books to read. The novel that hit Tiktok

orMore than half of Italian teenagers have read more in the last year. The Internet platform reveals this GoStudent Through a survey of seven countries. In particular 51% of Italian teens aged 11-18 are reading more from the pandemic. Favorite books are fantasy and adventure books, followed by science fiction and comics books. “Harry Potter” and writer J.K. Rowling are the most popular.

43% of Italian parents interviewed said they read at least once a week instead. A higher figure than reported by the Dutch (40%), Spaniards (38%), Greeks (38%) and Germans (13%). On average, Italians read fewer than 12 books in the last year. As for the format, the traditional physical book is still the preferred choice for most people.

Good news for the celebration! World Book Day on April 23.

here then The four books to read of the week.

books to read

Books to read this week

1/ Books to read. the maid

books to read.  the maid

why are you reading it

The novel immediately jumped to the top Ranking of best sellers in The New York TimesAnd but also in that Sunday times And Der Spiegel. An upcoming Universal movie starring Florence Pugh is currently showing in more than 40 countries. The protagonist of the novel, Molly Gray, is a “wonderful and grotesque heroine as Eleanor Oliphant”, “immersed in a Wes Anderson movie” with “a mystery worth being Agatha Christie,” they wrote.

Molly Gray is not like everyone else. He struggles to entertain social relationships and always misinterprets other people’s intentions. He has a reserved nature and an obsession with order. Nevertheless, he enjoys putting on his flawless uniform every morning, stocking his cart with soap and miniature bottles, and returning guest rooms at the Regency Grand Hotel to a state of perfection.

But one day thereMolly’s organized life is turned upside down the day she steps into the suite of millionaire Charles Black She finds him dead in his bed… The heroine finds herself embroiled in an alleged murder…

information. Neta prose. Theseus ship. 21 euros.

2/ Books to read. The singer you don’t like

books to read.  The singer you don't like

why are you reading it

He didn’t win an Oscar for his performance by Lady D in SpencerKristen Stewart is a singer. “We’ve discovered the most amazing actresses,” declared David Fincher while searching for a child translator to work alongside. Judy
foster him Panic room.

Today, Kristen Stewart seems to confirm that first impression. Born in Los Angeles in 1990, she is an instinctive and mysterious translator, Who is hiding behind the characters he embodies? (often it was already there) and nourishes them with his gravity and involuntary repetitions.

Info, the singer you don’t like. Alessandro Amato. Bietti Editions. Epub at 1.99 on On Amazon Kindle for 2.69. Hard copy for 4.99 €

3/ Books to read. Billie Eilish – the bad guy in pop music

billie eilish

why are you reading it

The first peculiarity of the book is that Dust jacket converts to poster/frame.

Centauria will be released in mid-May with Billie Eilish – the bad guy in pop music, Simultaneously a study and art book by Valeria Sgarella, a music journalist who has worked for MTV and on the radio as a speaker and author of programs.

say the words, Between the musical and the personal, the extraordinary splendor of the Billie Eilish casean explosion in rewards in just four years, a hike that was also for Eilish’s ability to take a stand on what he and her generation are investing in: From climate change to body exposure, Doing drugs or even private matters.

Themes that come back in his songs, Able to overturn some clichés of pop. Stereotypes that Nostra transcends even with its looks and leaves its mark on every element of the music instrument, from videos to social media, which always leaves a touch of fantasy on it.

Information about Billie Eilish – the bad guy in pop music. Valeria Sgrella. Centaurus. 14.90 euros.

4/ Books to read. We are the ones who say enough

books to read

why are you reading it

ends with usWe are the ones who say enough It is Colin Hough’s bestselling novelr which has already sold more than 1 million copies and is published in 29 countries. It is a global phenomenon that exploded on Tiktok, The hashtag dedicated to the novel has reached 458.3 million views.

The author tells a story that deals with the topic of domestic violence, Judging from his personal experience and the difficult relationship between parents; The novel will soon become a movie.

the plot

It’s an evening like any other in Boston and on a rooftop, twelve stories above the street, Lily Bloom gazing at the boundless clear sky. For her, this is not an evening like many. A few hours ago, he attended and reviewed his father’s funeral Atlas his first love. And Rael, a handsome neurosurgeon, spins around.

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After a life is not always easy, The girl finally runs the flower shop Who always dreamed of opening. But she makes it I quickly realize that letting go of those who hurt us is not easy.

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