in the eighties. Milan comics and gamesdecision Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May 2022 at Malpensa Fiere Busto Arsiziofully responds to Increasing demand for popular culture And from this edition, … Read more

VV recorded the craziest pop song of the year

It doesn’t seem right that the craziest pop record of the year was made by VV, the brilliant outsider, able composer, musician who is always forward looking, and now also the creator of worlds. It doesn’t sound right because we let it wrestle with the imagination but in all the traditional songs right And with … Read more

Roberto Viccione: “I found out that my wife was cheating on me. My lesbian daughter? I’ve always known (and never cared for)”

the interview April 27, 2022 – 06:54 The singer-songwriter tells his story by presenting the new album: “Young men are as curious as Ulysses” from Katrina Roger Dragona “And if you can’t run/even walk/I will teach you to fly.” It is a hymn to life, always and anyway, even in the face of adversity, the … Read more

The first Metaverse Music Awards

Logitech For Creators, the Logitech brand dedicated to content creators, today announced its second annual Logitech Song Breaker Awards.The first Music Awards show on Roblox. The awards celebrate the innovative creators who have shaped pop music through dance challenges, memes and trends they’ve created and shared on social media, especially TikTok and YouTube, over the … Read more