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Giorgio Carbone

February 20 last Johnny Dorley It turned 85. Congratulations. Even if a quarter of a century has passed since the last television appearance (Due per tre), Dorelei has remained in the imaginations of Italians, for he inhabited song when it was at its peak (Volare) and television (Johnny Seven) when there was no spurt, Italian cinema (bread and chocolate) , L’Agnese dies) when she was the best in the world. She passed away last week Catherine Plumber Who was his partner in the most successful period (for both) and memory can’t fail to go to “First Time Together”, the hilarious widow opera on TV where they simulated a love that was already going on in reality and that would have given them a baby. I met Dorelei at the end of the ’80s while filming Trabola by Carlo Lisani. To the usual question (his plans for the future) he answered in great bewilderment: «Well, projects, after all, I am already fifty years old …». But how was he actually thinking about early retirement? In fact, he might have been thinking about it. Because he has been in the show business since he was 16 years old. Since his father (a famous Italian singer in America with the name Nino d’Aurelio) introduced him to Frank Sinatra. From Sinatra to Teddy Reno In less than a year.

Catherine Died Plumber Revelation: That Slap On The Set With Alberto Sordi

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And it happened right away
The singer (but above all a great manager) from Trieste threw the nineteen-year-old from America (but was born in MEDA) into his TV show and it just happened right away. The audience loves him immediately, record companies are less (while Tenorians love him Claudio Villa and Tajole). But they should be convinced when Dorelei wins the 22nd at the Sanremo Festival with drawing Neil Bleu de Bleu (paired with Modogno). The following year, again with Modugno, he appeared with Piove. It is then that the great TV director Daniel Danza believes in him as an actor and imposes him as the protagonist in the novel series Tempo di musica. “Dorelli – he says – I chose him because he has an irredeemably submissive atmosphere” (the drama is set during fascism and Johnny plays the good Italian who is done without conviction in all fascist wars, while fascists remain in their homes).

Cerebral hemorrhage, vision loss.  Catherine Plumber and Illness: How She Lived Two Years

The transmission is short-lived but at the same time Johnny has established himself in a triple role that few Italian viewers can cover. He sings well (among the best) he acts casual (even if he’s going to do the best in cinema in ten years) he’s a very nice artist (Johnny Cera). In his private life, he is quite shy, he is systematically drawn to gossip professionals. But he can’t keep the news under wraps when Catherine was a plumber (the second important woman in his life, the first Loretta Masiero) become pregnant. However, gossip with him did not fill many pages.

What he never showed anyone: The death of Catherine Plumber, the tearful revelation of Eleonra Daniel

moral life
Despite many (potential) occasions, his love life has been that of monogamy (long spells with Maseiro and a plumber and marriage to actress Gloria Gueda who resisted beautifully for 40 years). Johnny III (after singer and artist) arrives at around 40 years old. young film director, Franco Brusati, In bread and chocolate he discovers its dark side. They manufacture a Milanese fixer in Italy who has woken up from the euphoria of the boom and turned to a policy of kickbacks and knives in the back. In 1977 with Il Mostro, he became even more “black”: he is the father, not innocent, of a serial killer (who knows if he showed it to his son Gianluca, who became an excellent singer). Then perhaps fearful that Johnny will come back subdued and subdued. He is the master of the heart and Zeno in the Swabian consciousness. Dorelian replied to his mother-in-law, who called him “the best man in the house”: “I am also the only one left.”


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