Bringing street art to difficult regions of Italy

Singer and initiative “We Want”. Meeting with the boys in Naples after stops in Palermo and Rome. “Ignore disk partitions.” Collaboration with schools for Julio Rosick’s murals

Raphael’s eyes smile. From under the mask of a baseball cap, the gaze follows a hand Cesar Cremonini shows him his big picture: sixteen by five metres, the entire facade of a building in his neighborhood, Ponticelli in Naples. Drawn by street artist Julio Rusk. Some of his colleagues make fun of him. “Raphael”, “Oh Vamos”. “One day I would like to bring my kids here and show them what I was like as a kid,” the 11-year-old said.

The mural is part of Project “I would like”which is the idea that Cesare Cremonini tried to expand The boundaries of his latest album “Future Girl”.. The idea is to bring street art to difficult neighborhoods and start recovery activities in collaboration with schools. Three phases completed so far – Ponticelli, Spiron Palermo and Roma Ostia – With creative workshops in neighborhood schools that ended with pictures of Gaia Londino, Diana Beretta and Rafael Giusti, signed by Rusk.

“collective dimension”

“I broke the disc barriers – explains Cremonini – to do it Art through the use of multiple language, That in a society as fragmented as ours, it is increasingly necessary to be able to reach those who listen to you and to overcome the limits in which a single media imprisons you. It’s unimaginable at my age and with 22 years of work on my shoulder not to think about it After the collective of art, to see the world that includes In songs there is something greater than our intimate relationship. Starting from a record to get here is worth more than an Instagram post to celebrate number 1 of a song on the radio. Julio is my dream partner.

Children have dreams, too. “Fear”, “Not sure”, “Pitch cannot be used”: This is how players use it Curl Petron IC 88th Circolo De Filippo See Ponticelli. I’m about seventy, from kindergarten to middle school, I’ve been door-to-door at the beginning of every school year of Concetta Stramacchia main occupied buildings Neighborhood is the land of the quarrels of Camorra, of those who leave the dead in the field. The boys also tried to imagine the ward as different: They superimposed on pictures of degraded landscapesColorful redevelopment projects tailored to size. Swings and playgrounds in the streets full of holes, bins for separate collection in place of abandoned waste. “I would like to be on a football field playing with my friends and thinking of being like Insigne, my favorite hero,” says Raffaele.

The project does not stop at art. There are some Targeted redevelopment of interventions According to the requests and needs of individual institutions. To leave something left: a canteen, a safe patio where you can play, study rooms for afternoon activities… Ideas and initiatives to be implemented in the coming months. Alessandro Scarvo, CEO and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, Partner explains: “We share the goal of caring for the improvement of the urban context of our cities, and thinking above all of the younger generations, who live and build their future in this context” that finance operations.

Cesar Cremonini listens to stories and tales. “It was a slap in the face to understand that the presence of a famous man in some neighborhood – he says – is not only unexpected but considered impossible: to come here, even if they do not know me, is A sign of paying attention to places and peopleAn attempt to make them feel special in a world where they don’t think they can be the center of attention.”


The participating schools felt under the spotlight. Danilo Dolce’s poem reads, “Everyone grows only if he dreams of it. It was A lesson in neighborhood and community recognition. More than neighborhoods with special needs, I like to call them neighborhoods with special rights, they need love and care,” he explains. Antonella Di Bartolo, Dean of the Comprehensive Bertini Institute in Spiron Palermo, A woman with an infectious force working in the neighborhood is in the hands of the mafia and gets besieged by the shop that is often entrusted with the mansion. His summary speaks for itself: “Here there are no social services centers or sports facilities, there is no nursery serving three thousand children, not even a yard. Even the sea in front of it is not fit for swimming: a symbolic denial of the horizon. School is the only reference point Considering it as an incubator for the future and a starting point for other activities, we were able within ten years to reduce the school dropout rate from 27 to 3 percent.”

to realize Julio Rosk murals Spent a week in each neighborhood, with cylinder and cans, commenting on a mechanical podium: “Street art relates to the reality of the suburbs, these places where I don’t know their problems well but also the beautiful side. Which could also be the details of the lady who brings you coffee and croissants every morning and maybe tears her pajamas… Turning on the lights highlights the beauty of the suburbs“.

walk around the classroom, Listen to children sing in the chorus Future girl It commemorates Cesare Cremonini. The musician says: “I come from a social context – where you choose which school you want to do and the choice is also a mirror of the family’s ambitions. I think education is more than a right. In these experiences I saw a trench of dignity, something that separates good from evil, a place of protection to which you go voluntarily because it provides safety from other problems.”

look to the future

Even the boys liked:Ignite the presence of the students. A typical biography that stirred up reflections in boys. After his visit a man told me that he has this project Because of the emotional and psychological strength To open your eyes and come to school with another consciousness.” Carla Gentile, Deputy Principal of Anco Marzio High School in Ostia.

Cremonini draws attention in the image of Raphael. “His, like the others, is oriented towards the future, but It conveys a wide variety of feelingseven the feeling of judging those who pass by, mother, boy, policeman … I believe in cooperation between generations to look at the future from the same perspective and with this project I am trying to reach the children.”

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