Brand identity applied to pop

We had just in time to understand that the story to be told was everything, that how to tell was central to the success of any business, or to better put it, of any project, and that the term did not necessarily mean something heroic or adventurous, perhaps just something to do with pioneers business, which is really time to change strategy.

That is, we’ve just learned to look at something like telling the story in a familiar way, you have in mind the question of how to tell stories, tell stories, in a great way, which then would be great, to tell the narration, and that’s the story talking about fashion, in fact, it got cheap Roughly, it should be avoided like trendy things when they become too visible and cheap.

Keep in mind that storytelling will never fade, obviously, from the Bible to Homer, through Don Quixote, even Stephen King and Rowling and all the Netflix series that give us an addiction worse than crack, it is clear to everyone that those who know how to tell stories have a chance Excellent for staying in time, to remember, but today, in this moment, the stories tell not so much to play sports, the philosophical racket, but rather to build a brand.

Yes, set aside, on standby, to continue down the slope of Anglism, storytelling, zeitgeist, we also make Germans happy, all for the sake of brand identity.

So brand, of course, brand means, identity, and therefore essence and distinction. Wanting to stay on the now resigned storytelling, in narration, we can say that today we focus more on character building, three-dimensionality, and believability, than on plot. After all, no plot can be sustained in the absence of credible characters, although fiction always requires an unwritten agreement between author and reader, a pact that provides blind confidence to the second over the first, a fact that often beautifully offends the first.

Brand identity, new in communication and therefore in marketing, is all based on the principle that a brand, a brand, must be easily identifiable, so that it is not only immediately recognized by any interlocutor, but also quickly put into context and more general in the world. Therefore Brand identity is also how a brand, or anyone who owns that brand, aspires to be perceived by what technically identifies as its target audience, its audience..

Obviously, just as with the products, the characters are much more than their own perception with third parties. So brand identity, included in the context of character creation, tends to create or reveal an identity that doesn’t just reflect what companies call “important” and “orientation”, in the case of characters working in the entertainment world, to say, what kind of audience they intend to propose themselves to him, with what purposes and with what layout, but also the values ​​and personality of the brand itself.

I know it’s such an understatement, since I usually talk about artists, it sounds kinda cold, almost sarcastic, but try to follow me by giving my reading of running things as good, you know the famous trust between author and reader, right? I write, you read, and since I am the one who writes and you are the one who reads, you trust what I write, without necessarily having to stay here every time to give details, keep track of all the steps taken so far, and give explanations.

Business and products are not the same, God forbid, though almost all businesses eventually end up becoming products too, and are put into the market based on their performance in the market, judged, weighed, and often determined as well. Some bad guys were doing tattoo barcodes back in the ’90s, not to mention. Thus, the brands and characters, which are already called personals instead of people, will make a person shiver, but I am certainly not the one who invented the Italian vocabulary words, and therefore, the brands and characters are not the same, but are often subject to the same grammar. , and since personalities who move into art but aspire to end up in the market, the market is what they necessarily have to deal with, this is where building your own brand identity becomes key, working on all the details, starting with the visuals, of course, But also values, placement, setting one’s referential goal, everything becomes important.

I’m not saying anything new, this is an analysis, not a presentation of my invention, but an in-depth study of the competitors, and so the narrative contrast between “good” and “bad”, think how much the bastards have made their fortune with certain heroes, and think how much the dualities benefit in Pop and rock from Historical Jobs, The Beatles vs. Rolling Stones, McCartney vs. Lennon, Gradually, from Duran Duran vs Spandau Ballet, from Blur vs Oasis, to get to Vasco vs. Ligabue, or compare what’s charting with what’s happening around, and thus read Attitudes and tendencies in the light of an individual’s path, real or imagined, and thus locating an individual, the considered and approved way to stand out from the rest, remember the idea of ​​being recognized? , the uniqueness we intend to pursue and at the same time the familiarity points we intend to maintain with an audience that has already been reached or is yet to be conquered, all through toward public actions, a part of private life that is properly sprinkled, characterizing one’s way of being on Social networks, strategies for how to speak, to visually present oneself, to be there, all contribute in a radical way to the realization that the audience will have a certain character and its work, as well as the brand and the products it offers.

Of course, for brand identity to succeed, as well as for storytelling to work, it shouldn’t be talked about, if not confident, among recruiters. It should be something like Tyler Durden’s fight club, which in hindsight will be the first to try to defuse it with the Space Monkeys.

So those who decide to reconcile with the devil and try to make their art, the impact of their work with brand identity strategies must do so without leaving any trace, the natural that is pursued with all their might, and from the brand identity some artists put their hand, paid to do so, must To remain a step back, unless Malcolm McLaren in turn is not an artist who wants to put his own work, the artist involved, and his purported work, into a kind of metanarration that ends up slipping into a hypnotic cycle.

Yes, because talking about being a manipulator, someone who presents something fake, some kind of brilliant fraud, is in turn a way of suggesting a specific brand identity, without straying from our recent Italian history, just think how much of a nice Gascon there is, the one who circumvents the rules when he can , and makes it his own, and he can even write it to measure, a hallmark of our imagination and the secret ambition of a part of the population, and has helped prepare for the rise of power, the truth, of Silvio Berlusconi, the fact that Berlusconi’s name matches, seeing her believe, in 6666 pieces of this piece I believe it In turn a kind of crystallization of what I just wrote, you see chance.

Coming back to us, it is clear that never as has happened today, in the age of data science and design thinking, that the world of pop music, traditionally called pop, has to deal in a rigorous manner with strategies and dynamics only seemingly out of touch with Humanity and therefore artistic.

All this to say what?

Simple, which is unimaginable today, but really unimaginable, to be out there trying to build a career just by looking at art, and thus the moment when talent meets inspiration. This syllable should not be left out, but it clearly becomes secondary to a whole series of syllables that lead to the most relevant verbs. Does the world seem a sadder place for this? Yes, I would say by eye, but there are innumerable other reasons for determining that in the sad place it is, I would say adapting to the downside of the music world is more of a symptom than a cause. If anything, being aware of how things are now can help those who think they have a talent and think that talent sometimes ends up serving inspiration, as well as those who are able to kick the ball well and decide to practice keeping it. Set up a game complete with breathing and muscles, to match well with the units designed by the instructor, to make that talent able to be meaningful, productive, and relevant.

I know that thinking about music and putting art aside to make room for something seemingly inhuman like marketing and marketing specifically applied to brand identity can be dismissive, in some ways almost offensive, but like an artist it has to confront itself. Technical skills, such as phonetics and everything related to aspects related to sounds, for example, it is good to know that having an accurate visualization of where you are going to occupy in the market can only help, if not vital. Let’s put it this way, if you want to go out to sea to have an awareness and knowledge of the fact that in places you don’t touch you have to swim or at least try to stay afloat becomes, albeit self-evident, essential.

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