“Books can change the world”

He sells books and buys books, but above all else he reads books for himself and others. its name Ellaria Mastrangelo, campobassana in name and actually bookseller and Volunteer reader of the Nati per Leggi del Molise association.

With this 38-year-old “happy woman,” the “lucky mother with pain in the ass,” as she defines herself, we had a long, sweet conversation to understand something more about her volunteer activity that has so much to do with his work. A life in the midst of books (she says “I’m really wasteful”) that has been selling since 2011 and gives advice for buying at a well-known bookshop in the city.

Here’s Ilaria Let’s start from here: You don’t like to say you work in a bookshop but you are a bookseller by profession, why?

“Because first and foremost for me it meant a temporary settlement! This profession was the biggest and most unexpected bet of my life, a bet with my city, with Campobasso who made me run away with the dream of changing the world in my pocket and who welcomed me back after so many years because The world can also be changed from here. I like to think that it was the books that gave me this opportunity To fully return to life and daily life in Campobasso. Thanks to my work, I began to get to know many new people, different realities, worlds, and new colors that are the lifeblood of all of us.”

How, when and above all why did you engage with Born to Read Molise?

“In 2014, I attended the course organized by Born to Read Molise to become future volunteer readers… I accepted the suggestion suggested by a friend, and decided to sign up to participate, so that I could try to use my skills for this purpose cause and above all because I knew Doctor Zarrelli by fame, I was curious about his work not only as a children’s clinic, but wanted to know more… I never imagined that a doctor would become such a milestone in my life and in the lives of so many others.”

But what exactly does an NPL volunteer do?

“A Born to Read volunteer is a person who, in fact, is completely free and voluntary, who donates his time, skills and knowledge to the Born to Read programme. This national program (present in all Italian regions) is promoted by the Cultural Association of Pediatricians (ACP), the Italian Library Association ( AIB) and the Onlus Child Health Center (CSB) Its goal is to promote shared reading in the family from the first months of a child’s life The program organizes reading meetings and moments of discussion and awareness with parents and, more generally, cultural actors who interact with the program recipients. Sometimes as a facilitator to try to intercept requests, questions, and adult curiosity. Over time here in Molise, volunteers have taken on an important role, becoming a reference figure in the region, and true cultural leaders. They are essential focal points for organizing and implementing broader initiatives on a regional basis as well. Thanks to the active role of some volunteers, gods have been born in recent years Npl . reading points in the various municipalities of Molise”.

Born to read volunteers

Why is it important to read aloud to babies, even to a few months old?

Numerous scientific studies show, at the foundation of the programme, how the first years of life are fundamental to a child’s intellectual, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and relational development. Pediatricians consider participation in reading “aloud” in the first three years of life as the most important thing for developing cognitive skills, listening habits, stimulating attention and, above all, for strengthening the relationship between adults and children. Moreover, listening to stories from an early age nurtures the fire of imagination, curiosity and thus intelligence; Enriches lexicon and language.

What is the reading space for children in the Campobasso Municipal Library?

“At the end of 2019, the reading point opened in the Bibliomediateca di Campobasso, a moment that took on a really important meaning: promoting the sharing of intentions with BMT, the municipality and the whole city. After years of hard work trying to carve out a space in the world of culture in Molise, Akbar has finally arrived. Appreciation.We often set ourselves the need for a meeting place, a place we feel familiar where we can meet, have meetings, but also create moments of reading and activities… We could not have imagined a more beautiful place! Today the reading point is called “Sala Sergio Zarrilli”, Thanks to the commitment made by the Campobasso municipality.”

Sergio Zarelli Library Room

Sergio Zarrelli, but who was this guy inside the Npl?

“What to say about our ‘document’… that’s what we call it… I can say out loud that only thanks to his person, Npl Molise is a well-established reality in our lands. Dr. Zarrelli has believed in it since the beginning, ever since in 2009 when he took The course to become a volunteer reader.The only pediatrician who had in his study a small table with chairs beside his desk and many books above it, some torn, some alive, others left open … At each first visit he would give the family a book. ..this was “The Doctor”, the kind doctor with few words but with a big heart who cares about the future of our children and our children more than anything else. With his determination, stubbornness and love for this land, the Npl here in Molise has grown more and more every year, with new recruits, new ideas, new stimuli, and above all starting to introduce himself in schools, villages, clinics and prisons. In hospitals, in universities. The emptiness which Dr. Zarelli left terribly overwhelmed us, took our breath away, and made us travelers without a compass; But one thing united each one of us: the strength to move forward and continue on the path He had set. Only today did we realize what work and how many conspiracies Sergio has woven to get to where we are now. Neither of us could have done a better job.”

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What stories would you recommend reading in these weeks of war in Ukraine?

“Now speaking to you as a bookseller, I must say that with regard to children’s literature, many texts, publications and authors can be read from the point of view of readings of peace. Two important examples: Rodari Above all, the poem was published last week Kyiv moon With illustrations by Beatrice Alemagna, proceeds from it will go to the Italian Red Cross. Another great ace like Leo Lionni with It’s mine or six crows He manages to convey important messages of sharing, brotherhood and respect thanks to the masterful use of animals as protagonists in the stories.”

Tell us something about the association’s following activities and about the restart in the presence of Born to Read Molise.

“During the lockdown and until last month we also tried the online reading mode. It was the first time for everyone but this way we were also able to enter the schools and homes of many children when no one could! This week there will be a regional coordination meeting, we will be working on a calendar of meetings that It will take us from today until summer everywhere, in parks, in school parks, in the squares, on the streets! Feeling Stories not only by ears! we are waiting for you! “

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