Carlo Conte wants the band to compose live music. The best years will come back

TV season Carlo Conte Connect with a new adventure titled the band. From these columns we talked about first and now we talk about them a few hours after their broadcast with their leader and creator Carlo Conte. With the Tuscan presenter we will also talk about the upcoming TV season, among the new version of Such and such a show of music awards A welcome return.

An old song said, What will The Band be?

It will be a chance to make live music. It wants to be a means of stimulating the desire of many girls and many boys to play and sing and above all to do it together, now that it is possible to do so after the epidemic that has hit us and that has removed the possibility. of many to be able to perform in public.

How was this program born?

Like I said, I was born out of wanting to get back into the live music industry together. It will be a talent in which nothing is profitable, only the taste of music will matter. It is no coincidence that we wanted to do it not from a television studio, but from a theater or Verde of Montecatini Terme. We have a wonderful jury and eight great teachers, and I sincerely thank them for accepting our invitation.

How will the mechanism of the first episode we watch tonight?

The first episode will have a special mechanism, in fact we will see 16 bands in groups of two and each teacher will have to choose one of the two bands, of course after listening to them, in the first group only the three jurors will vote. Then for the other episodes, the voting system is as follows: the teachers will vote in an open way, while the three-juror vote is secret, meaning that we will only find out at the end, when we will show the order by adding the votes of the teachers, the votes of the jurors, at this point we will have Final arrangement of the episode.

Old music and lasting love for Carlo Conte

I was born as a disc jockey in private radios, so it’s a love, a passion I’ve always carried with me. Music is something I know well, and it’s only natural that you’re the protagonist of my shows, especially in this one that doesn’t come from a format, but from an idea of ​​my own and my own cast.

How do you see TV entertainment in this period?

It’s not easy to do even today, because we’re a little bit out of the terrible period of the pandemic. Actually we are not out of it yet, because there are still many cases and this requires us to use masks for example as the audience at Verdi Theater will do during our programme. Then there is also the very sensitive international situation resulting from the conflict in Ukraine, we will try to do our job as best we can, which is to entertain and entertain our audience as much as possible.

What will be the future of Carlo Conte?

There will be David di Donatello that I will present with Drusilla Foer, then on June 2 an evening from the Arena of Verona dedicated to Lucio Dalla (broadcast Friday 3, editor) and on June 10 we finish the show that we do every year from Assisi with a heart. I will be presenting the Music Awards once again with Vanessa Incontrada, now my historic partner for the Verona Arena music event in September, thus opening the next TV entertainment season on Rai1.

Autumn, it’s time for a story, and what does the upcoming news of the new series show?

The winning team doesn’t change and said it’s never been more appropriate to talk about the latest version of Tale and what the show is. We’ve cracked the 20% wall of our cut, which is pure gold these days. Then I will deal with the construction of the crew of the new release between June and July, after I have finished all my commitments, the last of which, as I told you, is the evening of Assisi.

Will it come back like this and which one?

Last year’s edition went very well, with good reviews on a very tough evening like Saturday with mail for you on Canale 5, so I hope we can do it again.

Many ask us about the best years, is there a will for his return, and if so, when?

Was in this year’s ballot with the band, after that only 4 episodes are available, now they are 5 episodes as I expected, we decided to do this new talent, specifically for the desire to experiment. best years However I think he could come back next year. It’s a program that needs some time between one version and another, otherwise it risks repeating itself and I think enough time has passed now since the last version we made.

In Carlo Conte’s TV repertoire there’s also La corrida and the top ten. Does Carlo Conte like to experiment more or play it safe with products already played?

I like to do both, as you can see. You mentioned bullfighting and the top 10, yes, two very strong shows, but as I’m telling you next season, it’s easier to bring back the best years.

There’s a format that we love and that we love because we’re sure it will still work so much that you have your hand as an author, along with your team, now or ever, will it come back?

They asked director Coletta at a press conference and he replied that it was a ready-to-use format at the first opportunity. Amadeus should also be asked if he wants to do it again. When some programs go well with a host, it becomes difficult to replace them, because they are properly associated with that character.

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