Books to read before being made into movies in 2022

Few elements of thriller, romantic intrigue and style scandals BridgetonThe return of Emily Bronte and the great classics. According to the magazine tatler There are at least six Books must be read before they are shown in theaters or streaming platforms in 2022. This year promises to be full of news for binge-watching, but how many times have we thought “was the book better?” ; or “I’d have preferred to read the story first, I certainly didn’t miss too many details.”

Here, we still have plenty of time to make a feast of books before the release dates.

Swamp Girl (Delia Owens)

The The New York Times Placing Owens’ novel on bestseller lists, critics, and newspapers (such as Watchman) welcomed him equally favorably. The drama will premiere on the big screen next July, and the cast will include such exceptional stars as Daisy Edgar Jones and Taylor John Smith. Set in the 1960s, the story follows Kya Clark, a girl who lives according to the dictates of a bohemian life, known in the country as the “Marsh Girl”. She becomes the prime suspect when the body of Chase Andrews (played by Harris Dickinson), an ex-acquaintance, is found lifeless near her home. Yellow has already become one of the most anticipated titles of 2022.

Lady Chatterley’s Mistress (DH Lawrence)

The story of D.H. Lawrence’s novel is closely related to our country. The first version of the novel was published privately in Italy in 1928. We had to wait until the 1960s to find an uncensored version of the book on UK shelves. Countries such as the US, Canada, Japan and India declined to post instead, due to the explicit content. Mrs Chatterley’s lover It tells of the adulterous love between an aristocratic woman (married to a barron) and Oliver Mellores, who instead comes from the working class. The film will premiere on Netflix, and will star Emma Corinne, who will go from the role of Lady D (in the series The Crown) to the role of Lady C.

Mrs Chatterley’s lover

great novels

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Talking to Friends (Sally Rooney)

In 2020, the series with the most streams on BBC was Ordinary people (Common People), it’s no wonder Sally Rooney’s debut novel also sees the light on screen (director and screenwriter will be the same, respectively Lenny Abrahamson and Alice Birch). Talk about it among friends It explores the dynamics of the relationship between Frances (the narrator), Bobby (her best friend), and a married couple, formed by Melissa and Nick.

Talk about it among friends

Enaudi jeep. the book

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Storm Peaks (Emily Bronte)

Emma Mackie (Mave of sex educationIt will be Emily The new movie is produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Inspired by a timeless classic Wuthering HeightsThe film reimagines the life of Emily Bronte, documenting her transformation from a young teenager to becoming an enigmatic and impressive writer who rewrote the rules of women’s literature.

Snake Essex (Sarah Perry)

Love, monsters and murder. All the rules of the thriller meet in Sarah Perry’s novel. The background to the story is the green hillside landscapes of the Essex countryside, all drenched in a Victorian vibe. Widow Cora Seaborne’s life changes as stories of mythical creatures and inexplicable disappearances grow increasingly urgent. The premiere will take place on Apple TV, and among the cast will also be a star Avengers Tom Hiddleston.

Back to Brideshead (Evelyn Waugh)

Story of the Back to Brideshead Brideshead Revisited has been revisited again, but this time by the BBC, which has hired excellent staff for the occasion, including: Andrew Garfield, Joe Alwyn and Rooney Mara. The satirical adventures of illustrator Charles Ryder and the Flytes family (an eccentric and an aristocrat) intertwine in this new edition. Who is the director? Luca Guadagnino (new from the hit Call Me By Your Name) will be back behind the camera once again.

Back to Brideshead


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