“I have a partner for years, I fantasized about having a colleague and chatting with an old friend. What to do?” | Gramellini Heart Mail

from Massimo Gramellini “I’ve had a partner for 15 years: the bond is strong, but I have fantasies about a colleague and talking to an old friend.” Write to [email protected] This is the column of the publication The Heart edited by Massimo Gramellini «7». The 7 of Hearts is the card that indicates the second … Read more

Who are the “fantasies” in Japan, people who fall in love with fictional characters – Corriere.it

from Elena Theban They fall in love and marry “informally” with the heroes of manga, anime and video games. Interaction with holograms allowed by a device called Gatebox. The story of Akihiko Kondo and Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated pop singer Akihiko Kondo38 years old, Japanese, The first phycthyosexual activist. He wants the world to know … Read more

Vittorio Cecchi Jorri, 80 years old: “I was going to marry her to Ornella Muti. Today I am alone »| the interview

from Candida morphillo Relationships with Rita Rosic and Valeria Marini, Legacy, Hospitalization: The former producer speaks for himself, between cinematic successes and a string of misfortunes “In paraphrasing a movie I made, I hope this will be my ‘first 80 years. Vittorio Secchi Gore He still knows how to laugh, despite the aches and pains … Read more