Can the deacon return in love fever? crowd hypothesis

deacon mustache Chatting is done more and more but not a file beautybut a love fever! the father Hope Spencerreturned for several months in the soap opera Forrester (obviously in American betsstill unpublished to us), faces a quandary in the events of the show: having exhausted his troublesome role in married life ridge And Brock ForresterThe ex-boyfriend from Las Vegas seems to be slipping into a more marginal role, the role of the pure confidant of his new friend Sheila Carter.

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Although immersed in memories Resulting in an “alcoholic kiss” with Brock in late 2021Deacon does not appear to be Logan’s choice, although he has declared love to her on more than one occasion. And what does this leave for a person?

In the most recent US episode, Sharp is the one who finds Finn and Stevie Finnegan, shot and lifeless, in the alley behind Il Giardino, where Dickon finds himself a handyman (as well as a house, since he lives in a closet room). In the hours following Finn’s death, Deacon was so preoccupied with comforting Sheila for the loss of her son that he would never be able to build a relationship with him again, unaware that it was Carter who shot the Doctor and Stevie.

The spoiler For now, we’re only expecting Deacon to try to dissuade Sheila from visiting Steffy – when the girl is discharged from the hospital – so she can see her nephew Hayes. Then? What else does Deacon’s future hold in Los Angeles?

Many find this light use of the character “lost,” which is instead back in fashion in Fever of Love, the beautiful “cousin” soap opera in which Deacon has a past: he always plays Sean Kanaanthe ex-husband of Bridget Forster was featured at events in Genoa in various fictional arcs between 2009 and 2012.

Why is Deacon mentioned so often in Fever? Well, because the story by which he left the scene (which sent him to prison that Bill Spencer took him from shortly after to disrupt Liam and Amal’s wedding in Puglia) was partially resumed. Let’s take a step back, and summarize the story in question in a few lines.

At the time, Deacon had seduced Nikki Newman, as part of a plan to separate the woman from her husband, Victor Newman. However, Deacon ended up falling in love with the more mature lady, but the relationship, through its ups and downs, ended. Deacon then became the main witness to a murder, Diane Yankins Newman, who had a long line of suspects, due to the many enemies the lady had made for her plots.

At that point Dickon blackmailed Nikki, declaring the perpetrator to be his daughter Victoria (with whom, among other things, he had an affair once he arrived in Genoa), and resorted to the blackmail weapon of force. Nikki to marry him in Las Vegas. Nikki later finds out that – while drunk – she killed Diane and that the deacon had cheated on her.

However, Nikki decides to plunge into Deacon’s feelings, in order to find more information about the murder, and thus finds out that Sharp was in possession of not only a video of the murder that showed how Nicki acted in self-defense, but also a red-light video with Diane herself ( which he became a fan of).

In short, the plan was initially to fake Diane’s death, so she could escape and take revenge on Nikki, framing her for his own death. But the latter’s drunk spoiled the plan, leading her to truly kill her rival. However, Deacon had sincere feelings for Nikki, he struck the corpse with a stone, making it appear that someone physically stronger than Nikki had killed the woman. When the truth emerged, Deacon was arrested for obstructing the investigation and insulting a corpse. Recently, however, new light has been shed on that story, given that… Diane has resurfaced alive and well!

Apparently, Diane really faked her own death, thanks to Deacon’s help and some act of corruption at the mortuary, replacing her body with an identityless corpse! Deacon’s complicity in the insane gesture has been shown and many wonder if the man could sooner or later appear in Genoa, perhaps not exactly as a steady return in Fever of Love but at least as a short cross with Beautiful, where at the moment it is not used much.

Did American fans see us right? Meanwhile, we remind you that Kourtney Hope and her young daughter Sally Spectra are still at Fever of Love, where the designer has found new life after the disappointments of Los Angeles from Forrester.

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