The Other Half of Love: The Book, the Movie, the Marketing

We are used to finding books in the market that turn into movies after a while. Sometimes, with the advent of Netflix and all the new channels that have their own productions, times get shorter, and it happens that after a few days the book moves from the library to the TV. In case The … Read more

fall among the men. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato Wins ITAS Mountain Book . Award

The winners of the ITAS Mountain Book Award have been announced at the 70th Trento Film Festival. Down among men won the 48th edition of the literary competition that celebrates the mountain in all its forms. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato. Other award winning books: Cervino. The legendary mountain by … Read more

books of the month

Peter Turchin, armed monkey (UT)Translated by Luca Fusari, Sarah Principe Peter Turchin is a rather unique scientist. An entomologist by training, at a certain point in his academic life decided to abandon “science” to devote himself to the study of history and the application of mathematical models capable of tracking and predicting its dynamics. For … Read more

Nadia Terranova Earthquake Rescue – Books – A Book a Day

(by Paolo Petroni) (ANSA) – Rome, April 30 – Nadia Terranova “Shakes the Night” (EINAUDI, p. 168 – 16.50 euros). One life, or rather two little lives of the curse, captives of a definite fate and a contrasting background, for it is wanted by those most closely related to them and who, together, one hates … Read more

5 Business Books to Read on May 1

Waiting for repeat file May 1 We suggest a thematic reading path to more deeply reflect the meaning of the word “job” It takes in our contemporary. work in literature In the past, I denounced great novels state of alienation who often performs the work. Just think of masterpieces like star keyPrimo Levi’s first work … Read more

Living Books Museum, Cilento Youth Unione Initiative in Massicelle

Completion of the international training course dedicated to the human library Montano Antilia. it has finished Human Library, Diversity in DialogueIt is an international training course organized by the association Cilento Youth UnionIn the context of European Erasmus Plus Program. For eight days, 29 young workers from different European countries, namely: Spain, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, … Read more