Brandwardi’s autobiography from book interview to singing form

Often the opening story of the book It is the result of an operation the shift; An underground path, similar to the Karst River, which, by exposing the initial project to a slow erosion path, finally allows for a different end product to emerge, more faithful to the original idea, surprisingly consistent with the profile and author’s story.

From Interview to Autobiography: Brandwardi’s New Book

Initially, as co-author Fabio Zuvanti recalls, Confessions of a thief. Cantor World Biography must be interview book Dedicated to one of the most original and multifaceted artists of contemporary Italian music, Angelo Brandwardi. At the end of a long series of conversations and more than twenty hours of telephone recordings, it became clear that the book’s most effective and natural form could only be the long and uninterrupted singing entrusted to the voice of the protagonist, Angelo Brandardi, and to its evocation of a life full of gifts, sealed with a constant search in A sign of rigorous and passionate creativity. It is difficult, even for a reader who is less vigorous or suffers from shortness of breath, to interrupt the particular atmosphere created in these pages from the first line: as if everyone were allowed to imagine Angelou”Who gathers around him a group of people and begins to tell his story, just as a troubadour does in a square.(From Zvante’s introduction.) Moreover, Joe is known to spectators and the most consistent fans of the Milanese artist.


From the interview to the autobiographical story So, in this slow gradual transformation of an editorial project, not only does the book’s look change. Perhaps it is precisely in the autobiographical genre, even before the fictional genre, that the yeast of fiction produces the most original and happy narrative outcome. In particular, we mean the right to recall something we thought we already knew and which, through the plot of the narrated experience, acquires the exciting and formative flavor of rediscovery.

That’s what happens when you cross these pages like a short/long voyage, follow the rhythms and tears of the narrator’s voice, stay in the silence of listening, and remain silent about the questions, which remain invisible and silent just like the stunned and wonderful look of the audience during a concert, waiting to be revealed Everything in the magical and fantastical rituals of melody is known and at the same time foreshadows new discoveries.

As it is formed like a continuous poem, the story unfolds and organizes into one consistent sequence of chapters Introduction through an evocative title of famous verses by the great composer accompanied by episodes and subtitles appropriate to the times and events, which evoke the unforgettable pages of our childhood fairy tale books in light and arabesque style. By the way, Brandwardi himself, at the opening of his unforgettable story, invited his readers to stay “Comfortable and intoxicated with the magical scent of the printed paper that makes up the book in your handA gorgeous, uplifting debut, not unlike the lucky cover image for his debut album (Angelo BrandwardiRCA, 1974), where everything was already present and centered: the unmistakable poetry, also immortalized by the verses of the poem that opened the path of Brandoardi’s authorship and gave the book its title (Confessions of a thief); The simple dress effectively contrasting the appearance, slightly child-like, which contained fear and shyness, and at the same time the strength and determination that directed their steps in constantly different paths, directed to paraphrase his album, inOther and in other placesTowards full human, intellectual and creative maturity.

With an elegant coherence of vision and a rare awareness of self-criticism, Brandoardi often derives the term “charisma” from his own language. It is this definition that best represents the many talents that Angelou has been able to receive in his life, and through his drinking and drinking from them (for example to quote another meaningful term that recurs in the narration), turning them into gifts to be given and shared. With his audience, he identifies an indisputable and positive origin and influence of wisdom, beauty, magic and noble poetry, which has enlightened and enriched entire generations.

masters of artist

It is worth noting that the title of the first album coincides with the real name of the artist, despite the pressure and resistance of directors and record companies who tried to simplify it and reduce its importance to make it more commercial. How can we forget, among the happiest pages of this story that is expressed in the path of formation towards the most difficult goal, self-realization (name included), the benevolent and fatal influence of father figure, very modest and decisive in the recognition and choice of the little angel for the musical profession with which life and fate are intertwined; and not a little gentlemen who accompanied his way for a short but decisive time: think of the violinist Augusto Silvestri, to whom, while still a child, he passed on the first fundamental shock of “devil’s tool“; Poet Franco FortiniHigh school teacher (with that pizza)Who, when we were at school one day, put me on the desk. He wrote: Don’t waste your time guys / Not as much as you think / Give plenty to those who ask you / After Sunday is MondayAnd again, the great producer and musician Paul Buckmasterwho agreed to cooperate with the unknown young man without even listening to one of his songs, realizing (as Ser Brunetto Latini towards his pupil Dante) Angelo’s gift after reading one of his letters (“You have a newborn knack for talking to humans and animals. I’m just here to help you refine it. All I tell you and let you know is that you have to listen to it and then forget it, because I can only give you the things that you already have insideThen Louisa, his wife and life partner, and generous assistant in drafting texts and sharing the same interests.

There is a strange smell in these pages that sticks to fingertips and memory. Perhaps it is this same fragrance from Ancient Future that presents one of Brandwardi’s most appreciated works; devastating irony for those who, like Angelou, love ironies; Perhaps the bridge between reality and dream, which consists of talent, crazy and insightful, but at the same time sincere and honest, from every true artist who has something to say to himself, his audience and even the good Lord to convince him. for him “Let’s put the penalties aside and sit down with us to hear this story“.

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