“At dinner, Agnelli asked me if Niguarda was skiing. For Bardo I was a “loser” »- Corriere.it

from Renato Franco

The comedian tells his story on the tour, from his difficult childhood as an immigrant to his great successes

What did her parents teach her?

no thing

Antonio Tiocoli as a child they called Nino, and then at a certain point he became Teo. He grew up on the outskirts of Milan but hung out with the rich and famous who lived in Saint-Tropez in the 1960s and 1970s. He was engaged to Brigitte Bardot’s secretary and “not understanding why I was always there, she looked at me and said: How does everyone come while you are here?
Teo, loserA great dancer (“If I were twenty years old in America I would Saturday night fever. I was Tony Manero”), he wasn’t a typical student (“I was always rejected. I was studying accounting, like Fantozzi”).

In Saint-Tropez he appeared with a 50-meter motorboat, Gianni Agnelli.
Are you Greek? Not Italian. Where do you live? in Niguarda. But do you ski there? No, but from Cusano Milanino you can see the mountains. We went to dine with him in the most expensive restaurant in Saint-Tropez, the cost of eating is 500, I simulated an elegant and elegant lack of appetite. I was afraid of the bill, but I was naive: if Anneli was on the table, you wouldn’t get the odds”

Before Saint-Tropez, there was Taranto, where he was born 77 years ago, and then immediately in Reggio Calabria: when he arrived in Milan I was a southerner …

“While they didn’t even know where Reggio Calabria was, it took two days to get there with Fricia del Sud who also stopped at the petrol station. Today’s trains would have been luxury with trains, compartments, baggage net: when I was little they put me there to sleep In Paola they rolled the windows and I could finally breathe In Reggio I spoke a Milanese accent and sounded like German In Milan we lived a bitter life We lived in a basement some kind of garage I had nothing My father was out looking for work or any Another thing; my mother worked as a tailor and they treated her very badly. People called me Africa, Tiran and Andal. The sign We do not rent to southerners It was in plain sight.

Didn’t your parents teach you anything at all? her mom?

“My mother was Carousel’s daughter, my grandmother and my grandmother saw them only once, I met them one afternoon two hours later, and then I never saw them again, and I don’t even know if they were dead.”

His father?

“My father only taught me to dodge because it was a little abusive. In those days the slaps were flying, not as now; baby food arrived at any time. As soon as he got on the tram, he slapped Copino so hard that it froze the air, all so silent The station is in Niguarda. He was a sailor and I think the war destroyed him: he was very angry, he did not want to work under the chief but he did not have until the fifth grade, what could he do? No one could help me, we lived behind the Ospedale Maggiore, among the meadows The net and the irrigation canals where we took a bath.”

When did you realize that you can make people laugh?

“I’ve always been very artistic since I was a kid, I’ve made people laugh, I’ve always wanted to be the protagonist, I’ve done whatever it takes to be an idiot, a clown. Then I sang well: at school in the yard I sang Neapolitan songs, I was kind when I combed my hair and everyone listened to me, it was a moment of great glory and little revenge ».

At the end of the sixties he was the hero of the novel «Poetry», and there were also Renato Zero and Loredana Berti.

Loredana was already furious at the time, when I asked for her name, she immediately set the record straight: You will be my cock. I didn’t think she would become famous, because she was in tune but didn’t have a certain voice. Renatino, on the other hand, was already writing ten songs a day, and you had to lock him up in the locker room to silence him, so he could play them on his own. At that time I was already friends with Adriano Celentano and he was the one who made me do it Poetryfor all the things they suggested to him, he turned to me, and always said: Let Teo do it. I also ended up at the Song Festival in Naples at the place where I sang Carolina is no longer separatedA simpler song, I’ve never heard before in my life. She got 15 votes, and Modugno won 9 thousand votes.

How did you get to the cabaret?

“I attended Santa Tequila where they did jazz and dance, there was a pianist named Enzo Janacci, he told me something incomprehensible, you cannot understand anything he was saying because he was mumbling. He is the one who introduced me to the derby and wanted me at his first show, Acrobatics die, where Cochi and Renato were also present, Lino Toffolo. My first debut day – it was a Sunday afternoon – I didn’t give up going to see Milan; I arrived with the radio in my hand, the scarf and the AC Milan hat. I went up on stage like this and people laughed because they thought it was a muzzle.”


“He was a genius, he did everything and nothing. I always blamed myself for not singing one of his songs, I had to translate the face that were meant for me, thought of me, Party at the council house at 3 He said: It was the place where I lived. But he gave it to Mileva. I should have asked him to write two songs for me like he did with Cochi and Renato, life is good It is a masterpiece that opens the heart.”

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«I waited for him under his house at fourteen, I thought he was called Cedentano con la DrIt was really successful, it was the similarity in the face of the southerners that we both had.”

Do you still feel?

“For 20 years on January 6, we have always celebrated his birthday with faded songs and jokes of all colours. I also had a romantic trip with the two of them, he and Claudia Mori, and then Mickey del Pretty and I: we stayed in a hotel in Madonna di Campiglio for a month. I don’t know what to do with him, but he broke up alone with no friends. We have not heard from each other for two years, they are afraid even of a mosquito, and they are sick, afraid, they do not board the plane, nor the ship, not even the elevator.”

Al-Bano did not hand her over.

“I had put up a sticker to add g In the middle of the name was read in the bathroomHe didn’t take it well.”


« Our Show I didn’t know but I know 1982’s Antenna 3 Lombardia was a total victory, everyone was watching. My boy was the intended victim, I don’t know what his hair was, but when I slapped him his hair stayed up. But it made me laugh a lot, I had more numbers, with dancing, parodies and make-up, I was more active ».


«From my shoulder I became the protagonist, Never say goals I earned 3 million per episode, and there was also Gene Gnocchi who didn’t want to be there anymore the following year and I never understood why. With Caccamo, Peo Pericoli and Vettorello you have covered almost all of Italy’s sporting events.”

How was Kakamo born?

«The clothes that were inspired by Necco, journalist 90 minutes. The letter came to me from that year and a half in Naples from my uncles, I had taken the mood of the city, and Gaga spoke thus, I heard them say: Nothing’s going on here, I’m leaving this city. Where do you go? in Capri…I saw that blue jacket, it was perfect, but it’s too tight. This also makes fun. Then the director made a mistake and punctured his tie, and it was a grave mistake.”


“I didn’t know him, but I saw his eyes and said: These could be my eyes too.”

He began to imitate him: with a raincoat and the inevitable yellow tie.

“He was delighted, but he made people laugh himself, when he rejoiced and then with a crooked mouth…”.

He did two festivals in Sanremo with Fazio.
‘Not much was said about it because we shamed him with those two versions, people were waiting for me to go out in my underwear to imitate Mayor Albertini, sing like Ray Charles, and talk like Maldini: It’s become a variety show, not a song festival promise. Pavarotti really liked Albertini in his underwear, he’s He enjoyed himself like crazy.One evening we were missing a guest, the teacher was there listening: I do. The next evening, Bono arrived from U2… At the end of the festival he gave me a Cartier alarm.”

Then Fazio broke up with Ray…

“And I made the biggest mistake of my life: hiring Mediaset. The mistake wasn’t in Canale 5 but it happened without writing things right. I had to do Italians with Bonolis and Laurenti, but they have already recorded the lead single without me. I didn’t know what to do, I attended two episodes as a guest and then left.”

Pass on to a bad-tempered person.

“Everyone says that. I used to get angry a lot. I think I’m the king of details so instead of thinking I just scream.”

With whom did he kill?

«With Fatima Ruffini I was very angry when I cut my drawings: but we are crazy, do not touch the things I do, what can you do better? With Gialappa I was irritated that they kept calling left-wing artists: too many. Even with my Poldi, but he freaked out and didn’t react. Gino and Michele said of me that you would kill me one moment and love me in another. The change in character and attitude is something my father may have left to me.”

What are you doing now?

“There is a little work, I went this season for three evenings, but after 60 years I can rest too. But an artist without work is nothing, what else does he do? I have always applied only myself to art, everything I learned I did while living,” says Mogul » .

the retirement?

I will die on stage.

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