“Beauty is a cage. The relationship with men was destroyed by my father.

The game may have gotten out of hand on social media (some pics on Instagram mention hot, to many unforgettable photos of the ’80s and ’90s), but definitely at 54 Sabrina Salerno In good shape, everyone loves it – men and women – and has a busy schedule until May 2023. And yesterday, to launch the first episode of The name of this melody – Guess the songTv8, which launches on Tuesday, April 26th, posted a video with Rocco Siffredi (He’s part of the men’s team made up of Morgan, Riki and Pierpaolo Pretelli that you’ll challenge with Michela Giraud, Iva Zanicchi and Mietta) in which he plays, “This video could also become that other video…”, which is also: “But you really crazy”.

Tell the truth: Is she one of those who eat a salad leaf daily, spend hours in the gym, and never make a mistake?
“I’ve always been a fitness freak, and the experience of dancing has given me a crazy boost to do better and better. But like everyone else, of course. And when I do, I try to sort it out later. I’m not greedy for sweets, fortunately, but yesterday I made myself a nice risotto with two glasses of Franchacorta and today I keep myself light. I will be back for a drink in a week. I follow what the body tells me.
Did I ever tell you to do a little tweaking?
“Many beauty treatments and long hours in the gym, but it never happens. Young beauty is a gift. But after the age of 25, if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle, problems begin. I’ve always done that, and today, at my age, I can say I love myself more than then. As a woman, I am safer, more ridiculous and calmer.”
Who helps you on social media?
“I do everything myself. For me they are like theater. My friends take my photos, between one meeting and another at work. We have to use them, however, they are not used (among Ig, Fb and Twitter more than 2 million followers, editor)”.

Consciously today, what would you say to 20-year-old Sabrina?
“Never believe so much in the things that happen to us. At that age I didn’t quite realize what I was up to. Today I know everything, or almost everything, and I look at everything independently. Our task then consists of thousands of variations, encounters, randomness. In the end what do we sell? ».
what do you sell?
“Dreams? Entertainment? For the resistance I always tried to keep my balance above madness,” says Vasco.
What prompted her?
“Wanting to do what I want the way I want to. I’ve always been like this.”
More brave or reckless?
“Cao. In life, you have to know how to take a risk and I’ve always done it, as a young man definitely with more recklessness. Even today, though, we say I never know how it will end. Part of the game.”
So now did he get what he deserved or not?
“I have no doubt: I could have done and had many, many, many more. But I’m having a lot of fun now so I hope to do what I want between now and 80 years old.”
Why are you doing this assessment?
“For we are a country a bit fanatical, which demonizes frivolity and in which everyone takes themselves seriously, which has always seemed to me a little stupid, and which I have taken a little for granted. And if, as a beautiful girl, she has succeeded from a young age, and still shows us In the last 50 years, we’re not really there.”
Do not say that beauty did not help.
“No, but it was a double-edged sword. On the one hand he gave me so much, and on the other he locked me in a cage. He had no idea how many knowledgeable people, often envious, held me back. Only Claudio Seschito did so much for me. He was the most important man in My career (they had a short-lived relationship, editor.) He was able to give space to a free spirit like me.”
He said of himself that he can be “bitchy and heavy”: when and why?
“Over the years I have become harsher and harsher in judgments. I have no compromise anymore. Yesterday I quarreled with my husband (businessman Enrico Monti, 54, married in 2006, with whom they had their son Luca Maria, 18) because I claimed that in the world there are 80 Percent of negative things, and only positive on the 20th. He’s optimistic, I’m not ».
“Since I was born, life has always tested me. Fortunately, I have never been crushed.
Do you have any friends?
“The righteous, without whom I will not live.”
In the world of entertainment?
“Yes, of course. Dead, for example.”
Your technical references?
“I have never had them and never will have them. I am who I am and I continue to be who I am.”
who do you Love?
“Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga. Dua Lipa and Britney Spears. They make me so tender.”
Will he do that new record sooner or later?
“Sure. I’m working on it.”

Why have you said on so many occasions that singing in 1991’s “We Are Women” with Joe Squilo sounded like a defeat to you?
“Because I thought respect, equality, and nonviolence were taken for granted. I was wrong.”
What is wrong with life?
“Ask someone dishonest to run my business. I should have done otherwise, but I was only 17 when I started to succeed. Because I don’t have a normal family, I accepted situations I never had to accept. Fortunately after a few years I rebelled and put Everything is in the hands of lawyers.”
In specific terms, how much money did this agent steal from you?
Millions and millions of euros.
How did it go during the lockdown?
“Bad. Like all. I understood that you have to live today and that the future can no longer be planned, which is very difficult for someone as out of control as me.”
What’s on your mind right now?
“It’s a huge project that I can’t talk about. I hope to be able to do more things this year. I have commitments, also in France, until the middle of 2023.”
Is it also personal?
“Yes. A book about my life, but I no longer want to do that. These are traumatic events that I have not yet been able to pull off.”
Have you ever been into analysis?
“More than once, but after the first meeting I always ran away. I can’t do that. And he has no idea how insistent my sister is to do it.

Your psychiatrist sister, Manuela Encruci, 45, whom you only met in 2009, and who is also the daughter of that father who never wanted to get to know her?
“Yes. She wrote to me in 2009 and we finally met. I have been waiting for her for life.”
Did you get the same treatment too?
“No. He was wanted, recognized and loved. I’m forty-seven, I made DNA recognition because he said I was not his daughter…But Manuela too, after a while she began to understand him better. At a certain point he became the father of a child, only when I became a mother I expected him to be serious, not to appear with a brother.”
Then in 2019 he called and you started talking to each other, right?
“Yes. It lasted four months. We talked to each other. Then he sadly died. I think it is always better to forgive, but really doing it within oneself, and not just with words, is very difficult.”
Did you succeed?
“I don’t know. My relationship with men has been ruined so much by the absence of my father, that I have no words to explain how this has affected me.”

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