Best books to make spring special

Any time of the year is perfect for reading and AprilWith spring now ready to accompany us with mild temperatures and sunny days, this is no exception. A trip out of town or a relaxing day in the park is the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself and devote yourself to your favorite author’s book.

From exciting adventures to romantic stories, just scroll through every page and in an instant our day will become rich and full of emotions. There was no shortage of news in April, so here are some headlines not to be missed.

Sera’s return from Maria Dueñas

Maria Dueñas -2

Sera is the protagonist of The Night Has Changed the Noise., returns to fill the pages of the new book by Maria Dueñas. After completing her assignment with British intelligence and marrying her colleague Marcus Bonnard, the woman moves with her husband to Palestine. While a man must take up a new position on behalf of the British government, Cera could have a new turning point in his career: a job at radio, but above all facing motherhood that will revolutionize his private life. Fate puts her on the line once again, a woman has to deal with a series of tests to save her life and the lives of those she loves on the long journey between London, Madrid and finally Tangier where it all began.

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Just courage. Giovanni Falcone by Roberto Saviano

Saviano -8

Roberto Savino traces the history of Giovanni Falcone From the point of view of private life and working life, the judge and all those who fought the mafia with him were brave people who gave their lives. Saviano reconstructs Falcone’s character by investigating and studying all trial and sentencing documents, actions that bring us back a man determined to get justice, despite having to deal with the memory of his colleagues who died at the hands of the Mafia. To support him on this long journey, the love of his wife always remained by his side.

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Kyiv Moon – Gianni Rodari

Rodari 2

Nearly 70 years after it was first published, one of the most famous children’s songs by Gianni Rodari, taken from the group “Songs of the nursery in heaven and on earth”, after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, was shared on social networks so much that it became a symbol of a request for peace. For the occasion, Beatrice Alemagna decided to enrich the text with her illustrations and all proceeds from sales will be donated to the Italian Red Cross for the emergency in Ukraine.

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The Calafate Conspiracy by Francesco Abate

monastery book -2

Among the most emotional types of all There are undoubtedly mystery books and this volume by Francesco Abate is perfect if we want a little adrenaline. Set in Cagliari in 1905, the book depicts Clara Simone, a Chinese-born journalist (on her father’s side) who writes for L’Unione. The woman is also the granddaughter of the island’s most important shipowner, and decides to attend a party to meet an Italian embassy official returning from China who can tell her about her father, who has since gone missing. insurgency. The party turns into tragedy when some of the guests, Cabras, are murdered with the driver on their way home, and many consider a political murder because Cabras was hated by his staff who were treated harshly. Suspicions abound and Clara can’t help but investigate the case.

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The Burning City of Don Winslow

Winslow -2

Don Winslow returns to the library With a new novel always in high tension. Located in New England, it is divided between the Italians and the Irish who live in peace. To break the deadlock, comes the modern Helen of Troy who will push the two groups to cancel the alliance and engage in a bloody war. In this context, Danny Ryan appears, a man who has always dreamed of a peaceful and conflict-free life, but when war breaks out between the two groups, he is forced to give up his desires and become a ruthless strategist to save friends and family..

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Law of the Wolves Lee Bardugo

Law of the Wolves by Lee Bardugo-2

In the second volume of the fantasy series Grishaverse “King of Scars”, We find Nikolai Lantsov, Zoya Naziansky and Nina Zinnik embarking on a new adventure, the three of whom must do everything to save their country. The king, general and spy Ravka cannot remain indifferent, but they must unite to remove a dark future from their land and avoid their final collapse.

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The great lands off the coast of Vanessa Veselka

Veselka -2

Levi and Xi’anThey are two sisters with the same father, but different mothers. A woman fond of witchcraft, Kirsten raised the two girls by taking care of both, never revealing the biological daughter. The two women now, fed up with smoky tales, decided to clarify their past and at the age of thirty-three decided to travel to find out. The search for their origins will lead them to discover America, a journey that will make them grow not only physically, but also spiritually.

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Five Hundred Gold Chains by Salvatore Basile

Basil -4

The heroine of the story is MariaThe girl’s family has always worked and sowed wheat. Although related to her origins, she has big dreams, so big that she decided to learn to read and write. This little secret she only shares with her father, because he is the only one who has always pushed her. When a guy has to leave for America to support his family, the girl feels lonely, and the messages sent by the guy will give her some relief. The world told by her father is full of tall buildings, images that move on the screen, and when she tells her family all this, she is considered a visionary that should be kept away from her. Only with the help of Domenico, a photographer known by chance, will she be able to prove that she is not a liar.

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The Opossum Strategy of Roberto Al-Ajamo

Ajamo 2

Giova, the night guard of Palermo Becoming a detective, in spite of himself, in the book “I did not want to come”, he returns to investigate, but this time at the center of the search will be his family. His sister Mariela is about to get married, the best day of her life “ruined” by the seemingly unattainable groom, until it turns out that he was murdered. The only person who can handle the case is Giova, the one to whom no one will be entrusted with a mission and who reluctantly stumbles upon the truth.

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The secret of the alchemist Alfredo Coletto

Coleto 2

If we want to venture into a historical storyThis book is the right book for us. Set in Bologna in the year 1314, everyone is in turmoil as a comet passes through the sky seen by some as a sign of a bright tomorrow, by others as the beginning of the impending apocalypse. Meanwhile, anatomist Mondino de Liuzzi (the forensic pathologist who actually existed before Leteram), holds a lesson but is interrupted by the arrival of Rembertoccio, the captain of the people, who accuses him of murder. Before a named man dies, even if Mondino declares him innocent, and Rembertuccio insists on investigating the murder and its mysteries, the academic acumen is not enough, at his side also his son will take the field and his wife who wants to prove her intelligence.

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