“Dream Team” to become the capital of culture. Away from the beaches, Rimini wants to become a city of art

Mayor Sadekovad defined it as the “dream team” in Miftah Cultural. This is the new working group that will be called upon to play the second half of Rimini’s culture. “After creating the cultural containers the first time, it will now be necessary to strengthen them and put new ideas into practice,” says the mayor. … Read more

History and culture beyond the wall. Donati: “Let’s take back San Francisco Grande and start excavating Porta Marola”

Prepare complex a church Born in San Francisco Grande Monastery and start excavation campaign To highlight the foundations Church of San Maurizio AndMarula ancient village. Two potential cultural and archaeological gems are located today only a few meters from the Arsenal wall. This is the proposal that Piero Donati Since the pages of the city … Read more

Uffizi, for the first time a 16th-century painting restored with essential oils

By Redazione, Posted on 27/04/2022, 16:12:59 Categories: ancient art For the first time in the world, 16th century canvas was restored with a mixture of essential oils. It happens thanks to the collaboration between Uffizi and Gemelli Polyclinic. The painting is “Silence” by Jacobo Zocchi. For the first time in the world, one 16th century … Read more

Antonello Tolf’s opinion at the Venice Biennale

Antonello Tolf’s position at the Cecilia Alemani Biennale is clear: boring, repetitive and full of missed opportunities, like the lack of prizes for Italy’s Tossati pavilion. This Cecilia Alemani Biennale seems to me too much to remember Milk stereotypes Of them women, and with them a whole host of issues now related to the now … Read more

Ukraine, young dancers welcomed by Scala in Milan but not only: academies and theaters give opportunity to study for young artists fleeing war

Milan welcomes the dancers and actresses of tomorrow from Ukraine. Body language and scenery are universal. Word of mouth between teachers, calls in private chat groups, and historical contacts between academic institutions and schools where the performing arts are taught, were enough to create immediate projects to welcome Ukrainian students to Italy. Not only hospitality … Read more