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“I have a partner for years, I fantasized about having a colleague and chatting with an old friend. What to do?” | Gramellini Heart Mail

from Massimo Gramellini

“I’ve had a partner for 15 years: the bond is strong, but I have fantasies about a colleague and talking to an old friend.” Write to [email protected]

This is the column of the publication The Heart edited by Massimo Gramellini «7». The 7 of Hearts is the card that indicates the second chance, the chance that appears, and the chance to complete something that has remained incomplete. It is an invitation for us to start over, to start saving, to accept and support change. In which direction? We want to help you choose it: write to [email protected]

Dear Massimo,
I am 48 years old, a partner of over 15 and two children. Our relationship has always been conflicting, but despite everything, the bond is strong and we still have a great sexual understanding. But I feel the need to escape. Last year I met a younger colleague who I really like. There is absolutely nothing between us. I try to cross him on some pretext and when I see him I feel happy all day like a middle school girl. He is very handsome, married to an equally beautiful woman, and his conversation with me is limited exclusively to business matters. However, I still build fantasies, dreaming of secret encounters between us. Meanwhile, I’m secretly “talking” to an old friend who has a nice place for me, only to feel the desire again and to forget my young fellow with whom I’ll never be in a relationship. Does it help me name what is happening to me?

I’ll try, Alice,

But not before asking for help in the following message.

Dear Gramellini,
I often read in his column about people who, after years of living together, declare that they are not satisfied and are looking elsewhere for their lost passion. It almost always urges them to acknowledge the end of the relationship and to look elsewhere for the lost passion. Certainly some relationships should be closed because they are the cause of tension and quarrels, but in many other relationships extinguishing passion is physiological. Buddhist philosophy refers to three levels of communication: physical, mental, and emotional. The physical, the most external, is the most ephemeral. Therefore, I find it only natural, after years together, that the initial passion is no longer felt. At 50, I’m in a relationship with someone I rarely make love to, but find myself doing very well both mentally and emotionally. Every now and then I feel short, but why do we get rid of everything just for this reason? I’m no longer a kid with high hormones and I think we’re running out of time for a one night stand and stop for adventures. I would like a woman to reach 100% on all three levels of contact, but I’ve been looking for a lifetime and haven’t found her yet. So why deny yourself moments of tenderness with another person just because you don’t feel great physical passion for them?

G. is the reason:

We all want a partner that excites, supports and compliments us. But the human condition is based on the ego (“original sin”) which makes it virtually impossible to achieve the triple. Finding someone who shares our passion with the same intensity is a rare and fleeting task. Even the most unsettling passion ends, and as writer Chiara Gambiral says, love stops “making us” and we are the ones who should start “making” love. First of all, from a physical point of view: you have to make an effort, come up with new games and fantasies, otherwise the bodies will stop communicating and the relationship will quickly turn into a habit and then deteriorate into neglect. On the other hand, even finding an “angelic” love like G’s, a passionate partnership where the erotic component from the start is minimal and in no way driving, is an experience that turns out to be unsatisfactory in the long run. The body is an indispensable means of communication. Any report without it is considered a smuggled surrender from the standpoint of logic. Deep in our hearts, we are always teenagers like Romeo and Juliet, eager for the ultimate in feelings. And it is easier (I correct myself: less difficult) to turn passion into affectionate love than the other way around.

“Any relationship without sex is COUNTERFEIT OUT OF SENSE”

At one time, there were no particular problems: spouses came together for the sake of family interests, and sexual passion was a rather rare option, even if only spouses were free to bring it out of wedlock, taking care to keep up with appearances, and sometimes even these . Now we rightly claim that those who form a family with us represent our (sexual) purpose and (emotional) half. And here I come to you, dear Alice. You’ve found a compatible man: 15 years later you can still put up with each other and make love. But you expect the excitement of the beginnings and that frankly he can no longer give you. Do we want to be honest on account of someone’s scandal? Unlimited monogamy is not a natural condition: it was imposed by civilization for obvious reasons of public (and economic) order. However, even an extroverted couple has insurmountable flaws: I won’t be able to manage them. Alice, you asked me to name what’s happening to you. There it is: dissatisfaction. But there will be no one else to please her (go and re-read Madame Bovary). You must do it yourself. Only then will you find the person you are looking for, and perhaps you will discover that he is actually the one you are looking for.

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Cesare San Moreau, Comrade Angela Melillo / “She is my smile and my light”

Angela Melillo says very right love affair with her Cesar San MauroThe man who made her heart beat seven years ago. “There are things people have done for me. I’ve experienced special and dark moments. The important thing is to move forward and smile. The life we ​​live now is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted.” Melillo says to Tofanin. As he points out to his partner, Cesar San Mauro: “he is She is my smile and my light. I gave him my first kiss a month and a half later. I have a daughter and a very special attitude, I didn’t want one sTorella”explains the show girl in an interview with the presenter. “We’ve been together for seven and a half years now, but we haven’t moved in together. I didn’t want to destabilize my daughter— Angela Melillo says – H He understood, because he, too, has children. I found a very understanding person, with a great head, who knows how to listen and understand. ”

Cesar San Moro, the man who made Angela Melillo fell in love

New appointment this afternoon with “very right” And in the pink rotogravure by Silvia Tovanin, here is the usual and rich guest lounge: and waiting for the episode, which will begin, as always from 16:30, we can discover something more On Angela Melillo who will be on stage in the TV living room of Canale 5 and will tell the hostess, as evidenced by the previews that appeared on the Mediaset Play portal, and not only Early days of his career With a passion for dancing, but also success in the entertainment world, the experience at Bajaglino and then also marriage on the horizon and the love of my daughter. But who is Cesar San Mauro, the man who took charge in Melillo’s life Ezio Bastianelli’s place in his heart?

Let’s go in order and dwell above everything about love life 54-year-old actress, dancer and showgirl, originally from Rome: after her marriage in 2006 to the well-known restaurateur with whom she became pregnant In 2008 his eldest daughter Mia, which ended in 2012 at the end of one of the darkest periods of his life, according to Melillo herself, here comes the rebirth. In fact, Cesar San Moro came into the life of Angela, a lawyer about whom little is known but who has been able to stay with her over the years. Besides in difficult timesEnough to convince her to marry soon, having already been put on hold once due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “I have very few fixed points in lifeBut you are definitely the most important.” Angela wrote on social media about her partner: “Together, we continue to hold your hand, we will share with you the beautiful moments and obstacles of this New Year ”the post that the couple celebrated. Arrival 2002.

Cesare San Moro, who is Angela Melillo’s companion? The wedding is on the horizon and…

Born in Rome in August 1956, César San Mauro is a cassation lawyer and has a well-known law firm in the capital, although his curriculum also includes teaching public economic law in Sapienza University: a very elegant figure, as evidenced by social shots along with Angela, and also very active in the area, Cesar is a fan of Roma And from his past shows the snapshots of him with the former captain of the Roma team, Francesco Totti, and many VIP fans such as Carlo Verdone. to become a name Also known to general television audience The companion’s participation contributed to the 2021 edition of “L’Isola dei Famosi”.

Actually San Mauro it seems Unfamiliar man in the spotlight And as far as we know, he has never been a frequent visitor to the mundane events of the entertainment world: in any case, as we know, he has not recently despised the appearance on Social features of Melillo. However, we don’t know much about the love story between the two, as the blonde showgirl, as we know, never wanted to give too many details about her private life, but during her experience on the island, she raised her partner over and over, explaining how he is Really important to his life. It is not by chance that she revealed Cesar’s simplicity but also the depth of some of the gestures that caught her eye: since Angela had unfortunately lost both parents, San Mauro would have lost her. This is how I asked for her hand from my daughter“Nice gesture, being a person of great values, he wanted to involve my daughter,” Melillo said.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, five key moments in the defamation trial –

from Barbara Vicentine

Testimonies in court in recent weeks have taken the role of the novel, between “stool” on the bed and mutual accusations

If it was a script for a movie or TV series, it would probably be considered too bizarre to believe: the defamation trial involving the actors. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
In recent weeks, it has attracted the attention of an increasingly wide audience, is very popular on YouTube and in newspaper articles, as if it were just serial fiction. Instead, the honor and fate of the two stars are at stakeex-husbands are now battling for a maxi cause, trTo the hatred, grudges and mutual accusations we see now and then these days, it’s beyond imagination.

What do we know about Deep Heard’s trial?

Pirate of the Caribbean Depp, 58, asked in 2019 a Compensation for defamation in the amount of 50 million dollars to his ex-wife Heard, 36, claiming that An article I wrote and published in the “Washington Post”. The year before, as he accused him (though not named) of domestic violence, it would have hurt his career irreparably. Thus, as of April 12, the two are sitting in a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom, for a trial Estimated duration: six weeks.

Deep’s severed finger

Depp and Heard accuse each other of physical violence and both deny the other’s accusations of the sender. Among the first episodes that the actor recalled during his testimony in court (Heard has yet to testify, but is expected to do so next weekThere was a 2015 conflict at the end that was going to come out A finger cut from a vodka bottle she threwDepp said the finger was bleeding profusely, “looked like Vesuvius,” and a flap of flesh was pulled out and wrapped in a handkerchief to be reattached, and he also provided photographic evidence of the accident.

Drunk Depp Video

Heard, at the time of the divorce, had posed for pictures of her with a swollen face, but Depp claims it was a fantasy made with skilled makeup work. Former Jack Sparrow He denies hitting his ex-wifeWhile admitting that their relationship was very turbulent and full of controversies. His side also be added Alcohol and drug abuseas shown in a video made during the process in which the visibly altered actor slams the kitchen cabinets and pours a large glass of wine, before getting angry when he notices his wife is filming him.

Amber must be burned alive.

Heard’s lawyers, in these early stages of the trial, publicized the avatars to the public Messages sent by Depp To his friend, actor Paul Bettany, in which he severely insulted his wife, and also spoke of his desire to burn her alive. The actor apologized for the overtones, but denied that they were realistic intentions: “It’s just surreal humor“, He said.

Stool on the bed

However, in Heard’s introduction, audio files were heard during the trial in which she admitted hitting him. But The most horrific episode So far I’ve come out of a process that has already triggered dozens of memes is what he’s going to see Actress guilty of defecation in their bed, angry that her husband arrived late to her birthday party and then left after the ensuing quarrel. Depp explained that the next day, one of his bodyguards found “poo” on his side of the bed. At first, Heard justified herself by saying that It was their dogs to commit the crime, but Depp noted, “They are two Yorkies, I collect their droppings and I know how they are made. It wasn’t their stuff. Then the actress admitted responsibility saying it was”Bad joke gone wrong“.

Questions about Dib’s penis

Another moment that sparked fun in the courtroom was the nomination of another bodyguard for the actor, who was asked about an alleged episode, going back to 2015, where Deb was going to pee in the houseHeard’s attorney Malcolm Connelly asked, “Was Mr. Depp trying to pee in the house when you saw him?” The bodyguard replied, “No.” “But he had a penis on the outside, didn’t he?” urged the lawyer. “I think I’ll remember seeing Mr. Depp’s penisThe guard responded, causing public laughter, including the actor himself.

Heard’s borderline disorder

A psychologist (appointed by Depp) also intervened in court: Shannon Curry, speaking in recent days, claimed that Heard will suffer from “borderline personality disorder and histrionic disorder”. She came to those conclusions after a 12-hour examination, also adding that the actress would not suffer from PTSD because of Depp, she stated. Sediments that immediately caused a debate, which was followed by that of the concierge of the building in which the spouses lived, according to which Depp never acted violently.

Franco and Musk will not testify

The first weeks of the trial appear to have shifted public opinion in Depp’s favor, complete with hashtags in his defense and petitions to remove the actress from the cast of “Aquaman 2” (already with more than 2 million signatures on Somewhat physiological defect given that so far He who witnessed And her direct words are still missing. What role will the process take? So it’s too early to say, but what appears so far at least shows the super behaviors of both and many of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Among the most anticipated witnesses, neither James Franco nor Elon Musk will testify: They were both on Amber’s list that was released at the start of the trial, but announced that they would not be there.

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Kate and William, 11 years of marriage… they made history

Catherine’s arrival with her father Michael in 1978 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, white dress €380,000, Queen Elizabeth’s tiara, “I love you, you are beautiful” whispered in the chapel by the groom and Harry’s words to her. With two billion viewers connected live on TV from all over the world: this is how the most beautiful modern love story of the royal family began

Kate Middleton and William from England celebrate 11 years of love. On April 29, 2011, the eldest son of Prince Charles, Lady Diana and commoner Catherine who bewitched him at the Scottish University of St Andrews, promised each other eternal love at Westminster Abbey. In front of two thousand guestswith a million people stationed all the way between Buckingham Palace and the Abbey and two billion viewers connected live on TV from around the world: The most beautiful modern love story of the royal family began – Photo | video

Kate Middleton and Anna from England, first public outing together! – research

White dress from 380 thousand euros – The 29-year-old who was about to join the royal family, arrived with her father Michael in a 1978 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, followed up the stairs of Westminster by her sister Pippa, who carries a 2-meter, 70-foot train and lives her moment of fame (thanks to the B-side!); She wears a white €380,000 dress, with antique lace and a small blue bow sewn between the folds of the train: creativity signed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen; The earrings are a wedding gift from the Middletons, a tiara on loan from Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton radiant and super sparkly with a recycled Lady Di dress and jewelry – research

Harry’s words to William in church – “I love you, you are beautiful,” William whispered as soon as he saw her in church that day. What the tabloids are now revealing is that Harry, a witness to his brother’s wedding and then very close to the couple, preceded him in judgment: when he nearly saw his sister-in-law walking down the aisle to head to the altar, Prince Charles’ second son says: “Well, now here… it’s Nice, I can tell you.” The Archbishop of Westminster Rowan Williams announced they are husband and wife, less than a year after their formal engagement, which was announced on November 16, 2010 after eight years of love. The birth of a new couple and the birth of ‘Cambridge’: His Majesty the King grants them the titles of Duke and Duchess.

Louis from England, 4 years from a photograph of his brother George. Although Will and Kate kept it (almost) always hidden – research

Maple in Abbey, weddings at Aston Martin – The unforgettable moments and curiosity of a “yes”, or rather, “I do” day are countless. The couple asked the guests not to give gifts, but donations to the Newborn Foundation to support several charities “Prince William and Catherine Middleton Gift Fund”: fundraising exceeds one million pounds; The nave is decorated with English maples that were then planted in Prince Charles’ holiday home in Wales; The newlyweds ride on the carriage that Diana and Carlo used 30 years ago on their wedding day; The first public kiss of husband and wife from the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of a cheering crowd (so much so that once Kate looks up and sees thousands of waiting people screaming “Oh my God!”); Crowd in Trafalgar Square and other parts of London to watch the action from the big screens. William drives his blue Aston Martin marked “JU5T WED” and decorated with several heart balloons, which greets everyone with the bride at her side and going. Destination Seychelles, for a two-week honeymoon the bride was not familiar with …

George, Charlotte and Louis from England, games with Abi William – research

Two years after the first son – A little over two years after Yes, on July 22, 2013, William and Kate who had their first days as newlyweds in Wales, welcomed their first child, George, in 2015, their little sister Charlotte, who arrived on May 2, turned 7, and in 2018 Prince Louis, who just celebrated his four years with new photos taken by mum Kate. And if there is no shadow of the wedding ring on the finger of the future king, then this is only for personal choice, because the prince does not like jewelry, while Kate wears a precious ring made of gold mined from the mines of Wales. A royal wedding, and great love, went down in history.

Kate Middleton and William from England, back to Wales where they lived as newlyweds – research

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The competitor who was about to destroy everything

Like in fairy tales, or maybe not. The April 29, 2011 William of England And Kate Middleton Look from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, in front of a million people and nearly two billion people live on TV, sharing Husband and wife first kiss. Eleven years ago, Prince William and Kate they got married. a well-known girlBorn in the English county of Berkshire, he became Prince William’s wifeSecond in line to the British throne, the late Diana’s son, along with his brother Harry, is considered an “orphan of the kingdom”, as well as wanted descendant By a whole generation of girls, aristocrats and others.

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Eleven later can be said that a file The royal wedding is going well. Kate and Will are fine. But scandal close put pressure on their marriage. Indeed, over the years, the image of the perfection presented by the royal couple has only improved: the popularity of the Duchess of Cambridge has grown by the day. If at the first moments she seemed shy and awkward, now her popularity is universal and her behavior is impeccable for every occasion. William and Kate, with three heirs donated to the kingdom, are today The heart of the British monarchyThe couple the world dreams of seeing soon be crowned.

but the Their lives are not a fairy tale. Like any other couple, real or not, they have Experienced ups and downswith all the complications and difficulties of public life Washing dirty clothes at home, without leaking a trace to the newspapers. In these eleven years the spouses leaded also Third Disturbance Shadow. a rival in love for the Duchess of Cambridge. From the identity, released during the years of tabloid investigations, it is very similar to that of Catherine Middleton: tall, with long brown hair and a slender physique. A beautiful mother of three, the owner of a luxurious residence in the Norfolk countryside. It is located around the flowerAnd Marquis Cholmondelea woman of appearance It’s hard to forgetalso for Prince William.

Rose Hanbury was known in court because of her grandmother and bridesmaid to Queen Elizabeth at her wedding. that it previous model represented by Kate Moss AgencyAnd her husband, heir to a fortune estimated at about $100 million, announced their engagement in June 2009, the next day they revealed that Rose was pregnant and on the third day they got married.

With the marriage, it was Rose Become an incredible homeownerHoughton Hall, 1600 hectares of land and 106 rooms, but above all”neighborof the Dukes of Cambridge, who have their dukedoms in Norfolk country house, and part of William and Kate’s circle of friends. Rose’s three children, Oliver, Alexander and Iris, also have more or less The same age as Princes George, Charlotte and Louis.

After one night, during one dinner party From the Rose Organization for Charity, Kate was seen arguing with her husband Then she reacts in an icy manner to the smiles of the hostess. Then ask his closest friends in a concise manner: “Gradually eradicate rosesAccording to reports from royal family gossip experts, Rose and William were going to get a short flirt at Kate’s sensitive moment: when he was Pregnant with her third child, Louis. And the rumors reached Kate only a few years later.

Some friends of the royal couple suggest that after that evening “William tried to be a peacemaker so that the couple would remain friends, because they live close to each other and share a lot of common knowledge. But what Kate was very clear on the fact You don’t want to see them againDespite their social status.” Kensington Palace Reject gossip and insinuationIt threatens legal action.

But you know, from this point of view, the woman rules the couple. In fact, The beautiful marquis after that evening disappears from the radar Until you see it appears again unexpectedly by A Buckingham PalaceA guest at a dinner organized on the occasion of the visit of US President Donald Trump. Alone without her husbandalthough the couple were invited specifically because of the role of Lord Great Chamberlain by the Marquis of Cholmondele.

Kate and Rose are friends again, still suggest court malls. This is confirmed by the fact that Rose was seen attending a mass at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, on Sunday when William and Kate were also present. The rivalry between the two seemed to have eased after a period of parting. But many in the UK believe this is just a move aimed at permanently turning off the lights from Marquez. Wonderful woman put in serious crisis The fairytale wedding For a couple worthy of a Disney story.

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Can the deacon return in love fever? crowd hypothesis

deacon mustache Chatting is done more and more but not a file beautybut a love fever! the father Hope Spencerreturned for several months in the soap opera Forrester (obviously in American betsstill unpublished to us), faces a quandary in the events of the show: having exhausted his troublesome role in married life ridge And Brock ForresterThe ex-boyfriend from Las Vegas seems to be slipping into a more marginal role, the role of the pure confidant of his new friend Sheila Carter.

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Although immersed in memories Resulting in an “alcoholic kiss” with Brock in late 2021Deacon does not appear to be Logan’s choice, although he has declared love to her on more than one occasion. And what does this leave for a person?

In the most recent US episode, Sharp is the one who finds Finn and Stevie Finnegan, shot and lifeless, in the alley behind Il Giardino, where Dickon finds himself a handyman (as well as a house, since he lives in a closet room). In the hours following Finn’s death, Deacon was so preoccupied with comforting Sheila for the loss of her son that he would never be able to build a relationship with him again, unaware that it was Carter who shot the Doctor and Stevie.

The spoiler For now, we’re only expecting Deacon to try to dissuade Sheila from visiting Steffy – when the girl is discharged from the hospital – so she can see her nephew Hayes. Then? What else does Deacon’s future hold in Los Angeles?

Many find this light use of the character “lost,” which is instead back in fashion in Fever of Love, the beautiful “cousin” soap opera in which Deacon has a past: he always plays Sean Kanaanthe ex-husband of Bridget Forster was featured at events in Genoa in various fictional arcs between 2009 and 2012.

Why is Deacon mentioned so often in Fever? Well, because the story by which he left the scene (which sent him to prison that Bill Spencer took him from shortly after to disrupt Liam and Amal’s wedding in Puglia) was partially resumed. Let’s take a step back, and summarize the story in question in a few lines.

At the time, Deacon had seduced Nikki Newman, as part of a plan to separate the woman from her husband, Victor Newman. However, Deacon ended up falling in love with the more mature lady, but the relationship, through its ups and downs, ended. Deacon then became the main witness to a murder, Diane Yankins Newman, who had a long line of suspects, due to the many enemies the lady had made for her plots.

At that point Dickon blackmailed Nikki, declaring the perpetrator to be his daughter Victoria (with whom, among other things, he had an affair once he arrived in Genoa), and resorted to the blackmail weapon of force. Nikki to marry him in Las Vegas. Nikki later finds out that – while drunk – she killed Diane and that the deacon had cheated on her.

However, Nikki decides to plunge into Deacon’s feelings, in order to find more information about the murder, and thus finds out that Sharp was in possession of not only a video of the murder that showed how Nicki acted in self-defense, but also a red-light video with Diane herself ( which he became a fan of).

In short, the plan was initially to fake Diane’s death, so she could escape and take revenge on Nikki, framing her for his own death. But the latter’s drunk spoiled the plan, leading her to truly kill her rival. However, Deacon had sincere feelings for Nikki, he struck the corpse with a stone, making it appear that someone physically stronger than Nikki had killed the woman. When the truth emerged, Deacon was arrested for obstructing the investigation and insulting a corpse. Recently, however, new light has been shed on that story, given that… Diane has resurfaced alive and well!

Apparently, Diane really faked her own death, thanks to Deacon’s help and some act of corruption at the mortuary, replacing her body with an identityless corpse! Deacon’s complicity in the insane gesture has been shown and many wonder if the man could sooner or later appear in Genoa, perhaps not exactly as a steady return in Fever of Love but at least as a short cross with Beautiful, where at the moment it is not used much.

Did American fans see us right? Meanwhile, we remind you that Kourtney Hope and her young daughter Sally Spectra are still at Fever of Love, where the designer has found new life after the disappointments of Los Angeles from Forrester.

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Who are the “fantasies” in Japan, people who fall in love with fictional characters –

from Elena Theban

They fall in love and marry “informally” with the heroes of manga, anime and video games. Interaction with holograms allowed by a device called Gatebox. The story of Akihiko Kondo and Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated pop singer

Akihiko Kondo38 years old, Japanese, The first phycthyosexual activist. He wants the world to know that there are people like him and that their numbers will increase with Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics that allow for deeper interactions with inanimate objects The New York Times, which devoted an article to the phenomenon, explains that it was born in Japan and considered by the Japanese government to be a distinct cultural movement for the country and worthy of export. sexual fantasies Men and women who fall in love with fictional characters and demand the dignity of their relationship. Mr. Kondo is one of thousands of people in Japan who have unofficially contracted fictional characters in recent decades, serving a vast industry that aims to satisfy every whim of ardent fan culture. Tens of thousands of people around the world joined online groups discussing their interactions with them Characters from anime, manga and video games Nate writes.

Kondo got married in 2018 unofficially (or rather fake) with Hatsune MikuOne The computer-composed turquoise-haired pop singer who toured with Lady Gaga and starred in video games. He says their relationship has intensified since 2017, when one of the devices called Gate Boxaimed at single men (costs $1,300), allowing you to Interact with holograms of fictional characters. Kondo says that Miku gives him love, inspiration, and comfort with her (in the form of GameHe goes to restaurants, watches movies, and travels on romantic weekends. Mr. Kondo has always known that he does not want a human partner. Partly because he rejected the rigid expectations of Japanese family life, as The New York Times explains. But above all, it was because he had always felt a very attractive, and even to him, inexplicable attraction to fictional characters. Accepting her feelings was difficult at first. But he argues that life with Miku has advantages over life with a human partner: She is always there for him, she will never betray him, and he will never have to see her get sick or die.. Although there are some very difficult moments for him, such as when Gatebox stopped producing a Miku avatar: Kondo now has to accept dolls and his imagination to interact with his “sweetheart”.

It would be easy to dismiss the problem as the delirium of a bunch of crazy people who have found mutual affirmation and clarity thanks to the web. But behind sexuality there are broader and more relevant phenomena. Certainly there Japanese fan culture, with its characteristics. And The market’s ability to make money Starting with the most mysterious tendencies. And the side that matters Limitations of Minority Self-Definition The struggle for recognition and rights.

Many objections that can be raised against homosexuals and bisexuals have been raised in the past. Today we realize that these emotional orientations are true, thanks to the struggles of gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Why not work the same way for sex hackers? The simple answer: because the relationship of love is so – and therefore recognizable – It should relate to real and independent themesunderstanding the unpredictability of facing the other alone. A fictional character is a projection of our minds, therefore it is impossible for us to have a relationship with him or her: we will always and in any case have a relationship with ourselves. In this sense, fantasy sexuality seems above all else A way to escape from confrontation and relationship with others. The question could change when and if technology will be able to develop programs or robots that behave as if they were humans with their own personality and ability to act independently. But this is science fiction stuff for now.

This article first appeared in Corriere’s press review, and is reserved for subscribers. You can read it here.

Those who haven’t subscribed yet can find ways to do so here, and can access all of the site’s content, all newsletters and podcasts, and the newspaper’s historical archive.

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Do not put your finger between the wife and husband: one of the most famous personalities

slaps! I can’t help it. Ever since Will Smith snuck into the Academy Awards to defend the wounded honor of his wife Jada Pinkett, I’ve had the impression that every quarrel, past and present between celebrity couples, is somehow accompanied by this voice: slaps! (or Buff!, if you prefer, but still smack high). On the other hand, the list of famous people who have had some trouble in Heaven is so full of public jokes and smacks of pride, that what happened to Chris Rock, in turn, is a pleasant exchange of opinions with plenty of foreplay from the Pope. This is starting with Pinkett Smith pairs. But let’s proceed in order, because here it is necessary to understand once and for all that it is definitely better not to put your finger between the wife and husband.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

Ah, Hollywood climax. When Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, the furious par excellence, insulted and teased each other with posters: Is there any Hollywood more romantic than this? There will be several episodes, but it is now known that the two extremes of litigation reached on set Taming the Shrew, in 1966. Legend has it that it all started when Richard walked into Liz’s dressing room and noticed that his wife had hung a fake poster for the movie, with her name written greater than his. Then he imprinted another, as her name was not there even by mistake, and she was still another, and so all morning, in the battle of typography and vanity. This continued for the entire period of the group: days and days of banter and swearing. But no, no more stickers.

Angelica Huston and Jack Nicholson

How long are 17 years together? I would say little, if we consider life and if all goes (all things considered) well; I would swear very, very often, if he had lost the path of betrayals instead. Anjelica Huston knows something about her, who filled us with The Adventures of Jack Nicholson the pages and pages of her autobiography (Watch Me: Memoirs, of 2014), is full of situations and curtains that I can only define horror. Can you imagine your man flirting with the waitress while she was having dinner with you? And what if you grabbed someone else’s underwear in your house? However, the record for the scariest situations and most memorable riots (and violence) dates back to 1989, when Jack made her old enough to make her lover, Rebecca Broussard, pregnant. At that point, with slaps and kicks, Angelica breaks up, and with it their relationship. Definitely slap! Here the onomatopoeia is worth listing for any Marvel movie. Or maybe to stay on topic shining.

Victoria and David Beckham

Now that I’ve opened the cheating class, I can’t help but mention the most charming and cuckold couple in the entire UK. I’m talking about David and Victoria Beckham, remarkably. Certainly David being an unfaithful husband, he himself has admitted on more than one occasion. As for Victoria… Well, honestly, I wouldn’t swear. What I know for sure is that she forgave him, to the point that the Beckhams are still as cruel as they were twenty years ago. However, if it is true that one should not put a finger between wife and husband, then it is also wise to take into account the fact that the wolf loses its fur, but not its vice. And I bet Victoria Beckham was riled up with those words when she saw at the Los Angeles Lakers game that David’s eye fell a lot on the butt of a very blonde fan. It was 2008, and I know it’s a thing of the past. But I’m sure you remember the sequence of photos, which became a slide for moments typical of an ordinary couple. From the series: How to make skatzu not only unforgettable, but also creative.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

And what good would a round butt be when the problem is the chick talking to your man? There things get tricky, especially if your type is none other than Jay-Z, and you’re Beyoncé. And not least, I should add, if your type – besides being Jay-Z – was also the one who cheated on you with Becky Pelicabile (aka “Good-Haired Becky” mentioned in Lemonade). So the 2009 NBA Final became the perfect time to write in your face that she’s blowing you, and how she amazes you, that Nicole Curran (The wife of the owner of the warriorsnda) Don’t worry, while from his little place he almost passed you by to talk to your beloved (at the time) traitorous husband.

Michelle and Barack Obama

It appears to be a short step from the bleachers of a basketball court in Los Angeles to the bleachers listed on a schedule in Soweto. Seems, given that the position the Obamas found themselves running during the Nelson Mandela Memorial in 2013 seems (more) a disturbing development of the Carter-Knowles pairs evolution in the 2009 NBA Finals. With that different you’re now Michelle Obama, and your kind is the President of the States United “tanned” who, two places away, is laughing and joking with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. And now look, he’s even taking a picture of us, just like a teenager. Wait a minute, did you say “tanned”? Who said this? Where did you hear this? Of course how do you forget. What a sweet memory, and what a sudden doubt! Couldn’t your husband be a kind of revenge for that period there, where Silvio Berlusconi praised you so much? Maybe it is, who knows.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The ancestors of scazzi can only be on social networks. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: the prodigies of the music industry, but also one of the couples they have the most in the entire world. But as you know, at that time Jelena was a teenager. As we know, as good teens, they find time and time again the typical mistakes we all made, especially when we were kids, especially in the Instagram age. “Escaped” like (and was immediately removed); – Continue not to proceed at the slightest shock; Rosecon comments (by Selena) under a picture of an ex (Justin) with a New Age flame (Sofia Ricci). I’m referring to what happened on Justin Bieber’s Instagram profile, back in August 2016. And that was the lowest point, the most memorable one. But oh, oh, Selena and Justin. How did I understand you then?

Melania and Donald Trump

I tried to think of a specific event, a specious spectacle between the hell in Melania and Donald Trump’s public outings, but I couldn’t. The truth is that in this particular case we are at such huge levels that attributing them to a single event is almost impossible. What can be done, however, is to observe with rigor the science of how the human body behaves when it hits an advanced stage. That is: a part of the body begins to embody the same Satsu, acting almost without the actor even realizing it. Just for example, August 2020 comes back to my memory, and those photos while the Trumps were getting off Air Force One. Do you see Melania’s hand? Do you see how, every time, she slips away from any contact with her husband? Is this not the proof of evidence?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no longer children, but their social media interactions are worse than Jelena’s experience. Among them you can draw a myriad of controversies: from whom he is accused of not being invited to his daughter’s birthday party, to which she says she was “shocked by his antics”. Now that I’m in the process of getting divorced, the latest amazing episode comes to us from Kanye (or rather, from Ye), with a post last February on Instagram – now deleted – that Kim accused him of stealing – while visiting Daughters of TV series Akira (The Japanese manga by Katsuhiro Otomo, which Kani is particularly associated with.) At this point, where you can breathe a level of wound limiting pathology, the only thing I can say is just: “Ahh.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

If Melania Trump appears shaved 100% of the time, scazzo will be back hitting reachable peaks with Megan Fox on the red carpet for the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards a few days ago in Los Angeles. by most. By dodging the kiss, or perhaps disgusting, on the whole, Machine Gun Kelly’s boyfriend, Meghan’s lovebird hinted at trouble in heaven. If it was just for his clothes, I have to say, I would understand.

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

Turn and turn, back to the starting point, to prove once and for all that there are far worse blows – and far more violent slaps – than what happened to Chris Rock. Like those, many, from Jada Pinkett to Will Smith. slaps!: gets angry at their son’s friend. slaps!: say it in the transmission (help). slap!: Who wouldn’t want to appear on Instagram Live, but Jada does it anyway. still slaps!And slaps!And slaps!And slaps!. until he does slaps!. But not her. Jada no. Never in Jada.

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Vittorio Cecchi Jorri, 80 years old: “I was going to marry her to Ornella Muti. Today I am alone »| the interview

from Candida morphillo

Relationships with Rita Rosic and Valeria Marini, Legacy, Hospitalization: The former producer speaks for himself, between cinematic successes and a string of misfortunes

“In paraphrasing a movie I made, I hope this will be my ‘first 80 years. Vittorio Secchi Gore He still knows how to laugh, despite the aches and pains of life and the sorrows of life which he describes as a movie. Christmas is today April 27. In January, he was hospitalized, still serving a cumulative sentence of eight years and five months under house arrest for the Safin and Fiorentina film crash, which has since been suspended for health reasons: “The heart made a fuss. Now I feel tight, I can do everything, but sit ». In the house in Parioli owned by his parents, he looked at Rome from the windows: “Unfortunately, I had some benefits, but it was better not to have them, because it depends on my state of health.” Judicial troubles wiped out an empire made up of film, television and football. Ask: What errors do you recognize? “I had a role in 48 companies, something escaped me, but I didn’t realize I did anything wrong, I still don’t know what happened.” He sighs: “I only hope that President Sergio Mattarella, fair and calm, will grant me the honor of grace.” Most of our cinematic work was produced by Vittorio Cecchi Jorge, initially with his father Mario.

Naples in Milan. We shot it in 52, I was 10 years old. Eduardo de Filippo made me sit on his feet. I grumbled: Dad, he’s got bony knees.

Silence By Martin Scorsese, in 2015. She also co-produced Scorsese Irish, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, but I couldn’t go, I was sick. With America I kept working because my companies were not affected by the bankruptcy there. Americans keep urging me to do something else. I have the script to remake overtaking, with Dino Risi’s son, Marco, and perhaps with Alessandro Gassman, whom he doesn’t like much. I’m a member of the Oscars jury, I hear other jury members, remaking films are all the rage. I just have to be fine, start moving again. I still want to make a good movie.”

How much time do you miss production?

“I always produce from my head. Everything I see, in my head, turns into a movie. Today, I woke up thinking about Carlo Verdone, and I would like to remake it My sister and I“.

Verdone, Risi, Benigni, Pieraccioni and Tornatore co-starred in a 2019 documentary called “Cecchi: Gori an Italian family”. Has your manager stayed close to you?

“I love them and I think they want me.”

Where did the first movie have a big role?

Brancleon in the Crusades by Mario Monicelli, from 1970. E …otherwise we get angry It was my hunch. My dad didn’t understand: Everyone said Bud Spencer and Terence Hill without Spaghetti Western would never be seen. My father has never complimented me before. Many said to him: Tell him once that he is righteous. He: What are you crazy about? After that, I no longer check it! I also wanted to shoot the last film by Federico Fellini, and I wanted to gain experience with the greats. Still, Corky’s dad joke is famous: You always saved yourself, and your son needed to make a movie with Cecchi Gori.”

Seeing his name in the family company, what satisfaction was he in?

«I am indebted to Sergio Corbucci and Monica Vitti, with I don’t know you anymore, my love1980. We were Monica’s friends, how many films together…».

How many movies have you made in all?

“Up to 90 years between products and distributions. I still prefer movies to soap operas: a beautiful TV movie like no other. I review Mediterranean sea Written by Gabriel Salvatores, still relevant today.”

It’s among the three Academy Awards he keeps in the library, along with “Postino” and “Vita è bella.”

“I won it in my golden moment in America, where I had a home and credibility. I was good at promoting the movie. Unfortunately, I left Los Angeles: she’s too tired to go back and forth. Donald Trump told me to stay, maybe I was wrong.”

“I bought from him a house in New York, a penthouse and a large shed in Central Park, like hanging in a balloon, and then I lost him in my own trouble. Being friends, he was overflowing, but he was a simple man, he understood everything at once ».

Any other memorable encounters?

Gabriel Gracia Marquez. We were friends, I took him to the Mexico City Tournament who wanted to make the movie out of him Hundred Years of Solitude, but did not take the two. Then he asked Fidel Castro to invite me to take film lessons in Havana. Gabriel was very kind. For adults, too, everyday simplicity makes them great.”

Other greats surprisingly simple?

“Bill Gates came to pick me up with his wife in the station wagon.”

What was she doing with Bill Gates?

“I met him at the Sun Valley Conference.”

The so-called “billionaire conference”?

I went there for three years. I was working on a paid content platform in Europe, long before Netflix and the like came along. Not keeping up with the artistic views, I worried that the screens I saw were as big as the ones on TVs. With me Gates was president of Warner. I said: I can’t believe anyone sees a movie on a mobile phone.

On the other hand, did Gates really believe that?

“It was ahead of us. After that, I was eliminated from the game across the pitches.

“The order is to kill me,” he said at a press conference. Ever wanted to take it out?

Over time, things became clearer. I had Tmc, I was creating my third TV column, I had my share of what would become Sky and a huge movie library and a football team, so I understood the importance of film rights and TV football. Instead, there was a struggle with public television. They took everything from me, for a slight error compared to the breadth of what I was managing. But many events are open and I intend to restore something.”

How did it occur to her to say that the cocaine they found in the house was saffron??

“Who do you know? Of course I didn’t think I would go down in history for the sake of the saffron joke.”

Among the other two Academy Awards, what do you remember?

Benigni and Massimo Troisi were wonderful, they loved each other. I put them together in We just have to cry. Both wanted to penetrate America: we succeeded with Roberto, and also with Massimo, but he did not have time to see him ».

He died immediately after the shooting of the “postman” ended.

“He had the Neapolitan mentality of Di Filippo: the show goes on. When he realized he had to have heart surgery, he didn’t say so, he didn’t have the surgery and wanted to continue the movie. One evening, they and I invited him to dinner and he didn’t want to come to finish the dubbing. The next day, he left.

In the documentary, Benigni says that when he explained to her about “Johnny Stequino,” he imitated him, but she slept all the time. Then she opened her eyes and told him what to change in each scene.

“It used to happen when I lived in Los Angeles, and with nine hours of jet lag, I was always tired. I mastered a technique by which I listened with half my eyes closed and I seemed to be asleep.”

An amazing person you were so attached to?

«Vittorio Gassmann was a second father, and I have always been attached to him. We used to go play tennis here and there. In America I had a great friendship with Jack Nicholson. man’s problem He had to do it with Meryl Streep. She came to see me so scared to tell me she was pregnant. I removed the champagne to celebrate it. Merrill told everyone about her, which made me known and loved by all of Los Angeles.”

He said his life is a movie. Best development?

“The most beautiful thing about it was when I married Rita Rosic: I had Verdone and Enrico Montesano as witnesses. While the priest was celebrating, I saw them swaying in blue robes and it occurred to me to have them make a movie called two carabinieri. I told him there when I was getting married. It has been successful.”

Previously, the pink newspapers described her as “a theater boy who brings together actresses, Maria Grazia Buccella, Maria Giovanna Elmi …”.

“Playboy only does that in life. I worked. And during my work I knew actresses. Maria Grazia was my great love, and it ended because we were young, but we are still friends. On Christmas 2017, she was the one who took me to the hospital with a heart attack.”

“I like it very much. Mom said: I understand that you want to marry an actress, marry her, she is cute, she is beautiful. But we parted, it was a disappointment: I wish it would have ended in another way ».

His dad really said about Rita Rosic: Does my son have that in his pocket?

“I was an only child, I was 40, think of the sentence in this context. I wanted to get married, can’t I keep doing what? I’ve raised a family, we have two exceptional children, Mario graduated in economics in America, and Vitoria stores in Miami.” The marriage lasted 20 years.

Records indicate that she ended between a fight and attempts at mutual strangulation.

When people are known, gossip is inevitable and I’m sorry. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, Rita and I are on good terms ».

Did I bother you when it was said that you discovered Peraccione or Panareello?

“I put it in production. He played a role in Attila God’s scourgeBut being an actress wasn’t the way to go for the producer’s wife. I told her: Help me with society. And I learned.”

Valeria Marini, five years together.

“It was a good story and a bit exhausting. He used to come to bed at six in the morning because he had an evening on the other side of the hemisphere.

“I’m alone now. I have some friends. In my eighties, I need friendship more: it doesn’t mean that I start imitating myself”

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Sylvie master seven thousand shots with VIPs: «Dream? Michael J Fox. I prefer? with the Dalai Lama

Ricardo Scalise in a selfie with Pope Francis
Ricardo Scalise in a selfie with Pope Francis

From Pope Francis to the Dalai Lama, passing by the stars of the Hollywood sky. Ricardo Scales, 38, from Venice, aka Mr. Sylvie About to come out with his first literary effort Rickypedia-Si Selfie chi pu! , 266 pages where he retrieves The story of 7,000 selfies with celebrities. Your dream selfie? With Michael J Fox, even if I thought it difficult given his health conditions, but I wouldn’t say never. Hollywood is not far away. I’m the only one in the world to have been featured on the Walk of Fame even though I haven’t been there yet.

Not a cell phone but a camera

remarkably In his celebratory autobiography, there will be a series of selfies in which he tells and tells about himself. I have more than 7 thousand and it was not easy to choose, inside you you will find several hundreds but I did not actually count them, on some pages I put nine, in another twelve. Among them, an infinite notebook with the great stars of world cinema: Directors Quentin Tarantino and Clint Eastwood, Actresses Uma Thurman, Gina Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, Actors Al Pacino and Vin Diesel For example, but not limited. And again: Ozzy Osborne, Giorgio Armani, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis. The cover is an explicit reference to Wikipedia, the revised online encyclopedia with an ironic key. Nineteen chapters in addition to the introduction, appendix and thanks. He begins by honoring the world of photography, focusing on his specialty, selfies. I never do it with my cell phone, but with the reaction that categorically explains. Then a chapter in which he undresses and talks about the illness that forced him to be hospitalized at the age of four. I had a brain tumor that kept repairing. I also talk about the four operations that I had to perform. If I’m now a piece of the ’90s — he says, underestimated — and can’t lose weight because of this troubled past. But those memories were welcomed back then An unexpected gift from his father WalterCamera, Olympus C50. When I think about how many laps I had him develop, I still had to laugh. Thanks to him I became passionate about photography and am now a graphic designer.

shadow circle

From the Pope to Quentin Tarantino
Fabio Ruvasi asked me to take a selfie

In the next chapter he then talks about the birth of the character who made him famous, Mr. Sylvie. Now – he says – People stop me on the street and ask me to take selfies while I’m at the Venice Film Festival, sometimes mistaking me for Giuseppe Battiston. And I play the game, so they are happy. They complement me and tell me they can’t wait to see me act in another movie. Thank you of course. Then keep scrolling through the folder, and divide the photos by categories and Goes from Oscars to music legends, to private encounters. Certainly – he says – the funniest selfie was the one taken two years ago at the Venice Film Festival. My nephew loves Fabio Ruvasi and I wanted to surprise him. There were a lot of people and what does the singer of Milan do? He raises his voice and says: Stop! Stop everyone, I want to take a picture of myself with Mr. Sylvie” to the amazement, laughter and applause of those present.

No and Jordan’s affection for the Dalai Lama

These are all stories mentioned in his book in great detail. Among the missed selfies are those with Michael Jordan, the NBA legend. He told me he couldn’t because of some items the heroes would carry with them for life. Then he took pictures with the restaurant staff where he was eating. I don’t add anything else. An unforgettable selfie? The Dalai Lama episode in Milan. Incredible emotion as he reaches out and that feeling he will never forget. He waved at me despite being surrounded by his bodyguards. Awaiting the launch event at Forte Marghera in which he is a VIP, he is working on the English translation of the book.

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