Estimate 50 million dollars

Venice – more than after 100 years The first and only visit of a French painter Claude Monetin Venice, where he created an exceptional master of impressionism Series of 37 plates which captured incomparable views of the city, the masterpiece”The Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute“Back to the lake on Wednesday 20th April for … Read more

Art, Yokai Roundabout: Nightmares and Mysteries of the Rising Sun in the Royal Villa of Monza

It would be necessary to compete with a test of samurai’s courage to visit the exhibition: the room of a hundred candles, where the legendary members of the Japanese military house told each other horror stories and then looked at themselves in the darkest corner. Weather It will be the entrance to “Yōkai”, a gallery … Read more

Donatello, The Secret Soul of the Renaissance

Florence, April 19, 2022 – DonatelloGentlemen, sir. Code Renaissance. To present the value of this column of art history to the general public, the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation in Florence Half the world’s museums bothered, to assemble one Exhibition from the director Arturo Galancino You selected “once in history”. sponsored by Francesco Caliotiuntil July 31. divided … Read more

The events of April 20 in Bologna and its surroundings: Cacciari’s essay on man, Vauro’s book on emergencies

a musician Farah Quintel Estragon, via Stalingrado 83, 9 pm, admission 25 euros The artist presents a revelation to the Italian pop street scene for the second evening running “Banzai (the blue side” and “Banzai (the orange side)”), respectively, the second and third album of the singer-songwriter and rapper from Brescia. The date represents the … Read more

Pizza memes come true

The first pizza meme is from September 2018, we are in full yellow and green government, prevalence is rising due to fear of Europe, ongoing election campaign ads and incompetence of various junior members of the new parliament. Immediately, the first post is a very wise combination, which is: pizza and treasury bills. The Instagram … Read more

What to do from April 22-25

At the Mostra D’oltremare, the appointment with the Comicon returns, in the Casa della Musica there is Francesco De Gregori in concert, in the Pan exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol is the protagonist, in Piazza del Plebiscito free shows and games for children with the day of the lions, in Pietrarsa three days With hours … Read more