Branko horoscope midweek 27-28 April 2022, detailed predictions at the top of the page


You will have to choose between two options or two paths, but be confident that you will be right in your choice, especially if you trust what your heart tells you. You are in for a good time not to be missed for business or financial success. The movement of the planets causes everyone to fall a little off center, and this generally means for you to revert to behaviors that do not benefit you personally. That is, while you are trying to “do the right thing”, you may not see the forest for the trees. Noting every attempt means spending your days doing something nourishing for your body: lots of water, lots of fresh produce and a varied diet that alternates with protein sources: meat, fish, and legumes.


After a morning full of reflections, fears and some disappointments awaits you, however, a happier and happier afternoon, especially in the family and emotional sphere, everything will eventually be settled and the day can end better than it began. Your romantic nature can easily be stirred up these days. The movement of the planets gives you the ability to separate your mind from your body somewhat, giving you more sensation in your body than your sometimes overwhelming feelings. To enhance this experience, be sure to exercise regularly and eat light and nutritious foods such as fresh salads or seasonal vegetables and fish. It will sensitize you and possibly someone else too!


Your fears and sadness lately haunt you when you should be very happy and think about all the good things that you have been accomplishing lately especially those that you are about to achieve, today fate will give you proof of all this. With today’s planetary site, you’re bound to feel a little nervous to get what you want. You can try to ignore it, but eventually your frustration will grow with a little control. It is recommended that you control your diet, exercise regime and daily schedule. Getting the rest you need defines your approach to everyday life, so why not check your bedtime and wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow?


In some moments of this day you will feel very happy, especially because you will have a pleasant surprise in your love or family life. After a few days of some introversion or sadness, the fog of your soul will dissipate and give way to an intimate, deep and serene happiness. Think about your most common response to conflict and ask yourself what you would change if you had the opportunity. This question is not easy. A planetary formation will present a situation (or two) that requires something to be resolved. You don’t have to make things perfect, but you will want to understand your role in everything that happens. What you do physically during this time will affect your behavior. drink a lot of water!


You will have an inspiring and supportive day in the business, financial and social spheres, even if you have been experiencing more difficulties than usual for a long time, however, help will come to you that will radically change your situation and will come from someone who helped you a lot in the process. When you give yourself enough time to “center” yourself before tackling a problem, it usually works, whereas a hasty approach can backfire or just wipe the surface (which doesn’t solve anything in the long run). Focus on yourself and how you want others to see you. To improve your ability to look your best, take a virtual yoga class twice a week. You will notice a significant difference after a month.


Many times you feel that to achieve professional or material success, you have to “kill yourself” with work and sacrifice while watching others achieve so much with little or no effort, but in the end your success will be more solid and enduring. How you deal with your emotions is key to how you treat others. We can’t always know how to truly affect another person, so the best practice is to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you would like to treat someone else. It’s not as easy as it seems. To be truly self-compassionate, you have to respect your health in a way that is not always comfortable. Your choices determine your behavior towards yourself.


Do it without fear. The problem will be easily solved. Personally, it is necessary to improve one’s quality of life every day and Renew your photo. Invest your money in your wardrobe and aesthetics, especially if you are in a public place or interviewing for a new job. The image is very important. Even if it takes time and money, Do not take it as an expense, but as an investment in the future. You will do well. Remember that Most people don’t know that you appreciate what you design. It also shows a positive attitude on a daily basis. With your partner, a very happy time awaits you today and this will make you believe that it is time to move forward in the relationship.

The scorpion

I’m not very satisfied with the way life is going for you, Scorpio, Wishing it did better for you each day, even if you can’t really complain. Be aware today of the things that you achieve, take a look and you will see that it is. You should be happy and not bitter about what hasn’t happened yet. Today you can feel frustrated because you have no news of something that you have been waiting for for a long time. Keep waiting to be sure Soon you will get what you desperately want. Lift your spirits and Give a chance to someone who wants to get close to youBut you built an impenetrable wall because he doesn’t belong in your circle of friends. This is not a reason to refuse you. Try to dig deeper each day and find out what it’s like. May you have a nice surprise.


Try talking to him today about your concern about this lack of understanding And if nothing is clear to you and you continue to feel bad about it, start seriously considering the possibility of changing jobs. In love, you are likely to deny yourself every day the possibility of starting a relationship with a person you met recently. The reason is that find faults. Maybe they are not that important. Remember that no one is perfect. If you are a Sagittarius who has a platonic love that you consider impossible in reality, Something might happen today that would change your mind And the realization that nothing is impossible and that it can be wonderful.


If you think he crossed the line, listen up Free to tell them. He may not be aware of the moral damage he has caused you. Regardless, Maintain a distance between you and this person on a daily basis. While that, You should accept and appreciate your partner’s constructive criticism And that you take too much, thinking it brings out your soiled clothes. It does not do it with this intention. Listen to it and try to improve those aspects that don’t work for you on a daily basis. If you’re a Capricorn who now has a free heart, you know someone is waiting for you but you’re afraid to make the move. Stop avoiding it today and follow the dictates of your intuition.


The only drawback is that This solution requires some effort. Arm yourself with courage and implement. Now you are in time to feel good about yourself and others again. Make sure that “close” Because lately you’ve been very irritable because of the problems you’ve been through that have caused this annoying character who doesn’t suit you. Do not let third parties interfere in your relationship on a daily basis, Aquarius, because it never comes in handy. Starting today, set limits on your intimate and romantic relationship. There is someone who is very interested in participating in your work. He got off his feet without further ado. You have just enough personality and personality to do this without messing with your hair.


It’s fine to do a team sport every day, maybe With your friends, it will be helpful strengthen bonds and meet new people, In addition to very positive results on your health and fitness. You know it’s important to take things step by step and you don’t want to fix everything right away. Remember this especially in the field of love because Maybe you’ve been stressing over someone you recently met on a daily basis And he could back down with this position. Much better if you take it slowly. Also, it’s not certain that this relationship will work out, Pisces, it is It is better to move forward little by little and deepen the basic issues. Haste is never good. Relax a bit today and let everything flow.

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