Alex Explained and Background on GF Authors and Friend

Soleil rise She is without a doubt one of the characters that literally exploded inside of me Big Brother Vip House. The Italian-American influencer, after participating in the program, immediately took an important role in another reality show. The 27-year-old is currently a columnist Bubba and Nerdy Show. ex givina to microphones Fanpage.ithe told his experience to GF Vip He talks about the mechanics of the game, his relationship with other competitors, the love triangle with Alex Bailey And his plans for the future.

GF Vip 6, How Much Truth? Sulley Sorge

Soleil rise Open during an interview with Released today, April 23, 2022. La Vippona has answered some of the thorniest questions about her private life and career. First of all, the 27-year-old detailed the mechanisms behind a reality show like GF Vip, often under stress as it appears “built”. here as mentioned he goes upWhat is the real role of authors within the programme:

“It was not the authors who wrote what we were supposed to do, but the opposite: they write based on what is happening in the program, whether it is a breakdown, a story or a fight. They go to pick up the most interesting points and try to tell them in the most attractive way to the viewer, remembering that we We’re still in the entertainment world.”

The Italian-American pointed out that if the events from the outside inside the reality shows seem fake because they are exaggerated, then the reason lies in the extreme. vulnerability Competitors who find themselves alone in unusual circumstances.

“The primary factor to take into account is the circumstances in which a person is placed, extrapolated from everyday life, comfort zones, and people to whom you might ask advice. These are circumstances that create an increase in one’s awareness of one’s feelings in man, making them more rapid and intense.” I also fell in love with one of these reality shows and it was an intense love that we felt even after we left the show.”

Here, for “Sun”, where it can be defined as a reality show:

“Emotionally intense and I think the anthropological and behavioral interest in the reality show comes from exactly there. The comparison is a holiday with friends, when everything is more intense and fast. When you go back to your daily life it feels like a dream, a reality far from your life. But it brings so much, the connections The ones you evaluate in this context remain with you even when you return to everyday life.”

Sully Sorge, who has kept in touch with Givini. And Alex Bailey?

Then the Italian-American talked about some of her fellow adventurers in residence Which, according to him, entered for a specific purpose. “On the other hand, what can be distorted is the individual, the person who can decide to position himself in a certain way, legalize his behavior and facilitate the identification of situations”Sully explained. examples? The 27-year-old talked about Natalie Caldonazzo and Patricia Pellegrino:

“I think of Nathaly Caldonazzo, who entered the house with the express desire to provoke different people into different situations, certainly a bit for fun, because she was actually a very kind and pleasant person. Another example is Patricia Pellegrino, who entered with a very heavy clamp with her leg extended above me and then I reduced everything when I introduced myself. In short, it is a direction that a person chooses independently, and not at the request of the authors. There are those who are better than others at creating situations, but it is more of a personal case. A little like in life. “

Talking about other competitors to GF Vip 6, Sorge revealed who she’s had a relationship with that lasts even after the reality show ends. It is located around Sophie Codegoni, Alessandro Bacciano and Katia Ricciarelli. and “the man” Alex Bailey? After a love triangle and “artistic chemistry” between them, it seems there’s no friendship left. “I had a beautiful relationship with a wonderful person who was without a doubt going to bring him out in my life as a friend”. Why was this not possible? there he goes upwho says she’s sorry, secretly claims that she doesn’t like the attitude of the actor, who has stepped his hand excessively on a story Love Triangle with Delia Duran.

“The commodification of our relationship, and the constant desire to repeat this story of a potential triangle, when I was never interested in a relationship with him beyond friendship, separated me, and left me puzzled by the possibility of a forced search in certain cases. If our friendship is over, it is because when you know someone And you become attached to it, certain events make you change your mind about these people.”

Sully Sorge, his private life and career as a journalist faded

Today, the Italian-American woman is considered by many to be the “Madam of Reality”. In fact, he has participated, over the years, in Men’s and Women’s, L’Isola dei Famosi, GF Vip, Beijing Express. Leave the house there he goes up She immediately became a critic on another show, a move that now seems almost mandatory. Here is the opinion of the person concerned.

“I think it’s a direct result of what you’re showing on a reality show. I tried to show myself in 360 degrees and was hoping that I’d have a chance, so someone would notice my skills at work.”

Not many know that in the Italian-American past there was a path, later discontinued, in the world the press:

“My dream was to become a professional. From the moment I started working in magazines and also AS Roma, I found myself at a crossroads: to continue down the classic path, or to work with my image by collaborating with brands, something that the press forbids you to do. Because in The struggle with the profession. Faced with this choice, I had to decide. Although journalism and writing are still my passions, I thought my communication model could be different.”

In the future Soleil Hopes to become a TV host:

“It has always been my secret dream, from studies to auditions in the bedroom, to lead my soft game, to trials as a manager in recent years. Indeed, I hope so, I can’t wait.”

there he goes up He also talked about his emotional state. It seems that the 27-year-old is still attached to the mysterious person you were talking about residence. “In a world where everyone cares about creating love stories, I’m interested in putting them aside and keeping them as private as they should be”has been explained.

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